Badge Dubs Clinic 04Apr- Quick Recap

Here’s a quick recap from our clinic:

  1. We built on our understanding of the 80% Rule.In particular, we learned why Doubles is a Team sport because one player gets to stand in a winning position without hitting a ball! The server’s, and the receiver’s, job is to get the ball to their partner at the next.We learned how to be a ‘Threat”: by court presence with examples Hugo (big guy dominating the net) or Carl (fast guy moving around on the net)!  In weeks to come, we’ll look at how to counteract/defend against this strategy.
  2. Dominant Eye on the Volley:  We used a 6 people volley drill to emphasize ‘seeing the ball’ in the field of play.  You have to move your eyes since it takes too much time to move your head. Good volleys require you ‘to see the ball’ by focusing on the lines, or seams, on the ball with your head steady.  We repeated our basic simple ball catching exercise to make the point.
  3. Volley Ready Position: We learned about our proper ready position.
  4.  Balance is THE key to a good serve:  A good serve is built on a good ball toss to transfer body weight into the ball with a smooth rhythm.  We learned the simple trick of learning how to bounce the ball properly to get your balance before starting to serve.   To better understand the role and importance of ‘Balance’ see our page at Tennis For Life.
  5.  Dubs Practice: We finished with pairs doubles play with a single ball serve to start the point.

Great to see a slow and steady improvement in our players.

We adjourned to the bar for a post mortem drink, more questions and snacks provided by Denis. Good time was had by all.