Badge Results Round-10

With only a few rounds left in Badge most of our teams are in the running to make the semi finals so it is vital that captains select their best teams in the remaining matches.

Badge Results Round 10

Last weekend results were:
Ladies 1.1 Lost 3-5  Another close loss with unfortunately Sofie injuring her ankle this time. Together with Julia she managed to win 2 sets. Emily and Caroline winning 1 set.
Ladies 1.2 Lost 3-5   Sarah and Kristina won 2 sets and Danni and Kirsten 1 set.
Ladies 1.3 Won 4 sets all on games. Michelle and Johanna won 3 sets and Lindy and Suzanne won 1 set. These ladies are now in 4th position.
Mens 1.1 Won 7-1  Another easy win to maintain 2nd position.  Andrew and Todd won 4 sets and Bosko and Sean 3 sets.
Mens 1.3 Lost 3-5  Milton and Craig Stevens won the 3 sets.
Mens 1.5 Won 4-4 on games. Sean and Scott led the way again winning 3 sets and losing the other in a tiebreak.  Tim and Jono won 1 set.
Mens 2.2 Lost 3-5  Hugo and Tom won 2 sets and Graham and Denis 1 set. Losing 2 tiebreak sets proved costly.
Mens 2.3 Lost 0-8 at Marrickville.
Mens 2.4 Won 5-3  Aidan played his first match of the season and combined with Daniel to win 3 sets and Tom and David won 2 sets. This team is now challenging for 4th position.
Mens 2.5 Lost 3-5  A close loss to a very strong team with  Raymond and Andrew winning 2 sets and Ray and Bob 1 set.

Badge Matches August 4

  • Noon Mens 2.2
  • Noon Mens 2.4
  • 1450 Mens 1.3
  • 1450 Mens 2.3
With only 4 matches this Saturday, SOCIAL TENNIS is available from 1130am until 530pm.
Players are reminded that social is meant to be fun so please play accordingly and don’t argue over line calls or show disrespect to fellow members.
Swanee will contribute a trivia question each week now and the answer will be published next week.
Who was the eight time Wimbledon Champion who also wrote a murder mystery novel in 1939?

Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.