Annual Club Championships Entries Close Oct 14

Entries for the 2019 Club Championships are now open.  Events are:

  • Open Men’s Singles and Doubles
  • Open Ladies Singles and Doubles
  • Open Mixed Doubles
  • A-Grade Men’s Singles and Doubles
  • A-Grade Ladies Singles and Doubles
  • A-Grade Mixed Doubles.

Open events are for anyone to enter.

A-Grade Men’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed is for Men who played 2.1 or lower in Badge. A-Grade Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed is for Ladies who played 1.2 or no Badge.

All players who did not play Badge will have their eligibility to enter A-Grade events at the discretion of the Badge selectors.

Monday October 14 is the closing date for entries.

Maximum 3 entries per person.

Please click here for more information and to download an entry form.