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AskThePro: What Constitutes a Good String Job?

So what constitutes a GOOD STRING JOB asked several players this past week? The tournament pros are absolutely fanatical about their choice of strings and the associated string tension — which they change to suit both surface and playing conditions — and often during a match.  I still carry two rackets in my bag each […]

Being Fit May Be as Good for You as Not Smoking

A new study found a strong correlation between endurance and living a long life. Being in shape may be as important to a long life as not smoking, according to an interesting new study of the links between fitness and mortality. The study also explores whether there is any ceiling to the benefits of fitness […]

Should You Have Knee Replacement Surgery?

Some experts question whether the surgery is being done too often or too soon on patients who have not adequately explored less invasive approaches. For the vast majority of patients with debilitating knee pain, joint replacement surgery is considered an “elective” procedure. While it’s true that one’s life doesn’t depend on it, what about quality […]

Preventing Muscle Loss as We Age

Sarcopenia, a decline in skeletal muscle in older people, contributes to loss of independence. “Use it or lose it.” I’m sure you’re familiar with this advice. And I hope you’ve been following it. I certainly thought I was. I usually do two physical activities a day, alternating among walking, cycling and swimming. I do floor exercises for […]

Roger Federer explains his ‘beautiful’ tennis style

Roger Federer explains his ‘beautiful’ tennis style Express.co.uk “I play tennis and I try to entertain the crowd. Now, that it might look beautiful to some, I think that comes from having a one-handed backhand. Roger Federer explains decision to QUIT Rogers Cup in Toronto – Express.co.uk Swiss tennis star Federer withdraws from Rogers Cup – The Local Switzerland Roger Federer withdraws from Rogers Cup […]

Serena Williams’ Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Tandon: A closer look at Serena Williams’ Therapeutic Use Exemptions Tennis Magazine But Stuart Miller, the ITF official who runs tennis‘ anti-doping program, … Tennis players play every single week, multiple times a week… they’re not like …. A few weeks ago, Williams and the anti-doping rules were back in the news … Serena Williams feels singled out in tennis‘ drug […]

Stop Chronic Injuries

Tennis can be tough on your body!  Just ask Federer, Nadal and the typical club member at Manly Lawn.  It’s been cold, wet and windy in Sydney for Badge — the perfect recipe for injury! At some point, particularly as we age, our injuries become chronic — and our recovery time between play becomes longer. […]

The Psychology of Turning Points in Tennis

Now that we are hot and heavy into Badge, thought the attached IT coaching article might be helpful in managing/understanding the competitive pressures!  Cheers, Rob The psychological strategies used by players to deal with these turning points will determine how effective players are in using these situations to their advantage. The purpose of this study was […]

This is what exercise/tennis does for your brain

I’m not shy in my advocacy for exercise as a therapy for mental health. It’s something I talk about often, something I’ve experienced first-hand, a topic I’m passionate about, and over the past few years, something I’ve continued to research and strived to understand better. This is what I’ve learnt – the human brain is […]