MLTC Newsletter – 9 August 2022

Club Captain’s Report

With only 2 weeks of Badge remaining we still have 6 teams with good chances of making the finals.

As Tiebreakers are very important in finals, especially, I have forwarded to all Captains, Rob Muir’s philosophy of how to win tiebreakers. They will share with their teams.

Rob has done a great job with our two juniors this year. Matthew and Bede are only 13 years old and both have performed excellently this year.

Round 12 results.

Mens 1 Won 6-2 at home v Bisous Estate. Cam/Ben won 4 sets Sean/Oliver 2 sets The team is back 4th now.

Mens 2 Lost 6-2 away at North West Sydney. Wilko/Netto 2 sets. Hoping to finish the season with 2 wins but unlikely to make the finals.

Mens 3 Lost 8-0 away. Despite the big loss this team is still 4th and looks to be safely in the semis

Mens 4 Won 4-4 v Cammeray at home on games. Gavin/Larry 1 set Bede/Matthew 3 sets. The boys paired up together for the first time and won 3 sets against the top team. Safely in the semis the team is hoping for a top 2 finish.

Mens 5 Won 5-3 at home v Chatswood. Hugo/Tom 3 sets Denis/Graham 2 sets. Chatswood were the leading team.
With this win we are now in 1st position. A home semi final is assured.

Mens 6 Lost 5-3 at home v Mosman. James/Peter 1 set Daniel/Gabriel 2 sets. Still in 4th position.

Ladies1 Lost 8-0 away to Roseville. Still in 6th position but unlikely to make the semis.

Ladies 2 Lost 8-0 at home v Kooroora Gold. A protest has been lodged as Kooroora played two reserves with higher ratings than the players they replaced. Now in 8th position.

Ladies 3 Lost 5-3 away to Chatswood. Melinda/Erryn 1 set Barbara/Kate 2 sets. Still in 2nd position but 3 rounds remaining in this grade.

Thursday Ladies
Lost 8-0 at home v Royal Sydney


Teams are reminded to clean up the table and kitchen area after your home Badge Matches please.

Good luck to all teams this week and win your tiebreakers with conservative tennis!
Denis Crowley Club Captain

Working Bee – We will be holding a working bee in early September on a Sunday morning. More details closer to the day.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

Badge Tie Breaker Strategy | ATP

This week’s question comes from our club captain: Denis.  “With finals approaching do you have a philosophy for tiebreakers?”

Ah… tie breakers. Regrettably most people hate playing tiebreakers!  Why?

For some reason, as the pressure mounts towards the end of the set, many feel they have to overplay. Even though it was their current play that got them to the tie breaker!

Now is NOT the time for those trick shots, topspin lobs or the screaming sideline winner that just misses! CONSERVATISM is the name of the game. So what’s our preferred strategy?

First a little background.  At our Badge level whether Grade 1 or Grade 10, most points are LOST.  Read that again, yep most players beat themselves. Therefore, your basic strategy is to ‘give’ your opponent a chance to miss. You’ll find that, as the pressure builds after 3 or more shots, your opponent will try to finish the point and probably make an error.

So the basic strategy is strong and steady wins tie breakers. Get your first serve in, get your return of serve in play and hit your shots to ‘big targets’ typically down the centre of the court and midcourt to stay in the point.  You’re trying to get your opponents to hit the ball to your partner at the net, who has a much greater chance of winning the point for your team. 

And to improve that ‘first serve in’ percentage, take a little more time to prepare to serve (i.e. don’t rush) since this is the only time you have control of the point. Nothing happens until YOU serve — use the time to calm down with a little slow  breathing. And perhaps, a little more spin to help your control if that’s within your capabilities, otherwise just aim for the middle of the service box. You want a 80% success rate.

When you’re receiving, err on the side of a higher net clearance and aim for the centre of the court to get into the point. A lob return can be a great return in a tie breaker. Even so, lob high — give ’em a chance to miss.

Recognize, there is no need to overplay and do more, rather just try to do more of what you’re been doing a little better. Trust yourself, your game, and do your best. Just keep playing. You might surprise yourself. I guarantee you’ll surprise your opposition!

And lastly, the most important point is always the next one. It’s never over until you shake hands.

Go Manly Lawn!

Badge 2022 Entries Close February 13, Web sign up.

Entries are now open on our website for 2022 Badge.

The Badge begins on April 30 and finishes August 27 with finals day on September 10.

All members must be double vaccinated to play Badge as per Tennis NSW rules.

We have a selection panel of 5 for Men’s Teams and 3 for Ladies Teams.

Selection will be based on last year’s Badge results, UTR ratings and club championship results.

If needed, we may have trials also for members and particularly new members.

Nominations for Badge will close on February 13.

Denis Crowley
MLTC Club Captain


Good news for all our members with Badge to begin on June 6 and continue each Saturday with no breaks. Finals day will be September 19.

There are restrictions with no socializing afterwards and other safety measures. Hopefully before June 6 restrictions maybe eased a little more.  All Badge players are asked to comply fully. Any breach will reflect badly on our club.

There will be two courts available for Social play each Saturday from 1130AM to 230pm.  By early June we should have a procedure in place again to manage Saturday Social.

In the meantime Badge Teams are encouraged to practise together so we are all ready for a flying start.  
All bookings are still to be made through Scott and Tennis Centre until Badge begins on June 6. 

Please remember social distancing when arriving and leaving the courts.  On arrival please wait on the grass or in the grandstand whilst maintaining your 1.5 metres and don’t wait around near the office. Also please exit by the gate on Court 4.

We are all in this together and will all exit quicker together if compliant.

Enjoy your tennis
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain 

Badge Entries Close January 28, Web sign up available.

Happy New Year to everyone.
The 2019 Manly Seaside Tournament had record entries and was again a great success!!
Thanks to all members who helped during the tournament and especially to Milton who did a great job organising the bar.   The bar made a good profit during The Seaside. Unfortunately our resident barman, Kevin,  took ill during the tournament and was taken to hospital. Good new though, Kevin is recovering well now.
Our focus now turns to BADGE and ENTRIES WILL CLOSE JANUARY 28.   It is imperative that you get your entries in early since I expect we will enter several more teams this year!
Rob has arranged for electronic sign up on our web site.  Please click here to submit your entry.
Our MLTC teams have to be submitted by February 8.  PLEASE NOTE all late entries will go in a pool of reserves and will NOT BE included as a regular team member.
Denis Crowley
MLTC Club Captain