Badge Dubs Coaching

Starts: Thurs March 15 6:30p

Rob Muir (USPTA) has kindly agreed to take coaching drills each Thursday evening from 630pm till 8pm for members.

The cost will be $10 and will include a drink at the bar.

Please email me on [email protected] each week to come along as we need to know numbers.

Also Badge dates have been changed and now will run from May 5 till September  22.  There will be only one Saturday  in July for Badge tennis!

Denis Crowley
Club Captain

Any questions re Badge, email Captain.

Saturday Court Captains’ Roster

Saturday Social Court Captain Roster
March 3 – April 21   2018

Mar.  3           Tim Coleman                       Annette Debenham
Mar.  10          Virginia Longfellow            Scott Anderson
Mar.  17          Milton Da Rocha                 Bob Duffin
Mar.  24          Dean Hodgson                    Carl Brazendale
Mar. 31           Denis Crowley                     Tony Hamilton
Apr.   7            Julia Gunn                           Stuart Charlton
Apr.  14           Jon Corney                          Mark Flogel
Apr.  21           Peter Roberts                      Narelle Kinsey
Apr.  28                              Badge

Court Captains operate 1pm-4pm.  Members playing before 1pm and after 4pm arrange their own sets.

REMINDER: Should you be unavailable on your rostered date, please arrange your own replacement.

VISITORS: $20 fee to be collected prior to playing.

Club Championships Reminder

Entries close October 1.

Play is scheduled for the weekends of October 14/15 and 21/22.

For events, details and online entry form, pls click the link.

PLEASE note you must be a financial member to play in the Club Championships!

Any questions re Club Champs, email Rob.

Captain’s Missive

The Spring Badge begins next month and we have entered a mixed and ladies team. This will give those ladies who were not placed in Autumn Badge Teams a chance to play for Manly Club.

Spring Badge will NOT interfere with the Club Championships. Get your entries in asap. Anyone needing a partner let me know and I will try to find you a partner.

Honourable Mention: Congratulations to Nicola and Lisa they won the ladies best average in Badge with a 100% win ratio.  Also we wish Nicola all the best as she departs soon for London to work over there for a few years. Enjoy your stay and keep up your tennis! Wimbledon??

It was good to see Des back at the club on Saturday.Keep up the rehab so you can be back sooner than later at tennis. Keep coming on weekends to visit the club please Des as Cider sales have been non existent!

Denis  Crowley.
Acting Club Captain

Badge Results – Round 13

Some very close matches last Saturday and with one round remaining semi final spots are on the line for several of our teams.It is important to come first or second otherwise you have an away semifinal. Hopefully everyone  makes themselves available this weekend.

Ladies 1 Won 4-4 on games.  With Nicky and Lisa away in Mexico it was up to Janelle and Yvonne to win 3 sets and lead the team to a narrow victory.A win is vital next match to seal 2nd place.

Ladies 2 Lost 2-6.  Emily and Sarah continued  their good form by winning two sets against World Seniors Champion Carol Campling and partner.

Mens 1 Lost 3-5.  With Sam sleep deprived and Harry carrying an injury it was a courageous  effort. First place is almost certainly assured now.Hopefully a full team is available  for the finals.

Mens 2 Won 6-2.  Harald filled in and won 3 sets and Mike and Dan won 3 also.  Next week a win is vital to claim a semifinal position.

Mens 3  Lost 2-6.  Roberto and son won 2 sets.

Mens4 Lost 3-5.  New member Tom Donald played his first badge match and won 2 sets with Captain Paul away at Beecroft which is a tough assignment  and then backed up next day and ran the city to surf. Oh to be young again! Next week a win is needed to claim 2nd position otherwise finishing 3rd would mean an away match at Strathfield. (Not good)

Mens 5 Won 4-3.  A vital win to stay in 3rd position  and next week we can finish up to 2nd or drop to 5th so the points are close.  Denis and Chris won 3 sets and Scott and Graham won 1 set and lost a tiebreaker and were unfinished  in the last set.  The Neutral Bay Captain was disputing our line calls and so with a ball close to the sideline in the tiebreaker I had to call it Manly’s way.He was not happy and then missed an easy smash to gift us the set. I was not popular with him and when time ran out at 535pm  he wanted to finish the set as he was leading 5-3. Scott and Graham with my urging settled for half a point. So I was not popular again. However we got 6.5 points and his team got 3.5.  THE LION DOES NOT CONCERN ITSELF WITH THE OPINIONS OF THE SHEEP.

Mens 6 Won 7-1.  A great win away to set up a showdown  next week for 4th position.  Trev and Stuart won 4 sets and Hamish and Carl 3 sets.Trevor is having a great season and winning with different partners each week.

Mens 7 Won 4-4 on games.  This was another great win against the top team.  Erhard and James won 4 sets and Tommy Turbo and Skier Gary got plenty of games in their 4 sets to ensure victory.This means the two Manly Teams play next week  for 4th position.   Manly 6 need a big win to take 4th spot so good luck to both teams.

Manly 8 Bye.  A tough match at home next Saturday  against  the top team will get this team ready for the finals.

With Manly Rugby First Grade not at home anymore this season hopefully everyone will cheer on our teams to victory in the  Badge Finals.
Denis Crowley.

Badge Results 13 Aug-12
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 4-4 2
Manly 2 1.1 Lost 2-6 8
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Lost 3-5 1
Manly 2 1.3 Won 6-2 4
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 2-6 8
Manly 4 2.2 Lost 3-5 3
Manly 5 2.3 Won 4-3 3
Manly 6 2.5 Won 7-1 5
Manly 7 2.5 Won 4-4 4
Manly 8 3.1 Bye 2

Thanks very much to our VP, Ron Jeffs for compiling our Badge results!