TNSW: Community Sport Recommendations

Yesterday evening the Office of Sport released a letter from the Chief Health Officer highlighting several recommendations in regards to inter-regional/zonal community sport which comes into effect for an initial six week period.

These recommendations include:

  • Cease activities that result in the mixing of participants and staff from different regions (Metro to Country / Country to Metro), for example by ceasing zone, regional or state championships or competitions
  • Cease any activities that result in overnight stays (e.g. multiday training camps) due to increased risk of COVID transmission in residential-type settings with shared facilities
  • Cease face-to-face social activities relating to community sports (e.g. award ceremonies, end-of-season social gatherings, post-training group dinners)
  • Avoid carpools or bus travel with people from different household groups where possible
  • For local activities, limit spectators to one parent only, where the child requires parental supervision during the sporting activity.

As a result of these recommendations, Tennis NSW are advising that the following types of tournaments, competition or events are cancelled or re-scheduled with immediate effect and for a further 6 week period;

  • Regional Representative tournaments
  • Regional or Zonal talent camps
  • Champion of Champions
  • MultiDay tournaments
  • School Gala Days or Festivals
  • InterSchool Round Robin events e.g. Todd Woodbridge Cup

Local Intra and Inter-Club competitions will continue to operate including the TNSW facilitated Sydney Badge and the NSW Super Series events. We continue to ask that all event organisers are monitoring entries to limit significant travel, overnight stays and ensure that every host venue has an appropriate COVID-19 Safety Plan

We remind you to also check the Tennis NSW Community Tennis Guidelines and can also view the Office of Sport’s FAQs in regards to these recommendations here.

Please accept our apologies for the short notice in regards to this advice however this was only received at 5pm on Monday 17 August. We have moved quickly to interpret these recommendations and land on a position that we believe is aligned with the intent with which they have been issued.

If you have any questions please contact your local Club Development Officer or [email protected].

Stay safe and well
Tennis NSW

Tennis NSW: Additional Measures to Stop COVID-19 Spread

As we continue to uphold appropriate standards to stop the spread of COVID-19, it is important that the tennis family supports the NSW Government and the wider community, by continuing to promote limitation of spectators, social distancing and appropriate hygiene protocols. It is as important as ever that we remain vigilant and do not allow ourselves to become complacent in our efforts.

Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, has written to all Community Sporting Organisations requesting that additional measures be taken to protect against the spread of COVID-19 – read here.

It is important that our Tennis community remains vigilant and proactive in continuing to promote and practise COVID-19 safe practices and thus effective immediately it is vital the additional protective measures are implemented to ensure the continuation of tennis activities throughout the state.

In addition to the current requirements of the COVID-19 Safety Plan for Tennis Clubs, Associations and Venues, our Tennis community will need to update their COVID-19 Safety Plans detailing the actions that will be implemented to address these new requirements, namely:

– Ensuring processes are in place to exclude participants (including spectators and officials) if they have visited Victoria in the 14 days prior.

– Ensuring processes are in place to exclude participants (including spectators and officials) if they have attended any of the reported case locations listed on the NSW Health website.

– Limiting entry to indoor facilities and fenced venues to one person per participant where practical.

– Restricting spectator entry at adult community sport.

– Distributing communications to participant databases via e-newsletters, social media and organisations’ websites reinforcing that only parents and carers should attend community sports activities where possible.

– Increasing signage in venue car parks and common entry points at outdoor venues.

– Making PA announcements at venues reminding people to limit spectators to parents and carers where possible.

Tennis NSW will continue to provide regular updates and associated resources in regard to COVID-19 Safe practices and requirements. 

Tennis NSW COVID-19 Resources 
NSW Gov. Covid-19 Safety Plan 

Tennis NSW appreciates the efforts of our tennis family in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our community safe. If you have any questions please contact your local Club Development Officer or email [email protected].