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MLTC Newsletter – 14 March 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 14 March 2024

Coaching Options before Badge

If you are interested in some coaching before Badge starts please read the information below. Thursday evening the coaches will not be using member courts.

 Thursday 21st March for 4 weeks (finishing 11 April) 7-8.30pm

Friday using members courts 6.30-8pm if interest.

  • Ideally get 4 from your team (or similar level players) together to get the most from the sessions. 
  • If you don’t have a 4, can still apply and we’ll try to make appropriate groups if space allows.
  • Max 4 per court. 2 courts so max 8 players in total for each time slot. One coach per court.
  • Cost $150 for the four sessions based on 4 per court.

Please contact Christine if you are interested. [email protected]

The two coaches have loads of experience see bio below


Jacopo has over 10 years experience coaching players in Europe competing at national and international ATP / WTA and ITF levels. Jacopo’s passion, experience and qualifications as a High Performance coach (ITF Level 3) is a huge asset to the team.

Jacopo’s coaching/playing history:

– Bachelor of Sport Science

– UTR level 10

– WTA Tour Coach

– Top 10 ranked Tennis Europe U16

– Conditioning Fitness Coach Level 2  (Italian Tennis Federation)

– ITF Coach Level 3 (High Performance Qualification)


In addition to Giulia’s ITF Coach Level 3 (High Performance Qualification) she also has a wealth of experience as a professional tennis player competing for over 12 years and achieving a career best WTA singles ranking of 219 and doubles ranking of 444.

During this time Giulia was successful in winning 10 ITF singles and 4 doubles tournaments and achieved a career best Italian ranking of 11.

Some personal highlights include success in many WTA tournaments such as the qualifying rounds in Rome and main draw in Budapest as well as her 6 years as a player in the Italy and Germany female cup where she won the German Cup in 2016.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary






How is it calculated? 

For each match, the algorithm calculates a match rating and a match weight for each player. A player’s UTR Rating is the weighted average of up to 30 of their most recent match ratings. Only matches within the last 12 months count toward a player’s UTR. 

Calculating Match Rating

Two factors are considered when calculating the match rating. The first factor is the UTR Rating difference between opponents. The second factor is the competitiveness of the match, as determined by the percent of total games won.

Given the UTR Rating difference, the algorithm expects a certain percent of total games won. The player who performs better than the algorithm’s expectation will see their match rating go up while the other player’s match rating will go down. When one player’s match rating increases, the other player’s match rating decreases by the same amount. 

Note: If the two players have a different number of matches counting toward their rating, the overall UTR Rating may not increase or decrease by the same amount.

Calculating Match Weight

The following factors are used in the match weight calculation:

Format – As the match format increases in length, more weight is given. A match with a three-set format receives more weight than a match with an eight-game pro set format.

Competitiveness – As the UTR Rating difference between players increases, less weight is given. For example, imagine a player with a UTR of 6.00. A match played against an opponent with a UTR Rating of 5.00 or 7.00 receives more weight than a match played against an opponent with a UTR of 4.00 or 8.00.

Reliability – As the reliability of the opponent’s UTR Rating increases, more weight is given. A match played against an opponent who competes often and thus has a reliable UTR Rating receives more weight.

Time Degradation – As prior matches get older, less weight is given. Since the algorithm is a representation of the current form, it gives more credit to matches played within the last few months.






Badge Page Updated

Our Member Badge Page has been updated with the Club’s Badge Teams for 2024

Here’s the link.






MLTC Newsletter – Badge Teams 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – Badge Teams 2024

See below the Badge Teams for 2024. Lots of teams and good luck to all. If you have any questions please direct them to Christine our Club Captain

Men’s Badge Teams

Women’s Badge Teams Saturday

Women’s Thursday Badge Teams

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary




BADGE 2024 FACT SHEETS (Thursday & Saturday)


MLTC Newsletter – Tuesday 30th Jan

 Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter

Badge 2024 – Entries open

We are looking forward to another great badge season! Entries are now open via our club website and it’s really helpful for the selectors if you can get your form in ASAP – please click here to enter.

Nominations close on Monday 5th Feb (less than a week!). 

Key facts:

  • Saturday Badge – 27th April to 7th Sep
  • Thursday Badge – 2nd May to 5th Sep
  • 14 Rounds plus SF and FL (no play during school hols)
  • You must have fully paid your MLTC membership fees to play in badge
  • Any questions about Badge – please contact Christine on [email protected] or 0459 808 316


MLTC Merchandise

We have a range of items for sale at the bar including caps, 90th anniversary Seaside towels, polo shirts, a few t-shirts/vests – plus iron-on club logo’s & stubby coolers. Great to have teams in club merch for badge!


Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary


Badge 2024 Entries Now Open.

Entries are now open on our website for 2024 Badge.

Nominations for Badge will close on February 5 2024.

NOTE: You must be a Financial Club Member to submit an entry to play Badge.

Click here to sign up on our web site.

Virginia Longfellow
MLTC Secretary


MLTC Newsletter – Badge Finals Report

 Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – Finals Report

Club Captain’s Report


Manly 5 Men’s were our only winning Badge Team this year as our other two men’s teams were both defeated 5-3 in their respective finals match.
Manly 5 def Hunters Hill 3 at home 5 sets to 2
This was a very high standard match and the Manly team played their best tennis at the right time to defeat a strong Hunters Hill Team.
A fired up Hugo together with Alec set up victory by splitting sets with the pair with the best percentage in division 8 this year. Meanwhile Graham and Tom were beating the other pair in straight sets.With a 3-1 lead at the break Hugo and Alec won their 2 sets against the other pair easily whilst Graham and Tom lost a close set to the better pair.
Time was called with Manly winning 5-2.
Chris Diaz and Denis watched on whilst Richard Badham was getting updated results whilst trekking the Bonnie Hills  of Scotland. Gavin also played one match and was watching on.
There were some strong teams in Division 8 this year but by coming first and getting a home court advantage was the key to success.
Manly 2 Lost 5-3 away at Kooroora
A close loss but nevertheless a successful season for this team.
This was a very strong division also and our guys went down to the wire.
Sam and Warren won 2 sets whilst Bosko and Steve Nettleton won 1 set.
Other team members were Todd Maloney Jono Walker Harry Faeste Steve Wilkins
Nick Horton and Chris Green.
Manly 7 lost 5-3 away at Sydney Olympic Park
A close loss again to a team that had a perfect record in Badge was a gutsy effort.
Our guys played extremely well to a team that consisted of tennis coaches.
Barnaby and Tom won 2 sets and Dave and Stu won one set.
The team can be very proud of their performance this season.
Tony Hamilton captained the team well and played several matches as did Brett Luntz .
Ray Dummett and Mark Flogel also played one match each.
Thursday Ladies
Won 6-2 v Roseville to take 3rd place
After missing the final on percentages our ladies took 3rd place in the playoff
Erryn and Lisa won 4 sets Michelle Lindy 2 sets.
Well played Ladies.
Our thoughts now turn to the Club Championships which will be held in the last two weeks of October.
Details will be announced next week and entries will open then.
Adios amigos


Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary


Manly Mens 5, Badge WINNERS Division 8, Winners 5-2

Congrats to Graham, Tom, Hugo, Alex. Team members not shown include Denis, Chris, Richard.

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MLTC Badge Teams Roster

Attached is the badge roster showing who is at home and away each week and also who is at Keirle Park.

Kind regards
Julia Gunn

2023 Badge Gradings (Final)

SYDNEY BADGE has published the FINAL Badge Gradings for 2023.