Sydney Badge – Term 4 Makeup Competition

Dear Players,

Thank you for your patience in this challenging time. Due to the current lockdown restrictions imposed by the NSW government we have had to make the unfortunate decision to cancel the remainder of the 2021 season.

However, with this decision we are also bringing good news. Tennis NSW will be running an 8 week Badge Competition across Term 4 to make up for the lost weeks. Please see the competition details below. This competition will be free of charge for all 2021 Sydney Badge Teams. This competition is also subject to change pending the public health advice.

Competition details:
Start – Thursday 7th Oct & Sat 9th Oct
Finish – Thursday 25th Nov & Sat 27th Nov
Times remain the same
8 week competition – 7 weeks of play with 1v2 GF
2nd and 4th December to be spare week for washout.

All teams will need to opt into this competition if they wish to play.

[Please advise your MLTC Team Captain or Denis ASAP if you/your team wishes to participate in this Term 4 competition.]

There will be no significant changes in the grading of this new competition. If teams choose not to play and we need to move teams to make even divisions, they will be moved according to current ladder positions from the 2021 season.

Majority of Tennis NSW costs of running the Sydney Badge competition have already been incurred which is why no refunds will be given for the 2021 Badge season and why we a running this Term 4 competition free of charge for the clubs and associations.

Please reach out if you have any questions otherwise we look forward to seeing you all back on the courts after this lockdown!
Kind Regards,
Tennis NSW Competitions

Sydney Badge – COVID Announcement

Unfortunately the NSW Government has extended the Sydney lockdown until Friday the 27th August.

This means there will be no more play for the remainder of the Badge seasons.

We are working through options for the clubs and will be in contact next week with the next steps.

Stay safe and have a great weekend!

Kind Regards,
TNSW Competitions
Nathan Keys
Competitions Coordinator | Tennis NSW

COVID Update – Sydney Badge

The NSW Government has extended the Sydney lockdown until July 30.

Tennis NSW in consultation with the Badge Panel has made the decision to cancel round 11 and 12 matches of the Saturday Badge competition on Saturday 17th and 24th July and round  12 and 13 matches of Thursday Badge competition on Thursday 22nd and 29th July. The matches will be marked as a washout with both teams sharing the points.

At this stage the Sydney Badge competition will resume play with round 13 on Saturday 31st July. Round 9 of the Saturday Badge competition will still be postponed until Saturday 14th August. Thursday Ladies Badge will resume play with round 14 on the 5th August as per the fixtures. This is obviously subject to change pending COVID-19 restrictions.

This also means that the finals for Saturday Badge will now be played on 21st and 28th of August and Thursday Ladies Badge will now be played on the 19th and 26th August.

All of the most up to date Covid-19 information can be found at the link below.

Good luck to all teams and stay safe.
Kind Regards,
TNSW Competitions

URGENT: COVID Sydney Badge

As most of you would have heard at 11am, the NSW Government has extended the Sydney lockdown for another week. Tennis NSW in consultation with the Badge Panel has made the decision to cancel round 10 matches of the Saturday Badge competition on Saturday 10th July. The matches will be marked as a washout with both teams sharing the points.

As Thursday Ladies Badge have not missed a round yet, round 11 will be postponed until Thursday 12th August.

At this stage the Sydney Badge competition will resume play with round 11 on Saturday 17th July. Round 9 of the Saturday Badge competition will still be postponed until Saturday 14th August. Thursday Ladies Badge will resume play with round 12 on the 22nd July as per the fixtures. This is obviously subject to change pending COVID-19 restrictions.

This also means that the finals for Saturday Badge will now be played on 21st and 28th of August and Thursday Ladies Badge will now be played on the 19th and 26th August.

All of the most up to date Covid-19 information can be found at the link below.

Good luck to all teams and stay safe.
Kind Regards,
TNSW Competitions

MLTC Newsletter 22 June 2021


Rain washed out most matches in Sydney Badge on Saturday with no home matches or social tennis being played. Two of our teams were forced to play away in the wind and rain and suffered losses.

Our Mens 1 Team moved into a clear 4th position with a result from Saturday going our way. New member Ben O’Connell joins the team now and should enhance our chances for the rest of the season.

This Saturday both Mens and Ladies 1 Teams play late matches at home.

Results from last week.

Thursday Ladies

Manly White won 7-1 away at Cooper Park. Narelle/Jane 4 sets Melinda/Michelle 3 sets

Manly Blue Lost 6-2 at home to Cooper Park 1. Sue/Barbara 1 set Liz/Suellen 1 set

This Thursday the two Manly Teams play each other.

Saturday Juniors Lost 4-1 away

Maria won 1 singles The girls are now 5th. The girls will be playing tournaments in the school holidays so we wish them both good luck.

Saturday Badge

Ladies 1 lost 7-1 away at Tennis World. Lisa Townsend/Nicola 1 set

Mens 6 Lost 6-2 away at Killara. Chris/Graham 1 set Denis/Sylvain 1 set

All other matches were washed out and each team receives 5 points.

All teams play again this weekend and then there is no play again on July 3.

Denis Crowley


Badge Results Round-7

At the conclusion of Round 7 Of Sydney Badge we have 5 Mens’ Teams and 2 Ladies teams in the top 4 positions. We have reached the halfway mark and this weekend will be an ideal time to reflect on our first round efforts with a team barbecue and drinks to celebrate the official launch of our new bar.

Best wishes to two of our senior members in Owen Kennedy and Paul Wigney who we all wish could be with us this Saturday to share a drink and reflect on their glory days at the club. Also, to Kevin our barman for many years who may also be on hand on Saturday.

Round 7 Results

Thursday Ladies

Manly Blue Washout v Roseville White   3rd Position

Manly White v Roseville Red Draw 2 sets all then rain. 6th Position

Jane/Narelle 2 sets

Junior Girls  Won 5-0 3rd Position

Ruby and Maria won 2 singles each plus their doubles.

Saturday Ladies 1 Won 7-1 away at Wests Ashfield  7th Position

Nicola/Lisa Townsend 4 sets Lisa Green/Caroline 3 sets

Ladies 2 Draw 4-3 at home v Easts 4th Position

Sarah/Krista continued their good form to win 4 sets Carolina/Kristina 1 unfinished set

Ladies 3 draw 2-4 at home v Collaroy 6th position

Michelle/Melinda 1 set and 1 unfinished Narelle/Sally 1 set 1 unfinished

Mens 1 Won 5-3 away at Neutral Bay 4th Position

Cameron/Andrew 4 sets Todd/Warren Green 1 set

Mens 2 Lost 7-1 at home v Killara 4th Position

Wilko/Howard 1 set Craig/Milton 0 sets but 20 aces for Milton.

Mens 3 Won 5-3 away at Marrickville 6th Position

Sean/Vincent won 4 sets again to continue their 100% record Jarryd/Sam Deuble 1 set

Mens 4 Won 4-4 on games v Strathfield at home 2nd Position

Jon/Roberto 2 sets Fernando/Geoff 2 sets

Mens 5 Won 6-2 away v Marrickville 2nd Position

Bhanu/Jarryd 3 sets Gavin/Michael 3 sets

Mens 6 Lost 6-2 v Meadowbank at Wakehurst 5th Position

Hugo/Denis 2 sets

Mens 7 Won 8-0 away at Hunters Hill 3rd Position

Peter/Ben won 4 sets to keep up their perfect record Tom/Mark 4 sets

Mens 8 Lost 4 sets all on games v Wests at Wakehurst 7th Position

Stu/Christo 3 sets Lachlan/Hamish 1 set

Mens 9 Lost 8-0 at home v Roseville 6th Position

Badge Results Round-6

Round 6 of Sydney Badge was completed last weekend with three teams winning and several close results.

Our Manly Blue Thursday Ladies Badge Team also had a close win against the second team to now be in third position.

This Saturday Our Mens and Ladies Second Teams play the top teams so we need some home support to cheer them on.

Results from Round 6

Thursday Badge

Manly Blue Won 4 all on games v Roseville Red  away

Pam/Suellen 3 sets Johanna/Sally 1 set

This was a great win against a good team.

Manly White Lost 5-3 v Roseville White at home

Melinda/Jane 3 sets

Saturday Ladies 1 Lost 5-3 v Kooroora at home

Lisa Townsend/Nicola 2 sets Lisa Green/Caroline 1 set

Ladies 2 Lost 7-1 away at Kooroora

Sarah/Kristina 1 set Now in 4th position

Ladies 3 Drew 4-2 away at Chatswood.

When time was up Jane/Suellen were 2 sets winners plus 1  unfinished Melinda/Sue 1 unfinished

Mens 1 Lost 4 all on games v Sydney Uni at home.

Andrew/Bosko won all 4 sets Now in 5th position

Mens 2 Lost 4 all by 1 game v Sydney Uni away

Steve Nettleton/Rob 3 sets Milton/Craig 1 set  Now in 3rd position

Mens 3 Won 6-2 v Strathfield at home

A good win against the top team

Vincent/Sean 4 sets Jarryd/Justin 2 sets Now in 6th position

Manly 4 Drew 3 sets all v Marrickville away

The first 5 sets were all tiebreakers so time ran out as no lights on grass

Richard/Marcus 2 sets and 1 unfinished Geoff/Fernando 1 set with 1 unfinished Now in 2nd position

Manly 5 Won 8-0 v Hunters Hill at home

Bhanu/Jarryd 4 sets Alec/Alan 4 sets. A great win to be now in 3rd position.

Manly 6 Lost 7-1 away at Mosman

Denis/Chris 1 set Now in 5th position

Manly 7 Lost 7-1 v Marrickville at Wakehurst

Daniel/Peter 1 set Now 6th only 2 points from 4th position

Manly 8 Lost 7-1 away at Marrickville

Lachlan/Hamish won 1 set from Albo who plays here when no parliament or Rabbitohs matches on.

Manly 9 Won 4 all on games v Cheltenham at home

The first win of the season. RayDummett/Ian 2 sets Gordon/Mark 2 sets.

Now more wins will be forthcoming.

Saturday Juniors lost 4-1 to now be 4th

Maria was away and Ruby won her no. 1 singles but were unsuccessful in the other sets.

Denis Crowley

Badge Results Round-5

Round 5 of Sydney Badge was completed on the weekend with again mixed results for our teams.

Several of our teams had big wins to remain high up on the ladder in their respective grades and we had several close losses.

Next Weekend our Mens and Ladies Division 1 Teams both play at home in late matches so come along to the club and buy a drink from the new bar and cheer on our teams.

Thursday Ladies. Manly Blue defeated Manly White 7 -1.  Sally/Suellen 4 sets Johanna/Sue 3 sets.  Narelle/Melinda 1 set.  Manly Blue are now in 3rd position. Manly White were denied their protest last week so lost 6 valuable points to be in 6th position.

Saturday Ladies 1 Lost 5-2 away at Longueville.  Nicola/Emily 2 sets Caroline/Claudia 1 unfinished set.

Ladies 2 Division 2 Won 7-1 v Kooroora 3 at home. Sarah/Krista 4 sets Carolina/Kirsten 3 sets. Another good win to now be in 3rd position.

Ladies 3 Division 4 Lost 6-1 at home v Strathfield. Melinda/Sue 1 set Narelle/Liz 1 unfinished set

Mens 1 Division 1 Drew 4 sets all and games equal v Voyager at home. Andrew/Cameron 3 sets Todd/Harry 1 set

Mens 2 Division 3 Won 6-2 v Voyager at Wakehurst.  Steve/Steve 3 sets Craig/Milton 3 sets.  This win keeps our team in 2nd position.

Mens 3 v Mens 4  4 sets all with Manly 4 winning on games.  Jon/Marcus won 2 sets as did Fernando/Geoff to seal a close win. Manly 4 is now 2nd.  Sean /Vincent teamed up for Manly 3 to win 4 sets.

Mens 5 Lost 6-2 v Killara at Wakehurst.  Alec/Alan won 2 sets The team remains in 3rd position.

Mens 6 Lost 7-1 away at Strathfield.  Sylvain /Hugo 1 set. Strathfield are 1st by a long way. Manly 6 still 4th.

Mens 7 Won 6-2 v Strathfield at home.  Tom/Daniel 3 sets Mark/Ben 3 sets.  Another big win to be now 3rd.

Mens 8 Lost 5-3 away at Tennis Valley.  Stu/Christo 2 sets Lachlan/Hamish 1 set.  A close loss to remain 7th

Mens 9 Lost 5-3 away at Mosman. RayDalgaish/Des won 3 sets The other pair enjoyed the hospitality at Mosman. Now in 6th position.

We also have two junior girls playing each Saturday Morning in Premier League Division 2 for Manly Club.  Last Saturday Ruby Quigley and Maria Nicol won 3 sets to 2 to be in 3rd position. They each play 2 singles and a doubles. This is the future of the club so each week I will include their results.

Denis Crowley

Badge ScoreBoard


Badge Results Round-4

Round 4 of Badge produced mixed results for our teams with several big wins and a few close losses.

All teams have realised already the closeness of the matches this season and tiebreakers as usual are crucial in deciding matches.

Last weeks results

Thursday Ladies

Manly Blue  Lost 7-1 away to the top team Cooper Park 1.  Suellen/Sally won 1 set Liz/Pam 0 sets

Manly White 4 sets all v Cooper Park 2.  Two reserves were used by Cooper Park who were of a higher grading so we have challenged the result.  Hopefully the ladies will get an 8-0 win. The reserves won their 4 sets. Michelle/Melinda 2 sets Lindy/Jane 2 sets.

Saturday Ladies Division 1

Lost 8-0 v Longueville away.  The pairs were Sarah/Emily  Claudia/Lisa Townsend

Ladies2 Division 2 Lost 5-2 to Longueville. Kirsten/Krista won 2 sets with 1 unfinished Kristina/Carolina 0 sets

Ladies3 Division 4 Won 4-3 on games.  A close win to register their first win after some close losses. The competition here is very tough so the ladies should be proud of their effort each Saturday. Narelle/Sue 2 sets Michelle/Jane 2 sets with one unfinished

Mens Division 1 Lost 4 -4 by 2 games away to Tennis World. Another close loss Andrew/Sean won 3 sets  Todd/Jono 1 set.

Mens 2 Division 3 Won 5-3 at home v Kooroora.  Milton/Craig 3 sets Steve/Steve 2 sets Another good win to stay in 2nd position

Mens3 Division 4  Draw away at Neutral Bay.  Although behind 4sets to 2 the result is a draw as two sets were unfinished with our team close on games.  Justin/Vincent 1 set and one unfinished(4-1) Jarryd/Harald 1 set and one unfinished(3-4)

Mens 4 Division 4 Won 6-2 at home v Strathfield. Another good win to be 2nd on the ladder. Jon/Richard 3 sets Dan/Marcus 3 sets.

Mens 5 Division 7 Won 7-1 v Collaroy away. Bhanu/Alan won 4 sets again Gavin/Henry 3 sets.  This team is one point behind Killara in 2nd position and they play Killara this Saturday. Go Manly!

Mens6 Division 8 Won 8-0 v Collaroy at Wakehurst. Chris/Denis 4 sets Richard/Hugo 4 sets.Now in 4th position.

Mens 7 Division 9 Lost 7-1 away at Cheltenham. Daniel/Shane 1 set Mark/Peter 0 sets. The Cheltenham coach who is a 3+ plays in Division 9 most seasons and never loses a set so Cheltenham will win this grade again this year!

Mens 8 Division 10 Lost 8-0 v Mosman at home. Tony/Stu and David/Lachlan were the pairings.

Mens9 Lost 6-2 v Chatswood at Wakehurst. Bob/Ray Dummett 1 set Des/Mark 1 set

This Saturday in Division 1Mens , our team plays Voyager at 250pm whilst our two Manly teams play each other in Division 4.

The Ladies 2 Team also has a tough match against Kooroora.

Good luck to all teams this Saturday.

The new bar might be ready for use so come down to the club.

Denis Crowley


Badge ScoreBoard

Badge 2021 Page Links

For members convenience, links to the following dedicated pages for the Badge 2021 season are provided below.

Badge Results Round-3

It was not a good Saturday for our top 6 Mens Teams with all losses but our Mens 7 and 8 Teams had strong wins.Our Ladies 2 Team also had a good win and our Ladies 3 Team were leading 4-2 in the final set with time up and a win there would have given them the match. They had to settle for a draw.

Next Saturday our Mens 8 Team and Ladies 3 Team play at home at noon.

Our Mens 2 and 4 Teams and Ladies 2 Team are all playing late matches at home. All three teams are in the top 4 so are hoping for home wins to continue their good form.

Results from last week.

Thursday Ladies Had a washout and a bye.

Saturdays Results

Ladies 1 Division 1 Lost 6-2 at home

Nicola/Lisa T 2 sets Caroline/Lisa G no sets.

Ladies 2 Division 2 Won 5-3 away at Chatswood

Sarah/Francine 3 sets Kirsten/Kristina 2 sets. Kirsten injured herself early in the match but soldiered on bravely to seal an important win for her team.

Ladies 3 Division 4 Drew 3-4 with a set unfinished.

Unfortunately time ran out when a last set win would have won the match.

Narelle/Liz 2 sets and unfinished(4-2) Sue/Melinda 1 set

Mens 1 Division 1 Lost 6-2 to Bisous

Some great tennis played to lose to the top team.

Cameron/Andrew 2 sets Todd/Bosko lost 4 close sets

Mens2 Division 3 Lost 5-3 at Kooroora

SteveNetto/Steve Wilko 3 sets Howard/Andrew 0 sets. Former member Simon Haes won 3 sets for Kooroora

Mens 3 Division 4 Lost 6-2 at home v Mortdale

Vincent/Justin 1 set Jarryd/Craig 1 set

Mens 4 Division 4 Lost 4 all on games.

Fernando/Geoff 3 sets Dan/Francois 1 set.Francois played his first match in Badge.

Mens 5 Division 7 Lost 5-2 at home with one unfinished

Bhanu/Gavin 2sets with an unfinished set Jarryd/Henry 0 sets

Mens 6 Division 8 Lost 5-2 at Neutral Bay with one unfinished

New member Sylvain teamed up with Hugo to win 2 sets and lose 2 close sets.

Denis/Richard 0 sets with one unfinished leading 5-2 40-30 when time called. Grrr

Mens 7 Division 9 Won 6-2 at home v Neutral Bay

Another win to see this team leading the competition.Ben teamed up with Peter Roberts to win 4 sets and Daniel/Shane took 2 sets.

Mens 8 Division 10 Won 8-0 away at Cheltenham

A great win with Tony/Stu and Lachlan/David winning all sets easily.

Mens 9 Lost 8-0 away at Roseville to a strong team.

Ray/Ray and Des/Mark teamed up.Owen needs to be the travelling coach!

Denis Crowley

Badge ScoreBoard

Badge Results Round-2

Our Badge Teams performed well in round 2 with 7 wins and 4 losses and a win for our Thursday Ladies White Team.

It is only early days but our two new Mens Teams in Division 7 And Division 9 are both undefeated and are playing great tennis. They both play at home this Saturday in early matches.

In  the late matches our Ladies 1 Team and Mens 1 Team both play at home again as well as our Manly 3 team. All teams have great chances to win this weekend and complete a clean sweep. Chelsea is behind the bar so come along and support.

Round 2 Results

Thursday Ladies White Won 5-3 at home

Lindy/ Narelle won 4 sets Michelle /Barbara 1 set

Ladies Manly Blue had a bye

Saturday Ladies 1 Lost 1-7 at home v Tennis World

Claudia/Caroline 1 set Nicola/Lisa Townsend 0 sets

Ladies 2 Division 2 Won 7-1 away at Chatswood.

A great win to take 9 points away from home.

Kirsten/Krista 4 sets Carolina/Kristina 3 sets

Ladies3 Division 4 had a bye

Mens 1 Division 1 Won 6-2 at home v Voyager

Cameron/Andrew 4 sets easily Sean/Jono 2 sets

Mens 2 Division 3 Won 5-3 away at Tennis Valley

Steve Wilko/Steve Netto 3 sets Howard/Andrew 2 sets

Mens 3 Division 4 Lost 2-6 away at Neutral Bay


2 sets Craig and Jarryd Stevens 0 sets.

Mens 4 Division 4 Won 7-1 home v Mortdale 2

Jon/Richard 4 sets Fernando/Dan 3 sets

Mens 5 Division7 Won 5-3 away at Killara

Henry/Bhanu 4 sets Gavin/Alec 1 set.

Henry has now won all 8 sets in his two matches for Manly.

Mens 6 Division 8 Won 6-1 at home v Killara

Graham/Chris 3 sets Hugo/Denis 3 sets and 1 unfinished(5-2)

Mens 7 Division 9 Won 4-4 on games away at Neutral Bay

Shane/Daniel 2 sets Mark/Peter 2 sets

Another good win with Shane playing well in his first Badge match.

Mens 8 Division 10 Lost 1-6 v Chatswood at home

Lachlan/Christo 1 set David/Hamish 0 sets and 1 unfinished.

Mens 9 Division 12 Lost 1-7 at Wakehurst

Bob/Ian 1 set Ray/Ray 0 sets

Owen was on hand to watch and has given some expert coaching tips to the team for their next game.

So a win is on the horizon.

Denis Crowley