Badge Rule Changes

Dear Delegates,

Thanks again for your team entry into the 2021 Sydney Badge Competition and the work you have done to assist us to return to Sydney badge for 2021. We hope you are looking forward to a great competition. Please read through some important notes below and attached.

All captains information has been sent today to all divisions. If your captain has not heard anything please let me know and we can try and work out why. I have attached the captains form to this email for your reference.

We have a few minor rule changes for the 2021 season that are highlighted below.

Rule  11.5  All Clubs using Grass Court surfaces must provide an alternative venue which can be used to minimise ‘Wash Outs’. Alternative venues to be submitted at time of nomination.

Rationale: This rule has been amended to minimise washouts. This was our single biggest complaint from clubs and captains in 2020. Our aim is to minimise washouts caused by rain during the week. If a lawn club suspects their courts will not be available for Saturdays play, in weather where matches are still played on other surfaces, They should be making arrangements to find an alternate venue to play matches.

Rule 12.5 For semi-finals and finals matches, a minimum of two rubbers (four sets) must be completed for a match to be deemed “complete”. If two rubbers of a match are not complete for any reason (i.e. Washout), the match will be deemed incomplete and the points will be split between both teams.

Rationale: This rule is only applicable to semi-finals and finals matches.

Rule  13.4 An injured player may be replaced for their second rubber of the match only during a semi final or finals match. The replacement player must be a base or reserve player in that team and eligible to play finals in accordance to rule 21.1. An injured player can only be replaced for the second rubber where the first rubber is forfeited due to injury. A player cannot be replaced after completing their first rubber.

Rationale: This injury replacement rule is only applicable to semi-finals and finals matches. The injury must occur during the players first rubber. The player cannot be replaced after completing their first rubber. This will prevent teams taking advantage of the rule and trying to replace a player who is not performing.

Rule 15.1 Where a team or a doubles pair is not ready to play 15 minutes after the start time of the match, the first set of the rubber (or rubbers) will be forfeited by that team.

Rationale: This has just been extended from 5 to 15 minutes.

Rule 20.7 Semi-Finals and Finals must be played out to ensure there is a winner. Should the Semi Final or Final end in a draw on both sets won and games won, both teams will select any two (2) players to play one (1) tie-break (First to seven, win by two points) to decide the winner.

Rationale: Applicable to Semi-Final and Finals matches.

There will be no more draw requests accepted the final draw for the Sydney Badge Competition has now been published on Match Centre. You will need to search “Sydney Badge Tennis” If you are experiencing issues logging in please contact Tennis Australia customer support on 1800 752 983.

As always, should you have any further questions, please contact TNSW.

Good Luck for the 2021 season.

Kind Regards
TNSW Competitions Team

2021 Sydney Badge Competition FINAL Grading

Dear Delegates 

Thank you all for submitting your teams into the Sydney Badge Competition in 2021.

Please find attached the Final Grading for the 2021 season.

We have already heard from a lot of you in regards to draw requests. This is a reminder for those who we have not heard from to please send through requests ASAP as the draw process will begin next week.

Kind Regards,
Tennis NSW Competitions

2021 Sydney Badge Competition Gradings Confirmed

No changes to any of our gradings have been made.  A few challenges were upheld.

The grades look very strong this year.  A few men’s teams have dropped 2 grades and lots of men’s teams have been dropped a grade in Division 2 and 3.  Several teams that won their grade were also not promoted because of the depth of men’s teams this year. In summary it will be very hard to win any division this year.

Serving of food and drinks is no longer required so it is up to each team to decide.  As long as COVID rules are followed I think most teams will supply food and drinks.

All clubs now MUST have alternate courts available in case of rain.  Grass court clubs including Hunters Hill and Marrickville can be forfeited if they don’t arrange alternative courts.  Please keep any text messages between Captains in case you need them for evidence of not finding alternative courts.

Remember if you wish to book a court for practice on Saturdays before 1pm or after 4pm let me know.

Good luck to all teams and any questions anytime I am here to help
Denis Crowley

Sydney Badge 2021 Team Lists

 Please find attached team lists for the 2021 Badge Season.
Kind Regards,
TNSW Competitions Team.

Ladies 2021 Badge Teams (Thursday)

Thursday Badge Ladies teams announced.

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Ladies 2021 Badge Teams

Draft Saturday Badge Teams announced.

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Men’s 2021 Badge Teams

Draft Men’s 2021 Badge Teams announced.

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Badge Entries Close Feb 7

Entries for Thursday Ladies and Saturday 2021 Badge competitions are now open to members.

Entries close February 7.

Badge Entries Open

Entries for Thursday Ladies and Saturday 2021 Badge competitions are now open to members.

Entries close February 7.

Sydney Badge 2021 – Fact Sheets

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Saturday Badge starts 24th April, Thursday Ladies Badge starts 22nd April.