Badge Results – Round 11

A bad weekend with only three winning badge teams.Still eight teams have good chances of making the semi finals so hopefully some big wins to come in the final three rounds.

Ladies 1 Lost 6-2.  A loss to the top team at home was not what was hoped. Unusual pairings this weekend with players unavailable shows with our best pairings Manly are still in with a big chance to win this grade. Lisa and Julia won 2 sets.

Ladies2 Won 5-3.  A good confidence boost to have a strong win.  Danni and Kirsten won 3 sets and Sarah and Emily won 2 sets.This shows with strong pairings these ladies are very competitive in this grade.  Hopefully both Ladies Teams can play their best next weekend with a home derby again.

Mens 1 Won 7-1.  New recruit Todd teamed with Captain Sean to win all their sets.Todd has been a great player to pick up mid season.Harry and Sam won 3 sets to complete an easy win.

Mens 2  Won 5-3. With two sets forfeited this made for a good win to stay in the top 4.  Mike and Postman Geoff won 1 set played and Treasurer Jon and President and Resident Handyman Craig won 2 sets. (Craig assembling our new seats for Court 5.)

Mens 3 Lost 0-7.  Harald and Paul tried hard to lose 4 close sets. Young Roberto played with Mat from Team 5 who was filling in and lost their sets. Roberto senior was unavailable as he was attending his immigration exam for citizenship. I hope there was no cricket questions and plenty of soccer ones!

Mens 4 Lost 7-1.  A bad loss but stayed 2nd on the table. It is always tough playing away at Strathfield and with different pairings this week it was never going to be an easy assignment. Dean and Ben won 1 set.

Mens 5 Lost 6-2.  Another loss but luckily we remain 3rd on the ladder. Hunters Hill are runaway leaders in this grade and showed  us why.Journeyman  Chris returns next match to hopefully strengthen  the team. He has been holidaying for 5 weeks with his family in USA and Canada. We need his volleying skills for the last 3 matches.  Graham and Denis won 2 sets.

Mens 6 Lost 6-2.  Played the top team away at Mosman which is always tough on their grass courts. Grasscourt specialists Trev and Peter took 2 sets off this strong team.

Mens 7 Lost 7-1.  Another hard match on the road at Hunters Hill. Tommy Turbo and Erhardt won the first set but then the grasscourt capabilities  of Hunters Hill was apparent as they won the next 3 sets and all four against Gary and James.

Mens 8 Lost 1-6.  With our  top player out the youthful Strathfield Team were too quick around the court. With several septegenarians in Manly’s Team and Owen watching on,the age difference was too much. In this grade speed can beat brains. Ian and Peter won 1 set.

Good luck to all teams this weekend and keep playing your best pairings whenever possible.

Badge Results 11 Jul-29
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Lost 2-6 2
Manly 2 1.1 Won 5-3 8
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 7-1 1
Manly 2 1.3 Won 5-3 4
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 0-7 8
Manly 4 2.2 Lost 1-7 2
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 2-6 3
Manly 6 2.5 Lost 2-6 5
Manly 7 2.5 Lost 1-7 4
Manly 8 3.1 Lost 1-6 2

Badge Results – Round 12

A mixed result with several losses putting semifinal places in jeopardy for a few of our teams. With only two matches remaining strong pairings are required to guarantee semifinal places for those teams.

Ladies 1 v Ladies 2    A win by 6-2 to our top team.  Jane and Ali won 3 sets and Julia and Yvonne won 3 sets.This was a more competitive match than the first round and shows our second ladies team are improving each week.  Sarah and Emily won two sets.  Ladies Team 1 are fighting for second place on the ladder to get a home semi. Good luck ladies for the next two matches.

Mens Team 1 Won 5-3   Another win to almost guarantee first place on the table.  Todd and Sam combined well to win 3 sets and Andrew and Harry who was carrying an injury won 2 sets.

Mens Team 2 Lost 5-3   With this loss we have dropped to fifth place.Milton made a welcome return and played strongly with Postman Geoff to win 3 sets. With two strong results in the next two weeks we will be back in the top 4 where this team deserves to be.

Mens Team 3 Lost 5-3  After a slow start and losing the first 4 sets there was a turnaround and we won 3 sets in the reverse doubles.Paul and Harald won 2 sets and Murillo and Stuart won 1 set.

Mens Team 4 Won 5-3  Another strong win to stay in 2nd position.  Ever reliable Jonno and Paul R won 3 sets again.Ben and Tim won 2 sets.

Mens Team 5 Won 6-2  Finally another win after several losses lately to go back to 3rd position. Scott and Graham were the star pairing winning 4 sets.

Mens Team 6 Lost 7-1  A much closer match than it appears.We lost 4 tiebreaker sets.Now in 5th position  it will be tough to make the semis but there is still hope with two strong wins.

Mens Team 7 Washout.  With 5 points from a washout a semi final spot is looking good.With 2 wins maybe 2nd position is possible.Good luck this weekend  fellas.

Mens Team 8 Won 8-0 on forfeit.  Ten points helps to maintain second on the table.A semi final spot is certain now.

Good luck to all teams this weekend and keep playing your best pairings whenever possible.

Badge Results



Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 6-2 2
Manly 2 1.1 Lost 2-6 8
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 5-3 1
Manly 2 1.3 Lost 3-5 5
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-5 8
Manly 4 2.2 Won 5-3 2
Manly 5 2.3 Won 6-2 3
Manly 6 2.5 Lost 1-7 5
Manly 7 2.5 Draw W/out 4
Manly 8 3.1 Won 8-0 2

Thanks very much to our VP, Ron Jeffs for compiling our Badge results!

Denis Crowley
Acting Club Captain

Badge Results – Round 13

Some very close matches last Saturday and with one round remaining semi final spots are on the line for several of our teams.It is important to come first or second otherwise you have an away semifinal. Hopefully everyone  makes themselves available this weekend.

Ladies 1 Won 4-4 on games.  With Nicky and Lisa away in Mexico it was up to Janelle and Yvonne to win 3 sets and lead the team to a narrow victory.A win is vital next match to seal 2nd place.

Ladies 2 Lost 2-6.  Emily and Sarah continued  their good form by winning two sets against World Seniors Champion Carol Campling and partner.

Mens 1 Lost 3-5.  With Sam sleep deprived and Harry carrying an injury it was a courageous  effort. First place is almost certainly assured now.Hopefully a full team is available  for the finals.

Mens 2 Won 6-2.  Harald filled in and won 3 sets and Mike and Dan won 3 also.  Next week a win is vital to claim a semifinal position.

Mens 3  Lost 2-6.  Roberto and son won 2 sets.

Mens4 Lost 3-5.  New member Tom Donald played his first badge match and won 2 sets with Captain Paul away at Beecroft which is a tough assignment  and then backed up next day and ran the city to surf. Oh to be young again! Next week a win is needed to claim 2nd position otherwise finishing 3rd would mean an away match at Strathfield. (Not good)

Mens 5 Won 4-3.  A vital win to stay in 3rd position  and next week we can finish up to 2nd or drop to 5th so the points are close.  Denis and Chris won 3 sets and Scott and Graham won 1 set and lost a tiebreaker and were unfinished  in the last set.  The Neutral Bay Captain was disputing our line calls and so with a ball close to the sideline in the tiebreaker I had to call it Manly’s way.He was not happy and then missed an easy smash to gift us the set. I was not popular with him and when time ran out at 535pm  he wanted to finish the set as he was leading 5-3. Scott and Graham with my urging settled for half a point. So I was not popular again. However we got 6.5 points and his team got 3.5.  THE LION DOES NOT CONCERN ITSELF WITH THE OPINIONS OF THE SHEEP.

Mens 6 Won 7-1.  A great win away to set up a showdown  next week for 4th position.  Trev and Stuart won 4 sets and Hamish and Carl 3 sets.Trevor is having a great season and winning with different partners each week.

Mens 7 Won 4-4 on games.  This was another great win against the top team.  Erhard and James won 4 sets and Tommy Turbo and Skier Gary got plenty of games in their 4 sets to ensure victory.This means the two Manly Teams play next week  for 4th position.   Manly 6 need a big win to take 4th spot so good luck to both teams.

Manly 8 Bye.  A tough match at home next Saturday  against  the top team will get this team ready for the finals.

With Manly Rugby First Grade not at home anymore this season hopefully everyone will cheer on our teams to victory in the  Badge Finals.
Denis Crowley.

Badge Results 13 Aug-12
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 4-4 2
Manly 2 1.1 Lost 2-6 8
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Lost 3-5 1
Manly 2 1.3 Won 6-2 4
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 2-6 8
Manly 4 2.2 Lost 3-5 3
Manly 5 2.3 Won 4-3 3
Manly 6 2.5 Won 7-1 5
Manly 7 2.5 Won 4-4 4
Manly 8 3.1 Bye 2

Thanks very much to our VP, Ron Jeffs for compiling our Badge results!

Badge Results – Round 14

Semi Finals Week

The semifinals are here and 6 teams are playing next weekend — an excellent club result and the envy of most clubs–well done Manly!! .The 4 teams to miss out all played well during the season but had injuries and players on holidays to interrupt their matches.

Men’s Team 1 finished 15 points ahead in first position and play at home at 250pm next Saturday.  Ladies Team 1 finished 2nd and play at home at noon next Saturday.  Men’s Team 2 play at 250pm at Castle Hill next Saturday as they finished 4th.  Our Men’s Teams 4, 6 and 8 all play at Strathfield next Saturday.

Strathfield has been a graveyard for visiting teams this year!  Consequently, we have decided to organise a team bus for players and supporters to travel to Strathfield to cheer on our teams. Peter Roberts will be the driver if we get enough support. Ray Dummett and myself will be sitting together  (sweet couple) so please email me if you wish to come along so we can book the bus.We will leave the club at 1015am.  All those not on the bus are encouraged to cheer on our other 3 teams at Manly and Castle Hill.

Good luck to all our Teams.

Last week’s results.

Ladies 1 Won 5-3.  Finished the season on a high note to take 2nd position.  Sophie and Jane won 3 sets. Julia and Janelle won 2 sets.

Ladies 2 Lost 5-3.   This team has finished the season strongly with some brave efforts. Congrats  ladies.  Sarah and Emily won 2 sets and Kirsten and Dani won 1 set.

Men’s 1 Won 7-1.  Sean and Harry led the way with 4 sets and Todd and Jono won 3 sets.  Keep firing in the finals, guys.

Men’s 2  Draw 4-3
Dan and Mike hit top form to win 3 sets and lead their team into 4th place — by 0.5 points. Dunno Nadal and Corney came from behind to win the tie breaker after the opponents served for the match and a place in the semi finals — funny game this tennis!

Men’s 3  Lost 3-5.  With injuries and work commitments Mat again filled in to partner Roberto jnr and win 1 set.  Paul and Murillo won 2 sets.With all players fit and available  this team would have finished with a lot more points.Thanks guys.

Men’s 4 Lost 5-3.  Paul and Ben won 2 sets Sean and Tim 1 set.  A great effort to finish 3rd after not having a full team at the start of badge.  Two more wins will finish off a great year.

Team 5 Lost 7-1.  With nobody wanting to drive to Strathfield, Captain Scott led the expedition on a cold and windy day. Along the way I am sure I saw a few penguins and when we arrived at Strathfield it felt like Antartica. However when we looked around the club I saw a lot of Koreans and when we played tennis finally we were blasted off the court. But there were no nuclear weapons only young guys with big serves and forehands. Our up and down season was over as we slipped to 5th place.

Team 6 v Team 7 Won 7-1.  With a finish like Winx, Colin’s Team has pushed Dessies’ team out of 4th position by half a point.  Trev and Colin won 4 sets and Stu and Peter won 3.  Unfortunately  Dessie, Erhard, Tony and “Flukett” Ray were all unavailable so Ian Bate played with Turbo Tommy to take 1 set. Colin’s team goes on to race for bigger stakes and Dessies’ team are off to the spelling paddock.  Colin’s Team is in the straight nearing the finishing line with victory in sight.  Both teams have done well this year and should be proud of their efforts.

Team 8 Lost 2-6.  Ron and son David continued their good form to win 2 sets against a team of young guys just out of school. Ian will return next week in good form to hopefully lead this team to the finals.

Denis Crowley.

Final Results 14 Aug-19
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 5-3 2
Manly 2 1.1 Lost 3-5 8
Men’s Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 7-1 1
Manly 2 1.3 Draw 4-3 4
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-5 8
Manly 4 2.2 Lost 3-5 3
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 1-7 5
Manly 6 2.5 Won 7-1 4
Manly 7 2.5 Lost 1-7 5
Manly 8 3.1 Lost 2-6 3

Thanks very much to our VP, Ron Jeffs for compiling our Badge results during the season!

Badge Finals Week

Two Teams make it to the Dance!

Six teams played semi-finals last weekend and now we have two teams playing finals next Saturday.

Our Mens 1 team continued their good form all year to win easily and now play a home final. Our Mens Team 6 continued their late season form to win in a nail biter at Strathfield and now play away next saturday at Hunters Hill.

Peter Roberts drove our 12 seater coach to Strathfield with players and supporters including Narelle as navigator.Everyone was in good spirits on arrival and while Stu Charlton bandaged himself up Ray and Swanee hit the bar.

Most of the action was in our Team 6 match as all the sets were very close. Nonplaying member Carl played every point from the sideline and is to be congratulated for turning up to support his team as no other nonplaying members were there to support their team. Swanee nodded off in the sun a few times and spilt his red wine but still managed to watch most of the match.

We managed one win from three at Strathfield and went very close with Team 4 so overall one out of three ain’t bad.


Ladies Team1 Lost 5-0. A disappointing  loss to end a great season. The opposition had their strongest team on the court and were too good on the day.

Mens Team1 Won 5- 0. Sean and Sam and Harry and Andrew continued their hot form to win easily. A win next Saturday  will top off a great season.

Mens Team 2 Lost 5-1. Playing at Castle Hill proved to be a tough assignment. Craig and Mike winning one set. Overall the guys can be proud of their efforts this season.

Mens Team 4 Lost 4-4 on games! Paul and Sean played great attacking tennis to win 4 sets. The opposition were very crafty and difficult to play on their home courts. Unfortunately Paul Rathbone and Jono struggled on the slow courts so we lost in a close result. Paul Davies is moving to The Gold Coast in a few weeks so thanks for all your contributions to the Club over the years. Everyone wishes you and your family all the best in your new life.

Mens Team 6 Won 4- 4 on games. This match lasted 3.5 hours and went down to the last game. Peter and Stu won 6-4 to put the team into next weeks final. They won 3 sets and Colin and Trev won 1 set 6-2 and lost three close sets. The finishing line is in sight now for this Team of late season bloopers.

Mens Team 8 Lost 5-1. Ron and David won 1 set but overall the slow courts and the younger players proved too big a hurdle.A great season comes to an end.

Next weekend is the end of Badge so get out and support our two teams in the finals.

The Club wishes Paul Wigney a speedy recovery from his operation. We need Paul back to play another season in badge next year.

Denis Crowley.

Final Badge Results

MANLY is a Winner!

The finals of Badge were played last Saturday and our Men’s 1 Team were successful  and our Men’s 6 Team were defeated in a close result.


Men’s 1 Won 6-0:  The guys completed a great season by completing  a whitewash of the opposition in the final.  All the team members can be proud of their season.  On Saturday, Sean and Sam teamed up again and Andrew and Harry completed their great season with a 90% strike rate as a pair. Jono and Todd lead a big crowd was there to cheer on Manly and celebrations carried on later at the bar.  Big thank you to Gary Blackman for the pic of Manly 1.

Manly 1 Team

Men’s 6 Lost 5-3:  Colin and Trev played well to win 3 sets against a strong Hunters Hill team on their grass courts. Peter  and Stu lost a first set tiebreaker but were unsuccessful  in their other sets.  A lot of supporters attended to watch the match and are to be commended for their efforts in making the trip to cheer on our team.  After a slow start to the season this team has to be congratulated  on their effort to lose in a tight final.Well done guys. Big thank you to Julia Gunn for the pic of Manly 6 – pls note other team members not shown!

Manly 6 Team

Our club member of the week award goes to John Swanson: talk about dedication, taking 2 ferries and a bus to get to Hunters Hill to watch the final!

The Club Championships  are on next month so get your entries in early.  There are plenty of social courts available  so plenty of time to practice  for the Club Championships.

Denis  Crowley.
Acting Club Captain


Badge Entries Close Saturday February 3

ALL members who wish to be considered for Badge play MUST be full financial members and complete/submit their own nomination.

Click here to submit an online nomination.

Badge Starts Sat 28 April Ends 01 Sept

Autumn/Winter Badge

  • Thursday ladies, Saturday ladies and Saturday men’s competitions will commence and finish at the same time (14 weeks), doubles only and 4 player teams.
  • Introduction of a mixed competition (2 males/2 females) – doubles only format.
  • Matches played home and away
  • Prize money – $600 per division – winner only

Click here for a detailed fact sheet:  2018-STL-Sydney-Badge-Flyer-v3

Badge Selections

After this weekend Scott Blackburn and myself will have the task of selecting the Badge Teams.
We will be speaking to last years’ Captains and getting advice and feedback. It is very difficult as most players think they should play a higher grade and have various reasons why.

The bottom line is we only won Division 1 Mens last year so they all have a case to play higher but not many others have genuine reasons.

We will have two less Mens Teams this year and hopefully a third Ladies Team.  Johanna and Michelle are keen to play every weekend so we need a few more ladies who entered as reserves to confirm to play each week or fortnight and then we can enter a third team.

Please ring me on 0407021624 if you can commit please.
Denis Crowley
Club Captain.

Badge Teams 2018

Badge Teams 2018 with suggested gradings.

Ladies 1  1.1                           Ladies 2  1.1                 Ladies3   1.4
Y. Davis (captain)                 D.Govers (captain)          M. Stevens(captain)
J.Lofthus                                 K.Bruce                              J .Isherwood
J.Gunn                                     K Curtis                             J. Bailes
J.Hawkins                               V Longfellow                    E. Patterson
L.Townsend                            C Pena y Lillo                   L.Meakins
A.Dudley                                  E. Peake                            K.Stevens(res)
S. Sullivan                                S Bunting (res)                S.Franks(res)
M.Quigley(res)  ………………………………………………..   P Muir(res)

Mens 1 1.1                             Mens 2 1.3                            Mens 3  2.2
S.White (captain)                      M. Da Rocha (captain)         J Allara (captain)
H.Faeste                                     J. Corney                               S. Jobe
T.Maloney                                  C.Stevens                              T.Coleman
J.Walker                                     M. O’Connor                         P. Rathborne
A. Rimington                              H. Grabner                            S.Anderson
P. Thorne                                     C. Withell(res)                     M.Sladen
S. Withell(res)                             R. Muir(res)                         R.Gallardo Jr
…………………………………………..R. Gallardo(res)

Mens 4 2.3                                  Mens 5  2.4                           Mens 6 2.5
D.Crowley (captain)                   C.Brazendale (captain)          R.Dummett (captain)
G.Burman                                     T.Easterbrook                         I.Bate
C.Diaz                                            P.Roberts                                 T.Tyrell
T.Donald                                        S. Charlton                              M. Flogel
R.Duffin                                         A. Hamilton                            D.Bowman
H.Stegmann                                 H Cullwick                                P. Quigley
……………………………………………J. Hancock

Mens 7 3.1
G.Paul (captain)

We had a lot of late entries for Badge so we now have ten teams.

Scott and I have tried to keep everyone happy with our selections by keeping combinations similar to last year except where teams had vacancies. We have a few new members playing this year so we have done the best we can in placing them in teams.

Please ring me on 0407021624 if you want to discuss anything, I am only too happy to talk about any selections.

Starting March 8 from 6pm to 8pm I am encouraging players to come along on Thursday evenings to have training drills and set play to practice for Badge.I will be there to organise.

Let’s make this a successful  season for Badge.

Cub Captain