BADGE – Postponed until 30th April at earliest

Further to our communication of last week, I wish to provide you with an update regarding the 2020 Sydney Badge Competition.

As communicated previously, all Sydney Badge Competition matches have been postponed based on the best interests of both the public health system and in the interest of player safety & wellbeing in relation to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation; this is in line with Federal government recommendations that sporting teams/codes maintain local competitions only, with no inter-district, or inter-club travel. Please see the full statement here

All Sydney Badge Competitions will remain postponed until Thursday, 30th April (both Thursday and Saturday Competitions) Closer to the proposed resume date, we will review and consider current health advice and government guideline/recommendations before confirming the Sydney Badge competition resumption.

The competitions team still have every hope in completing the full badge season at some stage this year and will provide further updates on the season and match rounds as we approach the date in Aprile. Please be advised that the payment of invoices will not be enforced until such time when there is a clearer understanding of when the competition may proceed.

As I hope you have seen, there are an array of community and social tennis opportunities amongst you and your peers. We entrust you to ensure appropriate protective measures are observed; such as regular hand hygiene practices before, minimise gatherings before and after the match, do not share drink bottles, consider marking tennis balls to help identify whose is whose and also avoid touching your face.

Thank you again for your cooperation and understanding in these most challenging of times.

Many thanks and stay safe,
Tennis NSW Competitions Team

COVID Badge Cancellation Followup

Hello Badge Delegates,

Whilst I am sure most of you have received the relevant announcement regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). I am happy to provide some further clarification.

The relevant policy statement sent from Tennis NSW & Tennis Australia is attached below. This information was sent to all Sydney Badge Team Captains, Club Delegates and Players with Match Centre accounts. We hope that you can assist us to make sure that the message has been received by all Badge Players and Clubs.

What this means:

1.       The Sydney Badge Competition has been postponed until further notice. The TNSW competitions team will look into options relating to the competition over the next week and provide further details to the Badge Delegates.

2.       This statement applies only to Tennis NSW and Tennis Australia events, and does not apply to club level competitions. We suggest you make contact with your club should you be involved in other local or club based competitions.

3.        Should you have any further questions, please submit to Denis to followup with Sydney Badge.  Please note that the Competitions team will do our best to respond to all queries, however this may take some time to work through over the next few days. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining the lines of communication from your players through the delegate to TNSW as this assists us in providing better quality assistance to our playing group.

We appreciate your understanding in this unpredictable time, and always thank-you for your support of the Sydney Badge Competition.

Kind Regards
TNSW Competitions Team.

Badge Cancelled Until Further Notice.

Badge Captains and Delegates,

We wish to advise, after careful consideration and taking all relevant advice, Tennis Australia and all Member Associations have taken the decision to cancel all sanctioned and organised events with immediate effect. This was a difficult decision but taken in the best interests of the public health system in the short and medium term.

In order to minimise contact, we ask that you do not make your way to your scheduled venue until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,
Lawrence Robertson
CEO-Tennis NSW

Sydney Badge Guide & Rules

Sydney Badge, the oldest tennis competition in the Sydney Metro area has multiple grades on offer. The competition caters to 1200 + players of all ages, levels and abilities.

Games are played home and away at Tennis NSW Member Clubs and Facilities across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area.


Thursday Factsheet

Saturday Factsheet

To view the Sydney Badge Competition Rules click here. 

Competition How-To’s:

Competition management: 

Click here for Badge Rules

Badge Begins this Saturday Mar 14

Badge Begins this Saturday so good luck to all teams.

We have  strong Division 1 Ladies and Division 1 Mens’ Teams this year with 3  Mens’ Teams in Division 4. All these Teams are capable of making the finals.

Our Ladies Team 2 and our Mens’ Teams 5 6 7 and 8 are all in lower divisions this year which increases their chances of performing well .

Our Thursday Ladies Team play their first home match this week at 10am against  Cooper Park after a wash out last week.  Feel free to come down and cheer them on as it has been over 10 years since Manly entered a Thursday Ladies Team. 

PLEASE NOTE: All captains MUST read and download the badge rules so they are familiar with them. Too many players quote old rules which can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings .  You must be up to date on the rules pls!
FINALS QUALIFICATION: Playing only 3 matches qualifies any player for the finals now.

RESERVES: Any player (must be club member) can reserve in another team as long as their rating is equal or lower than the player being replaced. A player can only play reserve 2 times for a a team since playing 3 times automatically makes the reserve a permanent member of that team.

FINISH TIME: Play can continue after the scheduled finish time if both captains agree at the start of play.

PLAYING TIMES: Noon to 245pm  and 250pm to 535pm.  Grass starts 30 minutes earlier.

MATCH RESULTS:To enter results captains must go to your dashboard, press edit and then enter results.  Winners enter results losers confirm results.


Home Matches on Saturday 


Manly Mens 5 v Strathfield 5 
Manly Mens 8 v Royal Sydney 8


Manly Mens 1 vSydney Uni
Manly Mens 4 v Neutral Bay 4
Manly Ladies 2 v Royal Sydney 3


REMINDER:  If you wish to book a court during Sunday club hours on Sunday,the maximum time is 1hour for singles and 1.5 hours for doubles. If nobody else wants the court then you can play longer. Please be flexible if several groups want to play at the same time and share courts. Nonmembers pay $20 placed in an envelope and left under the office door.

Denis Crowley
Club Captain

MLTC Newsletter: Badge Update

Badge News

Ladies Thursday Badge begins this week. Our Ladies team has an away match at Royal Sydney. Good luck to our Thursday Ladies.
While the Saturday Badge draws have been posted, they should be finalised this week.  PLEASE remember to check  the venue and time for your match each week as it can change sometimes.  Click here for links to Badge Draws.
The Top 4 Mens teams and the Ladies teams are playing late matches each Saturday at home during Badge. The 4 other Mens teams will play the earlier matches each Saturday.
This is the last weekend before Saturday Badge begins.  If you want to book a court for your team to practice after 4pm, there are three courts still available. Contact me.
Milton is organising a barbecue this Saturday, March 7. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the Senior Club Championships at the barbecue.
A reminder if anyone has any Badge enquiries, please email myself or Virginia as Sydney Badge request all enquiries to come from our Badge Delegates. Thank you.
Denis Crowley
Club Captain

Preliminary Badge Draws 2020

The preliminary draws for all Mens and Ladies Badge competitions have been published by TNSW.

Please note that the draws are still subject to change throughout the week.  Team captains should check for any changes prior to ANY match.

Navigating the TNSW web site is frustrating at best….definitely not user friendly….  To ease the pain, Rob has provided the direct links for our Manly teams.

Click here for draws.

2020 Sydney Badge – Final Gradings Released

Hello Badge Delegates,

Thank-you for your assistance throughout the preliminary grading and appeals process. The NSW Badge Committee appreciate your assistance in managing the team communications and entries during this busy time.

The NSW Badge Committee have now finalised all appeals and have attached the final grading for the Sydney Badge Competition in 2020. Please note, no further appeals or grading requests will be considered.

Please keep a look out for our following emails relating to the Draw. We look forward to another great competition in 2020 and wish all teams the very best for the season.

Kind Regards

TNSW Competitions Team

Click links below for final team gradings.

Saturday Ladies Grading

Saturday Mens Grading

Thursday Ladies Grading

2020 Badge: Ladies Thursday Badge – Final Gradings

Team Gradings

2020 Badge: Mens Saturday Badge – Final Gradings

Team Gradings