MLTC Newsletter – 22 May 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 22 May 2024

Bathroom Renovations

After a short wait the bathrooms are looking great and ready for use. We are just waiting for a few things like the toilet paper dispensers that will be arriving this week. We appreciate the efforts of Quinton and Des who oversaw the project at all stages on behalf of the members .


No visitors on Tuesday for singles.  6 visits per person for guests. The same member cannot bring a single guest more than 6 times to play.

Badge Results

Round 4 of Sydney Badge was again interrupted by rain with only some of our teams finishing their matches. Our Men’s Team 5 has had three complete washouts.

Round 4 Results
Men’s 1 Division 1 played a 3-3 draw at home with The Hills. Now in 3rd position
New players Andre and Lachlan combined well to win their 3 sets and are welcome to play anytime.Thanks guys!
Men’s Division 2 Manly 2 drew 2-4 with Zone Tennis Now in 8th position
Sam/Bede combined well to win 2 sets.

Men’s Division 4 Manly 3 drew 4-0 down v Kooroora Now in 4th position
Dan/Howard and Sean/Vincent lost 4 close sets but we’re leading in their third sets when rain interrupted again.

Men’s Division 6 Manly 4 Washout In third position
Men’s Division 7 Manly 5 Washout In 7th position

Men’s Division 9 Manly 6 Lost 4-4 on games v Kooroora Now in 3rd position
Andrew/Richard Goulding 3 sets Chris/Graham 1 set
Division 11 Manly 7 played a 4-4 tie with Neutral Bay Now in 6th position
Tony/Dave and Brett/Tim both won 2 sets.
Division 12 Lost 4-4 on games v Neutral Bay 1st position
Ray/Glen Isaac/Bilal both won 2 sets.
Despite the close loss the guys still remain 1st on the ladder.
Well done team. Keep it going.
Our Men’s 1 Team play at home again next Saturday so come along to watch some great tennis.

Ladies Badge Results

What a wild and wintry Saturday for Badge. 

We had a few teams washed out on grass, and a broken matches across the board as rain came and went.
Fantastic tennis on court on Saturday afternoon – great to see Andre Felip and Lachie Macfazdean making their Manly debut.
Saturday Women’s Results
Div 1 Manly Women’s
A great result in a tight match against Collaroy winning 4-3.
Lisa and Caroline winning 2 sets and Lisa and Marina winning 2 sets.
Currently 5th on the ladder..
Div 2 manly Women’s 2
Another close match against Tennis Valley with Manly losing 4-2
Emily and Carolina winning 1 set, and Krista and Virginia winning 2 set.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div 3 Manly 3 Women’s 
Great result again Chatswood 1 winning 6-1 with one set unfinished ..
Christine and Cara 3 sets and Tuila and Larissa 3 sets.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div  4 Manly Women’s 4
Washed out against Sydney University
2nd on the ladder.
Manly Women’s 5 
Rained off after 3sets – with Suellen and Rose losing 2 sets and Kate and Jada narrowly losing in a tiebreaker.
Manly 4 ladies currently 2nd in the ladder and Manly Ladies 5 / 3rd in the ladder.
Thursday badge results 
Div 1 Manly 1
A strong 7-1 win against Zone tennis with Julie Preece and Catherine Williams winning all 4 sets and Cara Botha and Sarah Woodward winning 3.
Currently 1st on the ladder.
Div 2 Manly Ladies 
Narrowly losing against Royal Sydney in a 4/4 draw.
Narelle and Jane winning 3 sets and Barbara and Lisa winning 2 set.
Currently 5th on the ladder.
Looking forward to another great week of tennis!
Thanks to Denis and Christine for their reports.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary