MLTC Newsletter – 9 July 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 9 July 2024

Working Bee – Saturday 20th July 1pm

The outside BBQ area is due for a tidy up. Please come and help with a clean up. Then play some tennis, we will be putting on a BBQ.

Saturday Social

When Badge is on a break during July school hols, all 6 courts are social from 1-4pm Sat, players may not arrange their own groups during this time. Players can organise their own sets if courts allow between 11.30am-1pm and after 4pm. Anyone arranging their own sets during these times are still encouraged to join social for at least one set.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 2 July 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 2 July 2024

Badge Reports

Finally a dry Saturday presented our teams an opportunity to play some entertaining tennis and many teams provided that.Most of our Men’s Teams are in the top 4 or very close.
Round 9 Badge Results Manly Men’s 1  Won 6-2 away at Hills District
Our young pair of Andre and Lachlan kept up their good form to win 4 sets against the 2nd team. Cam and Andrew won 2 sets to send Manly to top of the table.
Men’s 2 Division 2  Won 6-2 away at Zone Tennis
The old and young combined for the first time to win all 4 sets. Todd and Bede did a splendid job to set up the win. The two Steve’s won 2 sets. Now in 5th position
Men’s 3 Division 4  Lost 3-5 at home to Kooroora
Mike/Vincent 2 sets Howard/Jon 1 set In 3rd position
Men’s 4 Division 6 Won 5-3/at home v Wests
Shishir/Gavin kept up their great form winning 3 sets and losing a tiebreaker
Geoff/Tim won 2 sets to take the team back to 1st position
Men’s 5 Division 7 Lost 3-5 at home at Keirle Park to Sydney Uni
James/Pete won 2 sets Hugo/Sam 1 set  Now in 7th position
Men’s 6 Division 9 Lost 6-2/away to Kooroora
Graham/Denis 1 set Chris/Richard G 1 set  Now in 5th position
Men’s 7 Division 11 Won 4-4 on games v Neutral Bay away
Tim/Paul 2 sets Daniel/Barnaby 2 sets Now up to 4th position
Men’s 8 Division 12 Won 4-4 on games v Neutral Bay at home
Isaac/Glen won 3 sets Ray D /Bilal 1 set. Still in 1st position.

A good week for Manly Men’s Teams sees 3 Teams now in First Position.
There is no Badge now until July 27 because of School Holidays.
Plenty of time to practice up and also cheer on The Blues in State of Origin and The blue and white bulldogs in the NRL.
Denis Crowley

The weather prevailed this week to provide a great Saturday of tennis, with all teams playing.
We now have 5 of our 7 ladies teams in the top 4 on the ladder, Congrats to all players.
With a month long break between badge matches, keep up the team practices.

Saturday Badge
Women’s Division 1
Manly Ladies 1 had a great victory 6 – 2 against Collaroy 1, the reigning 2023 champions.
Mother and daughter Marina and Ruby Quigley paired together to win all 4 sets, other than one tie break, a convincing win.
Manly Ladies 1, 6th on the ladder.
Women’s Division 2
Manly Ladies 2 losing against Tennis Valley 1 4-3, although ahead by 1 game.
Kirsten and Sarah winning two sets, and Emily and Carolina winning 1, and 4-2 up in the last rubber. With two tiebreaks going against both teams.
Manly Ladies 2,  4th on the ladder.
Women’s Division 3 
Manly Ladies 3 facing a tough match against Chatswood 1 losing 5 -3.
Tuila and Larissa winning 2 sets, and Cara and Penny winning 1 set.
Manly Ladies 3,  2nd on the ladder.
Women’s Division 4
Manly Ladies 4 winning 4 -3 against Sydney University Ladies 3.
Noriko and Kate winning 3 sets and Ruth and Eri Fawcett (reserve) winning 1.
Manly Ladies 4, 2nd on the ladder.
Manly Ladies 5 playing a very tough match against Tennis Valley 2, losing 7 -1.
Jada and Carmela Losing all 4 sets, and Suellen and Rose winning 1 set.
Thursday Badge
Division 1
Manly ladies 1 losing by one game in a 4 set all match against Longueville 1.
Cara and Sarah Woodward winning 3 sets, and Catherine and Julie Preece winning 1.
Manly Ladies 1, 1st on the ladder.
Division 2
Manly Ladies 2 with a nice win 5 – 3 against Hunters Hill Tennis Club.
Narelle and Lindy winning 2 sets, and Jane and Melinda winning 3.
Manly Ladies 2, 2nd on the ladder.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 27 June 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 27 June 2024

Luke, Rafa and their team are working hard to keep the clubhouse and new bathrooms clean every day. One small thing that helps is if you can clean your shoes / stamp your feet to remove the sand from the courts before you enter the clubhouse. This especially helps during winter when it’s more dewy so sand sticks to the soles of your shoes.
Luke and Rafa and their team are educating juniors and parents to walk behind the grandstand on Thursday when members are playing on courts 1 & 2. To ensure juniors stay out of the bar area some tape has been put up so please don’t move it. But do stay for a drink after your tennis.
Good luck to our teams this week fingers crossed for sunshine!

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 19 June 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 19 June 2024

Hi Pamela,

Badge Report

Round 7 of Badge was again affected by rain and only 3 Men’s Teams played.
Manly 5 lost 8-0 to Killara away  The loss of 4 tiebreakers was crucial.
This team is now 7th
Manly 6 Lost 6-0 at home v Kooroora
Losing 3 tiebreakers was crucial again. Still in 3rd position
Manly 7 Won 6-0 in the rain at home v Royal Sydney
Barnaby and Daniel won 3 sets with one unfinished as did Andy and partner
The team is now 6th.
The PM had good news and bad news in his Badge Match for Marrickville at Killara. He finally won a set to take his season score to 1 from 12. The bad news is his team still lost 7-1 and is a long last!
The other good news is his NRL team The Rabbitohs are starting to win but it is too late as The Grand Final will be Bulldogs v Manly or Penrith.
Hopefully The Blues can win a game next week.

The Manly Men’s 1 and Ladies 1 both play at home next Saturday.
See you there.
Denis Crowley

We have now completed the first round of Badge for both the Thursday and Saturday Leagues.

It is no secret that the first round has been hampered by significant rain – however, there are brilliant results overall with 12 out of the 14 teams in the top 4 ladder positions, with 6 teams in the 1st or second position.
Congratulations to all players and captains for the strong results when we have actually managed to play.
Mixed results this weekend, with most 12.00 matches getting on court with a few rain interruptions.
Women’s Thursday Badge 
Div 1 
Manly Ladies Thursday 1 vs Zone Ladies
Win 5 / 3
Sarah Bunting and Krista Oates winning 4 sets
Julie Preece and Cara Botha winning 1 set
Currently 1st on the ladder 
Div 2
Manly Ladies 2 vs Royal Sydney
Loss on the grass 2 / 6
Erryn and Melinda losing all sets
Narelle Kinsey and Jane Bailes ……winning 2 sets
Currently 3rd on the ladder
Womens Saturday Badge 
Div 1 
Manly Ladies 1
Not played
Currently 7th on the ladder
Div 2
Manly Ladies 2
Not played
Currently 4th on the ladder
Div 3 
Manly Ladies 3 vs Western Suburbs Lawn Tennis
Win 7 – 0 (4 sets forfeited)
Larissa Scott and Shelley Parsons 2 sets
Cara Both and Christine Thompson 1 set
Currently 4th on the ladder
Div 4 
Manly Ladies 4 vs Tennis Valley 2
Win 5 – 1
Fiona Bevan and Noriko Goto 2 sets
Ruth Jarvis and Narelle 3 sets.
Welcome back after illness Fiona!
Currently 2nd on the ladder
Manly Ladies 5 not played
Currently 4th on the ladder. 
Club Captain – Christine

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 30 May 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 30 May 2024

BBQ Sat 8th June

Wet weather postponed our last BBQ so come down on Saturday 8th June, King’s Birthday long weekend for some social and a BBQ.

Badge Results

It was a great Saturday with all our Men’s Badge Teams winning except one.
Our Men’s 1 Team had a 8-0 win to be a close 2nd now on the table.

Round 5 Men’s Badge Results
Division 1 Won 8-0 at home v Zone Tennis. Now 2nd
Andre/Lachlan played again and won 4 sets to keep up their perfect record.
Andrew/Sean won 4 sets also to complete a big win.
Division 2 Won 5-3 away at Voyager Now 5th
Todd/Sam won all 4 sets to set up the win.
Jono/Bede won 1 set to complete the win
Division 4 Won 5-3 at home v Kooroora Now in 3rd position
Fernando/Jon won 3 sets Sean/Mike 2 sets
Division 6 Won 5-2 at home v Hunters Hill Now 2nd
Shishir/Gavin won 3 sets and were well ahead in the 4th set when time was up.
Geoff/Tim won 2 sets.
Division 7 Won 4-3 v Strathfield Now 6th
James/Peter won 2 sets with one unfinished
Mike/Tom won 2 sets on forfeit
Division 9 Won 6-1 at home v Strathfield  Now 2nd
Denis/Graham won 4 sets The two Richards won 2 sets with one unfinished
Division 11 Lost away at Collaroy 4 sets all
The team is now 7th.
Division 12 Won 6-2 at home v Strathfield Now 1st on table
Glen/Bilal won 4 sets Isaac/Mark 2 sets.

Next Saturday our Men’s 2 will play the late match at home.

Finally, after a few weeks, the weather allowed all teams to play last weekend and on Thursday.
It’s great to see so many teams at the top of their respective ladders.
Another great week of women’s badge tennis, with strong wins across most teams for both Thursday and Saturday competition.
Thursday Div 1 
Manly ladies 1, another strong win 6/2 against Longueville.
Cara and Krista winning 3 sets and Julie and Sarah winning 3 sets.
Currently coming 1st on the ladder.
Thursday Div 2
Manly ladies 2 – strong win 7-1 against Hunters Hill.
Lisa and Lindy winning all 4 sets, and Narelle and Jane winning 3 sets.
Currently 1st on the ladder.
Saturday Women’s Badge
Div 1 
Manly women’s 1 losing 6/2 against Roseville,
Janelle and Carli winning one set and Marina and Carolina winning one set.
Currently 6th on the ladder.
Div 2
Manly women’s 2
Losing 5/3 against NWST Ladies with Sarah and Krista winning 3 sets and Kirsten and Shelley winning 1 set.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div 3
Manly ladies 3 a strong win against Chatswood 2 winning 6/2
Larissa and Cara winning 3 sets and Penny and Christine winning 3 sets.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div 4 
Manly women’s 4 having a strong win against Chatswood 4, 6/1
Kate and Rosi winning 2 sets with one unfinished, and Narelle and Ruth winning 4 sets.
Currently 2nd on the ladder.
Manly ladies 5 had a bye this week and are currently sitting 3rd on the ladder.
Looking forward to another great week of tennis.

Best wishes,
MLTC Secretary

Upcoming NSW Seniors Tournaments

Upcoming NSW Seniors Tournaments

Lake Macquarie NRT 7

15-16 June

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Cowra Social R/Robin

29-30 June

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Tweed Heads ITF MT200

21-24 June

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Pennant Hills NRT 7

5-7 July

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Forster Seniors NRT 5

2-5 August

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MLTC Newsletter – 22 May 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 22 May 2024

Bathroom Renovations

After a short wait the bathrooms are looking great and ready for use. We are just waiting for a few things like the toilet paper dispensers that will be arriving this week. We appreciate the efforts of Quinton and Des who oversaw the project at all stages on behalf of the members .


No visitors on Tuesday for singles.  6 visits per person for guests. The same member cannot bring a single guest more than 6 times to play.

Badge Results

Round 4 of Sydney Badge was again interrupted by rain with only some of our teams finishing their matches. Our Men’s Team 5 has had three complete washouts.

Round 4 Results
Men’s 1 Division 1 played a 3-3 draw at home with The Hills. Now in 3rd position
New players Andre and Lachlan combined well to win their 3 sets and are welcome to play anytime.Thanks guys!
Men’s Division 2 Manly 2 drew 2-4 with Zone Tennis Now in 8th position
Sam/Bede combined well to win 2 sets.

Men’s Division 4 Manly 3 drew 4-0 down v Kooroora Now in 4th position
Dan/Howard and Sean/Vincent lost 4 close sets but we’re leading in their third sets when rain interrupted again.

Men’s Division 6 Manly 4 Washout In third position
Men’s Division 7 Manly 5 Washout In 7th position

Men’s Division 9 Manly 6 Lost 4-4 on games v Kooroora Now in 3rd position
Andrew/Richard Goulding 3 sets Chris/Graham 1 set
Division 11 Manly 7 played a 4-4 tie with Neutral Bay Now in 6th position
Tony/Dave and Brett/Tim both won 2 sets.
Division 12 Lost 4-4 on games v Neutral Bay 1st position
Ray/Glen Isaac/Bilal both won 2 sets.
Despite the close loss the guys still remain 1st on the ladder.
Well done team. Keep it going.
Our Men’s 1 Team play at home again next Saturday so come along to watch some great tennis.

Ladies Badge Results

What a wild and wintry Saturday for Badge. 

We had a few teams washed out on grass, and a broken matches across the board as rain came and went.
Fantastic tennis on court on Saturday afternoon – great to see Andre Felip and Lachie Macfazdean making their Manly debut.
Saturday Women’s Results
Div 1 Manly Women’s
A great result in a tight match against Collaroy winning 4-3.
Lisa and Caroline winning 2 sets and Lisa and Marina winning 2 sets.
Currently 5th on the ladder..
Div 2 manly Women’s 2
Another close match against Tennis Valley with Manly losing 4-2
Emily and Carolina winning 1 set, and Krista and Virginia winning 2 set.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div 3 Manly 3 Women’s 
Great result again Chatswood 1 winning 6-1 with one set unfinished ..
Christine and Cara 3 sets and Tuila and Larissa 3 sets.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div  4 Manly Women’s 4
Washed out against Sydney University
2nd on the ladder.
Manly Women’s 5 
Rained off after 3sets – with Suellen and Rose losing 2 sets and Kate and Jada narrowly losing in a tiebreaker.
Manly 4 ladies currently 2nd in the ladder and Manly Ladies 5 / 3rd in the ladder.
Thursday badge results 
Div 1 Manly 1
A strong 7-1 win against Zone tennis with Julie Preece and Catherine Williams winning all 4 sets and Cara Botha and Sarah Woodward winning 3.
Currently 1st on the ladder.
Div 2 Manly Ladies 
Narrowly losing against Royal Sydney in a 4/4 draw.
Narelle and Jane winning 3 sets and Barbara and Lisa winning 2 set.
Currently 5th on the ladder.
Looking forward to another great week of tennis!
Thanks to Denis and Christine for their reports.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 6 May 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 6 May 2024


Round 2 of Sydney Badge was interrupted by rain but most of our teams played.
Manly Men’s 1 Div.1 Won 4-4 on games v Camden away.
Sven/Justin and Andrew/Oliver both won 2 sets to win by 1 game and are now 2nd on the table.
Manly Men’s 2 Div 2 Lost 5-3 to Roseville
Wilko/Jono 2 sets Bede/Harry 1 set. Now in 8th position.
Manly Men’s 3 Div 4 Washout 1st on ladder.
Manly Men’s 4 Division 6 Won 4-4 on games v Killara away
Shishir/Tim 3 sets Geoff/Stephan 1 set. Now in 2nd position
Manly Men’s 5 Div 7 Washout Now 7th on ladder
Manly Men’s 6 Division 9 Won 5-3 away at Tennis Valley
Chris/Denis 3 sets Graham/Richard B two sets. Now in 2nd position
Manly Men’s 7 Division 11 Lost 6-2 to Marrickville
Brett/Barnaby 1 set. Dave/Tony 1 set. Marrickville had one very strong pair for Div11
Now in 7th position
Manly Men’s 8 Division 12 Won 8-0 v Sydney University on forfeit
Now in 1st position
In PM news. Mr Albanese lost all his 4 sets and his team sits on the bottom of the table as do The Rabbitohs. Maybe Wayne Bennett can coach tennis also!

Round 2 Ladies Results

With Wet weather breaking on Saturday all our women’s teams managed their matches on Saturday.

Ladies 1 / Div 1
Another tough and tight match for the ladies losing 3- 5 away against SOPTC ladies 1.
Our young girls Arabella and Ruby winning two sets and Nicola and Lisa winning 1 – losing a tight tie breaker in another.
Currently 6th on the ladder, having faced 2 tough teams in the first 2 rounds.

Ladies 2/ Div 2
Another fantastic match to the team winning 6-2 in a home game against Sydney Uni ladies 2.
Both pairs of Krista and Kirsten and Emily and Carolina winning 3 sets each on the day.
Currently 1st in the ladder. Looking forward to another great season ahead girls.

Ladies 3 / Div 3
Faced Koorora the strongest team in the division in an away match this weekend / who proved too good on the day losing 8/0.
Currently 5th on the ladder as other teams didn’t play last weekend.

Ladies 4&5 Div 4
A tough match either both our Manly  teams who faced each other in the second round.
Manly 4 ladies winning 6-1 with Kate and Ruth winning all 4 sets and Rachel and Susie winning 2.
Jada and Rose teamed up together to win one set in tbe match. Congratulations to our youngest players.
Manly 4 now coming second and Manly 5 coming 3rd.

Wet weather is predicted  for the upcoming week – all teams are keen to play so hopefully we see a break in the weather Thursday and Saturday.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – Round 1 Badge Results 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – Round 1 Badge Results 2024

MTC Contact

Members please note there is only one phone number to contact the Manly Tennis Centre if you wish to ring them to make court bookings it is 9977 6023.

The second phone number has been disconnected it was 9977 3159 please update your contact.

New Bar Person

Please welcome Sarah our new young bar assistant, she started last week and will be serving drinks to all over the Badge season.


Men’s Div 1  Manly 1 def Tennis World 5-3
The team got off to a winning start. Sean/Andrew won 3 sets and Sven/Justin 2 sets.
Men’s Div 2  Manly 2 lost to Neutral Bay 1 7-1
The 2 Steve’s won 1 set . Jono / Todd no sets.
Neutral Bay is a former Div 1 team and is very strong.
Men’s Div 4 Manly 3 def Neutral Bay 7-1
Dan Baxter made a great start to his Badge career at Manly by teaming up
with Jon Corney to win 4 sets easily.Mike /Fernando won 3 sets to complete an easy win.
Men’s Div 6 Manly 4 def Mosman 5-2
Shishir/Gavin won 3 sets and were leading 5-0 in the 4th set when time ran out.
Stefan/Geoff won 2 sets.
Men’s Div 7 Manly 5 lost away to Royal Sydney 8-0
Tom Hugo Peter and James were outplayed by the lawn tennis specialists.
Men’s Div9 Manly 6 def Killara 8-0
Graham/Denis and Richard Goulding/Andrew Longfellow both won 4 sets in an easy win.
Men’s Division 11  Manly 7 lost away to Sydney Uni 5-3
Barnaby/Dave won 3 sets Warwick/Tony lost 2 tiebreakers in a very close result.
Men’s Division 12. Manly 8 def Marrickville away 5-2
Ray Dummett/ Glen won 3 sets Peter Butcher/Ray Dalgairns won 2 sets
A good win away at Marrickville and afterwards the guys were able to console Albo who lost his 4 sets on an adjoining court. His Rabbitohs Team lost also.
Next Saturday our Women’s 2 and Men’s 2 Teams both play home matches.


Overall a fantastic start to the season.
Congratulations to all teams playing last weekend, with 8 out of 12 teams playing having convincing wins.
Div 1 Manly Ladies 1
Played a tough first round match defeated 6-2 by Strathfield Sports Club.
Bryanne and Nicola winning 2 sets and Carli and Ruby narrowly losing in two tiebreakers.
Div 2 Manly Ladies 2
Had a brilliant match against the Eastern Suburbs 1, Div 2 runners up from last year winning 7-1.
Emily and Carolina winning all 4 sets, and Kirsten and Tuila winning three, narrowly losing one in a tiebreaker.
Div 3 Manly Ladies 3
Also another brilliant result against Eastern Suburbs winning 7-1. Christine and Penny winning 4 sets, and Larissa and Kate winning 3.
Div 4 
Manly Ladies 4, cruised by with a Bye last weekend.
Manly Ladies 5
Another huge result with the team winning 7-1 against Sydney University LTC .
Big Congratulations to our two youngest Badge players Jada and Rose, who teamed with Suellen and Sally in their debut match.
Suellen and Rose winning all 4 sets, and Jada and Sally winning 3.
Thursday Badge kicks off this Thursday so stay tuned in for their results.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – Badge Begins

 Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – Badge Begins

Round 1 of Badge

Sydney Badge begins this Saturday and Manly Lawn has 8 Men’s Teams,
5 Women’s Teams and 2 Thursday Ladies Teams.
This means at least one Manly Team will play at Keirle Park each weekend.
Social Tennis will be from 11.30am to 2.30pm each Saturday on courts 1 and 2 at Manly.
The men’s and ladies toilets will not be completed for another month.
Captains should notify their opponents that there is no showers available in this period.
The Men’s and Women’s Division 1 Teams both play at home at 2.50pm this Saturday
Please stay after social and support our teams.

Best wishes,
MLTC Secretary

Badge Draws 2024

Navigating the TNSW Badge website can be a bit tricky, but don’t worry, we’ve made things a bit simpler for you! Below you’ll find direct link to or Badge Draws 2024 page with the draws and scores for each Badge division.

Just a heads up, you’ll need to log in with your registered email to access the draws.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that TNSW sometimes updates the draws unexpectedly. So, it might be a good idea to keep checking back for any updates or revisions.


Click here for our dedicated Badge Draws page.


Bede Shines at 2024 JT Premier 250 NSW Age

Congrats to Bede on clinching 3rd place in both the Boys 16 singles and doubles at the 2024 JT Premier 250 NSW Age at Sydney Olympic Park this week.

Bede knocked out several top-seeded players on his path to the singles semi-finals. He played to his seeding losing to the No 1 seeds in the doubles semi final. Proud dad, Larry commented that Bede had the best volleys on court in the losing doubles result!.

Way to go, Bede! Keep up the great progress! ????