MLTC Newsletter – 29th June

MLTC Newsletter – 21st June

Club Captain’s Report

Round 7 of Sydney Badge was completed last Saturday and halfway through the season we have 5 teams in the top 4. We have another round this weekend and then two weeks are off for the July School Holidays.

Round 7 Results

Ladies 1 v Roseville 1 at home. Lost 7-1

Ruby Quigley played her first Badge Match and performed well losing 2 tiebreakers with Nicola.

Roseville have a very strong team including The Ladies Seaside Doubles Winners of 8 years !

Claudia/Caroline won a set against the other pair.  In 6th position.

Ladies 2 Lost 6-2 away at Kooroora

Krista/Kristina 2 sets.   In 8th position.

Ladies 3 Drew 3-4 at home v Chatswood

Pam/Melinda 2 sets Noriko/Suellen 1 set with 1 unfinished.  In 2nd position

Thursday Ladies Lost 7-1 away at Royal Sydney

Sally/Suellen 1 set.  In 5th position

Mens 1 Won 4-4 on games v Bisous away

Cam/Ben 3 sets  Todd/Sean 1 set.  In 4th position

Mens 2 Lost 5-3 at home v Northwest Sydney

Wilko/Netto 2 sets Howard/Craig 1 set.  In 8th position

Mens 3 Drew 4-4 at home on games v Neutral Bay 2

Milton/Jon Corney reserved and won 4 sets.  In 4th position

Mens 4 Lost 7-1 away at Cammeray

Bede/Larry 1 set. In 3rd position

Mens 5 Won 4-4 on games v Chatswood away

A good win against the top team.

Hugo/Denis 2 sets  Chris/Richard 2 sets.  In 3rd position

Mens 6 Lost 6-2 away at Mosman

Four reserves played and performed well on the Mosman grass

Brett/Lachlan 2 sets.  Tony Hamilton/Ray Dalgairns  also.  In 5th position.


Mens 1 play home at 250pm v a strong Sydney University Team.


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 7th June

BBQ this SATURDAY from 4pm. No Badge this weekend so come down for some social tennis and then join in our BBQ and have a drink.

Club Captain’s Report

Round 6 of Badge was completed last Saturday with 4 wins for our teams.

Our Mens 4 Team which includes our 13 year old juniors Bede and Matthew remain unbeaten and now sit on top of the ladder in Division 7. We had 4 new members play their first Badge match on the weekend.

Hugo Babakian played in Division 1 Mens whilst James Graham played in Division 9 Mens.

Lachlan Carroll and Nick Brenner played in Division 10 Mens.


Round 6 Results

Mens 1 Lost 8-0 at home to Hills

The Hills brought their A team but most of our players were unavailable.Thanks to Hugo for playing at short notice.

Mens 2 Lost 7-1 to Zone Tennis away

Wilko/Craig 1 set. Milton/Fernando tried hard.

Mens 3 Lost 5-3 away at Neutral Bay

Dan/Vincent won 3 sets.

Mens 4 Won 6-1 away at Kooroora

Larry and Bede Kirwan won 4 sets whilst Shishir/Matthew won 2 sets with 1 unfinished.

A big match next round when they play the second team Cammeray.

Mens 5 Lost 4-3 away at Killara

Denis/Chris 2 sets with 1 unfinished. Hugo/James 1 set.

Mens 6 Won 7-1 v Neutral Bay at home.

Christo/Nick 4 sets Lachlan/Brett 3 sets.

A good win to sit just outside the top 4.

Ladies1 Won 6-2 v Western Suburbs at home

Bryanne/Nicola 4 sets Caroline /Janelle 2 sets

Ladies 2 Lost 5-3 away at Chatswood

Shelley/Kirsten 2 sets Krista/ Virginia 1 set

Ladies 3 Won 6-2 at home v Roseville

Narelle/Melinda 4 sets Lindy/Suellen 2 sets

The ladies are now second

Thursday Ladies lost 4-4 by 1 game at home v Roseville

Lindy/Sally 3 sets Johanna/ Michelle 1 set

A reminder to all teams to please clean up your plates and food after Badge otherwise it mounts up for someone else to clean. Also please don’t go onto the courts before 2.45pm for the late matches if a team is still playing.Walking on the court can interrupt concentration at a vital time in the match.


MLTC Secretary


When Rafael Nadal first burst onto the scene by winning the French Open in 2005, the consensus was he was another in the long line of great claycourt players, men who could dominate on the red surface of Roland Garros but were often vulnerable on faster surfaces.

Ivan Lendl and Mats Wilander, truly great clay (and hardcourt) players, never won Wimbledon. On the flip side, Hall of Fame players like Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg could never quite figure out the red clay.

Bjorn Borg, who won in Paris six times, also won Wimbledon five times – but never the US or Australian Open. Rod Laver won on grass and clay and no doubt would have on hard courts had majors been played on them during his career. Laver could have won playing on an iceskating rink – or any other surface. Sampras won 14 major titles but never got to the final in Paris. Before Sampras came along, Roy Emerson held the record for men’s Grand Slam singles titles at 12.

On Sunday, Nadal won one for the 14th time in Paris. His record in French Open finals is now 14-0 after his crushing 6-3 , 6-3 , 6-0 victory over Casper Ruud. Ruud, who is 23, actually led 3-1 in the second set before Nadal simply took his game to another level, winning the final 11 games of the match. The Norwegian didn’t play poorly the first two sets, but he had no chance.

Nadal winning in Paris on the tournament’s final Sunday is as absolute as summer rain in London. It is inevitable. This time around, Nadal’s toughest match came in the quarterfinals , where he won a four-hourplus classic over fellow all-time great Novak Djokovic. That match clearly should have been played in the final , but that’s not alway how it turns out. And so Nadal, who has missed time with injuries this year, was the No.5 seed, because God forbid anyone should fail to follow the rankings.

Seeding Nadal fifth is roughly the same as telling Tiger Woods to go play the AAA Korn Ferry Tour after he won his first Masters by 12 shots. Nadal, in any case, long ago proved he was far more than a claycourt specialist. His victory was his 22nd Grand Slam title, putting him two in front of Djokovic and Roger Federer.

If you held a final vote for greatest player of all time today, Nadal, who turned 36 on Friday, would have to be No. 1. Statistics are overused, but a handful of Nadal’s numbers go beyond breathtaking. He is 112-3 at Roland Garros (what?) , but he has won eight majors off the red clay: two Australian Opens; two Wimbledons and four US Opens.

That’s as many majors as icons Connors, Andre Agassi and Lendl each won total, and one more than McEnroe. What’s most fascinating about all this is that last year the title of greatest player ever had been more or less ceded to Djokovic. He had beaten Nadal on his way to winning in Paris in June and had gone on to win at Wimbledon in July, putting him in a three-way tie with Nadal and Federer with 20 major victories.

Federer turned 40 in August and had lost in the Wimbledon quarters to Hubert Hurkacz in straight sets, including 6-0 in the third. He then announced he needed knee surgery, again, and hoped to play again in 2022. He still hasn’t played and, as McEnroe noted on Sunday, there’s a good chance we will never see him again in a major championship.

After his semi-final loss to Djokovic at Roland Garros, Nadal had pulled out of Wimbledon and the US Open with recurring foot issues . Many wondered if his career might also be over. Thus, Djokovic’s path to a 21st major victory and the record in major wins appeared clear. He was 34, healthy and going for a calendar Grand Slam in New York. His two great rivals were older and injured. But then Daniil Medvedev whipped him in the US Open final and his refusal to be vaccinated in the midst of the pandemic got him deported from Australia before the Australian Open. Nadal then came from two sets down in the Australian final against Medvedev and became the first man to get to 21 major wins.

Sunday, he got to 22 and, apparently , at 36, is still counting. He’s now halfway to a calendar Grand Slam, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished on the men’s side since Laver did it in 1969 at a time when three of the four majors were still played on grass.

Djokovic, who has won at Wimbledon six times, will no doubt be poised to take him down there. And, although Nadal won one of the two greatest matches of all time (along with McEnroe-Borg in 1980) in the 2008 final at the All England Club, grass is still his toughest surface because he can’t wear people down the way he does in Paris, and to a lesser extent in New York and Melbourne , over shorter rallies and shorter matches. That is a discussion for another day.

Sunday was a day to revel in Nadal’s extraordinary career, his ability to come back time and again, whether from injury or from a point in which his opponent appeared to be in control. That’s the greatness of Nadal: You can get him down, but it is almost impossible to get him out. Nadal has now heard his anthem played on a French Open Sunday 14 times. The emotion on his face made it clear that he still revels in every victory. As we all should.
The Washington Post

Fantastic 14! Nadal Defeats Ruud For Another Roland Garros Title

Rafael Nadal captured his 14th Roland Garros title and a record-extending 22nd Grand Slam trophy Sunday, dispatching Casper Ruud 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 to write another chapter into his historic legacy.

By earning a 22nd Grand Slam crown, the Spaniard has moved further clear of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in the Grand Slam race, with the Serbian and Swiss tied on 20 major titles.

It is the first time Nadal has won the Australian Open and Roland Garros trophies in the same season and he is now level with countryman Carlos Alcaraz on a Tour-leading four titles in 2022 after improving to 112-3 at the clay-court major.

“For me personally, it is very difficult to describe the feelings that I have. It is something that I have never believed. To be here at 36, being competitive again on the most important court of my career,” Nadal said during the trophy ceremony. “One more title means a lot. It means a lot of energy to try and keep going…I don’t know what can happen in the future but I am going to keep fighting to try and keep going.”

Most Grand Slam Men’s Singles Titles (all-time)

Player  Grand Slam Titles
Rafael Nadal 22
Novak Djokovic 20
Roger Federer 20
Pete Sampras 14
Roy Emerson 12

Nadal’s achievement in Paris is even more remarkable considering that he struggled with a chronic foot injury in defeat to Denis Shapovalov in Rome little more than three weeks ago.

However, he showcased his trademark fighting qualities throughout the fortnight in Paris to ensure he would maintain his stranglehold on the Coupe des Mousquetaires, improving to a remarkable 14-0 in Roland Garros finals.

”Team, family, everyone who is there. It is amazing the things that are happening this year,” Nadal said. “I just thank you very, very much for all the things you are doing for me and over the years. Without you none of this would be possible, without any doubt. Especially in the very tough moments we went through with injuries.

MLTC Newsletter – 31st May

Four Mens Teams had big wins last Saturday with 3 teams now coming 2nd on the ladder.

Our Mens 1 Team now sit 2nd and next Saturday will play Hills District at home at 250pm.

This team comprises Neil Smith and his 3 sons who are Seaside Doubles winners. So a great match deserves a big crowd so get to MLTC next Saturday.

Round 5 Results

Mens 1 won 6-2 at home v Voyager

Cam /Ben paired up to win 4 sets easily.Todd/Sean won 2 sets to complete the win.

Todd has now won 2sets from 8 to have a higher win percentage than The Canterbury Bulldogs( 2 wins from 12) but way below The Penrith Panthers 11 from 12.

Mens 2 Lost 5-3 v Kooroora Gold away

Craig/Jon Corney 3 sets

Mens 3 Won 6-2 v Mortdale away

Craig/Jarryd won 4 sets again Dan/Sam 2 sets

Mens 4 Won 6-1 at home v Neutral Bay

Matthew/Shishir won 3 sets with an unfinished set Gavin/Bede 3 sets

A big win against the top team to now sit a close 2nd on the ladder

Mens 5 Won 7-1 at home v Beecroft

Denis/Chris 4 sets Richard/Hugo 3 sets

Another big win to now be 2nd.

Mens 6 Lost 6-2 v Killara at home

Daniel/Dave 2 sets

Ladies 1 Lost 7-1 v Longueville away

Nicola/Claudia 1 set Lisa was injured and had to forfeit2 sets with Caroline

Ladies 2 Lost 7-1 at home v Longueville

Sarah/ Krista 1 set

Ladies 3 washout at Beecroft

Thursday Ladies  Lost 6-2 v Cooper Park

Johanna/Sally 1 set Lindy/Suellen 1 set

Suellen played 4 sets with an injury to help the team out. Well done Suellen.






Come on down and watch our top Ladies and Mens Teams this Saturday

Denis Crowley


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 24th May

Online Court Bookings – Survey Results

Thanks so much to everyone who completed the survey about online court bookings for members. The response was overwhelmingly positive with 96% of people finding it easy to use and wanting it to continue. We will therefore continue with the online court bookings moving forward.  Thanks also to those who made additional comments/suggestions. These will be taken to the committee to discuss.

Suggestions from members are welcome at any time and can be emailed to Virginia at [email protected].

Club Captain’s Report

Rain again interrupted away matches last Saturday but two big wins at home highlighted our home matches

Round 4 Results

Mens 1 Washout away at Hunters Hill.

Mens 2 Won 7-1 at home v Strathfield.

Howard  teamed up with Wilko to win 4 sets . Whilst Milton answered the call up to partner Jon Corney to win 3 sets.

Mens 3 Won 8-0 at home v Eastern Suburbs

Two new pairings produced a big win. Craig and Jarryd Stevens paired up for the first time this year as did Vincent and Dan to both win 4 sets easily.

Mens 4 Washout away v Neutral Bay

Mens 5 Drawn 1-3 v Sydney Uni away.

The rain came after 4 sets to wash out play.Graham/Denis 1 set.

Mens 6 Lost 5-3 v Strathfield away.

Brett played his first Badge match for Manly and together with Christo won 3 sets.

Ladies 1 Drew 3-4 v Sydney Uni at home. Bryanne / Nicola won 3 sets

Ladies 2 Won 6-2 away at Sydney Uni

A great win against the top team.Sarah/Krista won 4 sets Virginia/Kirsten won 2 sets.

Ladies 3 Lost 5-3 v Collaroy at home. Kate/Noriko 2 sets Pam/Erryn 1 set

Thursday Ladies Lost 7-1 v Roseville away. Johanna/Sally 1 set



Mens 4 and Mens 5




Message for Badge Players

Dear Badge Delegates,

I hope this email finds you all well!  Just a friendly reminder for yourself, badge captain and players to log into Match Center and link / activate their player profile . Players will not be able to see any of their results, and results will not go through to UTR correctly if players do not have their accounts linked.

It is as simple as logging into Match Centre and linking accounts –

For additional information:


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 17th May

Club Captain’s Report

Two 8-0 wins and several close matches was the highlight of round 3 of Sydney Badge.

Mens 1  won 8-0 v Kooroora

Two new combinations this match as Cameron gave Bosko the flick to team up with Captain Sean and it proved a great move as they won their 4 sets easily. Bosko then partnered new Member Ben O Connell to win their 4 sets easily also. We are lucky to have such a strong player in the shape of Ben who has joined our club. A good season now looks assured for this team.

Mens 2 Lost 8-0 away to Tennis Valley. A tough loss to a good team.

Mens 3 Lost 7-1 away at Heffron Park.

Another tough loss against a very good team. Justin/ Jarryd won 1 set

Mens 4 Drew 4-3 v Sydney Uni at home

Time ran out with a win 1 game away. Shishir/Matthew continued their good form to win 3 sets and 1 unfinished. Bede/Rob 1 set.

Mens 5 v Killara at home Won 8-0

An easy win against a United Nations Team from Killara.With players from Australia Italy China and Korea(South Korea he said but with a name like Kim I am unsure) Killara played like it was their first match together. Graham/Chris  Hugo/ Denis both won 4 sets easily.

Mens 6 Lost 5-3 v Strathfield at home. A close loss with Stu/Dave winning 2 sets and improving each week.Daniel/Peter 1 set

Ladies1 Lost 4-3 away at Kooroora

A close loss with Janelle/Claudia taking 2 sets and Nicola/Caroline 1 set and 1 set unfinished.

Ladies 2  Lost 7-1 at home to Eastern Suburbs

Sarah/Christine won the last set in a strong comeback.

Ladies 3  Won 4-4 on games

Noriko/Kate 2 sets Pam/Erryn 2 sets. Another win to remain undefeated.

Thursday Ladies had a bye.


Ladies 3 Play at Noon

2.50Pm Ladies 1 Play on Courts 1 and 2

2.50PM Mens 2 and Mens 3 play.

Come along to support our Two Ladies Teams who are both in the top 4

Our Mens 2 and 3 Teams will be looking for home wins to start their winning runs.

Denis Crowley.

Long term member Owen is unwell at present so we wish him a speedy recovery.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – 11th May

Club Captain’s Report

After wins on the weekend we have Our Ladies 3 Team and our Mens 6 Team on top of the points tables.

Our Ladies 1 Team had a big win also to sit 2nd on the ladder.


Mens 1 Team washout v Sydney Uni

Mens 2 Lost 7-1 v Kooroora

Unfortunately Steve Nettleton injured his leg in the first set when looking good to win and had to forfeit all his sets. Howard and Geoff won 1 set. Hopefully Netto is back and playing soon.

Mens 3 Lost 6-2 v Killara. Justin and Vincent 2 sets.

Mens 4 Won 5-3 v Killara. Matthew and Shirsir won 3 sets Bede and Gavin 2 sets. A good win as Killara away is always a hard match.

Mens 5 Lost 5-3 v Marrickville. Hugo and Tom 2 sets Richard and Denis 1 set.

Mens 6 Won 4-4 on games at Marrickville. Dave and Stu 3 sets Ben and Mark 1 set. A good win on the grass.

Albo did not play for Marrickville but turned up at 4.30pm with 6 minders for a social hit.

Looking at his form it is a pity he did not play against Manly as we would have had a bigger win.

Ladies 1 Won 7-1 v Kooroora White

A big win with Janelle and Caroline winning 4 sets easily. Nicola and Julia 3 sets.

Ladies 2 Lost 5-3 v Beecroft. Shelley and Kirsten 2 sets Christine and Kristina 1 set.

Ladies 3 v Sydney Uni Won 7-1. Pam and Catherine won 4 sets easily and Erryn and Kate 3 sets. The Ladies are now coming 1st.

Thursday Ladies  Lost 4-4 on games. Sally Johanna 3 sets  Michelle Lindy 1 set

This  Saturday Our Mens 1 Team plays at home at 2.50pm as well as Our Mens 6 and Ladies 2

The noon matches are our Mens 4 and 5 Teams.


Bar Prices – With the price of everything going up, our bar prices will increase from July 1, 2022.

Visitors – A reminder to pay the visitor’s fee when you bring a visitor. A visitor can come up to six times, after that they should think about becoming a member.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter – Tuesday 3rd May

Round 1 of Badge was interrupted by rain early but four of our teams managed to play their matches.

Our Mens 6 Team had a good win 6-2 to be the only winners. Daniel and Christo started the season well by winning all 4 sets easily. Mark and Stu won 2 sets to complete an easy win.Good signs ahead for this team.

Our Ladies 1 Team lost by 3 games after the match finished 4 sets all. Bryanne Crabb played her first match for Manly and together with Nicola won their 4 sets. Our other pair of Claudia and Caroline could not manage to win a set but played well against a very strong opposition. The Ladies are looking to make up this Saturday when they play at home at 2.50pm.

The Mens 1 Team lost 7-1 at home with Bosko and Cameron winning 1 set.

The Ladies 2 Team lost 7-1 at home with Sarah and Krista winning 1 set.

All our other Teams were washed out including the Thursday Ladies.

Fine weather is expected this Saturday and we have 5 matches at home.


  • Mens 1 will play Sydney Uni on courts 1 and 2
  • Ladies 3 v Syd Uni


  • Ladies 1 v Kooroora White
  • Mens 2 v Kooroora 3
  • Mens 3 v Killara 2

Good luck to all teams.

Denis Crowley

MLTC Club Captain

MLTC Newsletter 27 Apr 2022

The Badge season begins this Saturday April 30 with 5 teams playing at home.

At noon Manly 4 Mens Team which includes our 2 promising juniors, Matthew and Bede will play their first match in Badge. Everyone wishes them a long and successful career with Manly Lawn. Also Men’s 5 Team plays at noon.


Then at 2.50pm Mens 1 will play on courts 1and 2. Ladies 2 and Mens 6 also play at 2.50pm.

Good luck to all teams this season and hopefully a big crowd will be in attendance to watch the opening round.

All matches need to be finished by 6pm as MTC has a tennis/social – ‘Drink-Play-Graze’ from 6pm with live music from 7.30pm.

All members are welcome to stay around the bar for drinks if they wish. If you would like to play in the MTC function – please contact Scott or Carmela by tomorrow (Thu) at the latest.

Denis Crowley

MLTC Secretary

MLTC Newsletter 13 Apr 2022

Badge Matches

Click here to download a PDF of all MLTC Saturday Badge team matches. Please let us know if you notice any errors.

Captains – please still check the draw each week for any changes. Away game start times are often different.

Court Bookings on Public Holidays

On Fri 15th April (Good Friday), Mon 18th April (Easter Monday) and Mon 25th April (Anzac Day), the club has 3 courts available for members between 7am and 6pm.

There will be social on all 3 courts between 12pm and 3pm each Public Holiday. Everyone is welcome to mix in at social and a great opportunity to meet new members. Courts cannot be pre-booked during social hours.

Outside of social times, you can book members courts on public holidays online via

If you have any questions about the members online booking, please contact Sarah or Virginia.

Pre-Badge Social – Sat 23rd April

Please join us for food in the clubhouse on Sat 23rd April from 4pm before badge season starts the following week. The bar will be open!

Drink Play Graze

A reminder about MTC’s event on Sat 30th April from 6pm to 11pm. Grazing table, Bar open, Round Robin Matches, Live music & Dancing. Players $70 or social ticket $40. Tickets available via or see Scott in the Pro Shop for more info.

Ball Recycling Scheme

A huge thank you to everyone who has already added old balls to the recycling box in the clubhouse – please keep bringing more!

Best wishes,
MLTC Secretary