MLTC Newsletter – 13 April 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter-Pre Badge BBQ

With the Badge start date Saturday 27th April our before Badge BBQ will be on Saturday 20th April. So members save that date and come down and join in. Any volunteers to help with the BBQ are more than welcome.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary

Riverview Junior UTR Match Play: April School Holidays

Hey Manly juniors! If you’re keen for some match play during these April school holidays, guess what? Our very own Davis Cup and Australian Olympic coach, Jaymon Crabb, is organizing two UTR certified events at the stunning St Ignatius College Riverview.
April 18th:
April 24th:
Please email [email protected]  with any questions

Final Badge 2024 Gradings Released





MLTC Newsletter – 14 March 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 14 March 2024

Coaching Options before Badge

If you are interested in some coaching before Badge starts please read the information below. Thursday evening the coaches will not be using member courts.

 Thursday 21st March for 4 weeks (finishing 11 April) 7-8.30pm

Friday using members courts 6.30-8pm if interest.

  • Ideally get 4 from your team (or similar level players) together to get the most from the sessions. 
  • If you don’t have a 4, can still apply and we’ll try to make appropriate groups if space allows.
  • Max 4 per court. 2 courts so max 8 players in total for each time slot. One coach per court.
  • Cost $150 for the four sessions based on 4 per court.

Please contact Christine if you are interested. [email protected]

The two coaches have loads of experience see bio below


Jacopo has over 10 years experience coaching players in Europe competing at national and international ATP / WTA and ITF levels. Jacopo’s passion, experience and qualifications as a High Performance coach (ITF Level 3) is a huge asset to the team.

Jacopo’s coaching/playing history:

– Bachelor of Sport Science

– UTR level 10

– WTA Tour Coach

– Top 10 ranked Tennis Europe U16

– Conditioning Fitness Coach Level 2  (Italian Tennis Federation)

– ITF Coach Level 3 (High Performance Qualification)


In addition to Giulia’s ITF Coach Level 3 (High Performance Qualification) she also has a wealth of experience as a professional tennis player competing for over 12 years and achieving a career best WTA singles ranking of 219 and doubles ranking of 444.

During this time Giulia was successful in winning 10 ITF singles and 4 doubles tournaments and achieved a career best Italian ranking of 11.

Some personal highlights include success in many WTA tournaments such as the qualifying rounds in Rome and main draw in Budapest as well as her 6 years as a player in the Italy and Germany female cup where she won the German Cup in 2016.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary





Badge Page Updated

Our Member Badge Page has been updated with the Club’s Badge Teams for 2024

Here’s the link.






MLTC Newsletter – Badge Teams 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – Badge Teams 2024

See below the Badge Teams for 2024. Lots of teams and good luck to all. If you have any questions please direct them to Christine our Club Captain

Men’s Badge Teams

Women’s Badge Teams Saturday

Women’s Thursday Badge Teams

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary




Annual Senior Club Championships. Entries Close Feb 21

Entries are still open for the Senior Club Championships.

Saturday February 24 Noon. Womens 40+ Singles Womens 60+ Singles Mens 40+ Singles Mens 60+ Singles

Sunday February 25 9AM.  Womens Combined 100 Doubles Mens Combined 100 Doubles ( Hilton Mace Trophy)

Saturday March 2 Noon. Womens 40+ Doubles Mens 40+ Doubles Womens 60+ Doubles Mens 60+ Doubles.

Sunday March 3 9AM. Combined 100 Mixed Doubles.

ALL EVENTS ARE ROUND ROBIN FORMAT. Minimum of four (4) entries needed for event to be held.


Enter below.

MLTC Club Captain

MLTC Senior Club Championships

MLTC Senior Club Championships entry form
  • Select Event that you would like to enter
  • Select Event that you would like to enter
  • Select Event that you would like to enter
  • Select Event that you would like to enter
  • If you have selected any Doubles Events above, please confirm the Event and your partner's name. If you require a partner, please confirm the Event and write 'Partner Required'
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

MLTC Newsletter – Tuesday 30th Jan

 Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter

Badge 2024 – Entries open

We are looking forward to another great badge season! Entries are now open via our club website and it’s really helpful for the selectors if you can get your form in ASAP – please click here to enter.

Nominations close on Monday 5th Feb (less than a week!). 

Key facts:

  • Saturday Badge – 27th April to 7th Sep
  • Thursday Badge – 2nd May to 5th Sep
  • 14 Rounds plus SF and FL (no play during school hols)
  • You must have fully paid your MLTC membership fees to play in badge
  • Any questions about Badge – please contact Christine on [email protected] or 0459 808 316


MLTC Merchandise

We have a range of items for sale at the bar including caps, 90th anniversary Seaside towels, polo shirts, a few t-shirts/vests – plus iron-on club logo’s & stubby coolers. Great to have teams in club merch for badge!


Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary


Badge 2024 Entries Now Open.

Entries are now open on our website for 2024 Badge.

Nominations for Badge will close on February 5 2024.

NOTE: You must be a Financial Club Member to submit an entry to play Badge.

Click here to sign up on our web site.

Virginia Longfellow
MLTC Secretary


MLTC Newsletter – 14 Jan 2024

 Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 14 Jan 2024

Happy New Year Members!

In this newsletter information from our solicitor about proxy voting and how to book with Manly Tennis Centre outside of club times.


MLTC AGM – Question re Proxy voting

Following the 2023 AGM and questions raised at the meeting that proxy votes are allowed under the Corporations Act and as such should have been allowed at the AGM.

This opinion was not supported by the Clubs President. The meeting continued. The Club has paid for an official written legal opinion from Piper Alderman. A summary of that opinion is as follows.

Summary from Piper Alderman

Section 249X of the Corporation Act allows proxy votes. However, Section 249X is a replaceable rule that does not apply if the constitution contains an intention not to allow proxy votes. In this case the constitution contains an intention not to allow proxy votes (articles 60 and 61 of the constitution) by requiring members to be present to vote and by adopting the position under the Registered Clubs Act which does not allow proxy votes. The result is that proxy votes are not allowed.

The intention under the MLTC constitution has always been that if members want to vote at an AGM or EGM then they should attend in person to vote.

Article 61 of the Constitution makes it clear that the resolution will be determined by the votes of the members present at the AGM/EGM provided there is sufficient members present to constitute a quorum. If there are not sufficient members present to constitute a quorum then the meeting will be adjourned.

I hope this clarifies any issues in this regard.


Manly Tennis Centre – NEW Website
MTC now has their own website at where you can check out their coaching and competition programs for the coming term. Please call Rafa Barrozzi, Luke Penning or the Admin Team on 02 9977 6023 / 0452 262 205 if you have any questions.
Court Bookings
To book a court outside member times, you can now book online through the MTC court hire link –
  • All MLTC members already have a profile set up which gives you the member discount of $5 off the public hire rates.
  • Simply log in using your surname and the email you use for MLTC newsletters and the discount should be automatically applied (off peak rates are $20 instead of $25 and peak rates are $30 instead of $35).
  • For times/rates – see website. 
  • Please don’t create a new profile – all members should already be in their system.
Online bookings are preferred but you can still also book courts outside members times via the pro shop on 02 9977 6023. Please let their staff know you are a member so you get the $5 discount.
To book a court during members times, the process remains the same – using and your Membership Number.
Any questions or problems – please speak to Virginia or Sarah.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary



Melbourne will host the Australian Open this month but it seems the birthplace of lawn tennis in the fledgling colonies was most likely Sydney. 

The Naval Historical Society of Australia suggests in the paper Australia’s First Tennis Match, released today, that the military base of Garden Island was the site of the first grass court, the game having been introduced by a British Royal Navy officer . 

An 1880 plan of Garden Island shows a ‘‘ lawn tennis ground’ ’ on the levelled site of the original First Fleet ships’ garden. There is mention of the game in The Sydney Mail of September 26, 1874 on how to produce the perfect lawn tennis court, which, the research says, means ‘‘ it is likely that tennis was then being played in Sydney’’ . 

The study states that both Melbourne and Sydney have credible claims to being first , but concludes: ‘‘ Although Melbourne was by far the largest city at that time [legacy of the gold rush], Sydney was significant for its British/military personnel’’ . 

Historian Colin Randall, who carried out the research, said: ‘‘ There is a convincing case that it was Commodore James Graham Goodenough, Royal Navy (or somebody closely associated with him) who brought tennis to Australia, and that he played the game on Garden Island in late 1873 or early 1874.’’ 

His research proposes lawn tennis, originally known as sphairistike, really took off in Britain when a Major Walter Wingfield was granted a patent for a ‘‘ New and Improved Court for Playing the Ancient Game of Tennis’ ’ as well as copyright for rules for playing the game. He also started selling boxed sets of equipment needed to play the game. The Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII) and his family are said to have been early adopters of sphairistike and to have been skilled players. 

Wingfield and Goodenough were acquaintances. The thinking is that Wingfield used his military and navy contacts to spread the game, and his tennis sets, internationally. 

The research explains: ‘‘ In May 1873, James Goodenough was appointed captain of HMS Pearl and commander-in-chief of the Australia Station, arriving in Sydney in September 1873. His duties there would have encompassed social connections with the city’s leading figures , among whom would have been the editor of The Sydney Mail. It is possible that they witnessed, if not played, the first game of tennis played in Australia.’’ 

The research says Victorians may have been first to hear about tennis, with an article in the Mount Alexander Mail of June 25, 1874 (three months before The Sydney Mail’s ), but it says, ‘‘ no public grounds, no barrack square should be without it’’ . 

The Age of June 5, 1875, reporting on trends in Britain, states: ‘‘ Last summer lawn tennis was the rage, during the summer people ‘went in’ for skating on wheels and now everybody is mad about . . . poker.’’ 

The website states: ‘‘ Thanks to tennis historian Clive Oliver, we have learned much about the arrival of tennis in Melbourne which has been published in the book Amazing Grace: The Story of the Grace Park Lawn Tennis Club. From this book . . . we know that a visiting UK player to Melbourne found a set of tennis equipment in the confines of the MCC storeroom which in 1877 had remained unused.’’ 

David Michael, president of the Naval Historical Society of Australia, said the intention of the research was to create debate to see if there was any conclusive evidence. 

Source: SMH 1Jan24


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