Club News

Entries are low for the Club Championships and entries close next Monday October 15.  None of our Men’s 1 team have entered as yet.

The Ladies Open Singles and Doubles will now be played at the end of November as many of our top ladies are unavailable.  The Open Mixed and A event Ladies Singles and Doubles will be played if sufficient entries are received.  We have sufficient entries already to hold the A Mixed Doubles but need more.

Social tennis will be limited during the club championships so players are encouraged to enter and challenge yourself.
Enter by sending an email to the Club Captain.
Note that membership fees for 2018-19 must be paid before October 15 to be eligible to play in the Championships.
The AGM will be held on Monday November 5 and nominations are open for two more weeks for anyone who wishes to become a committee member. Nomination forms are at the club or email the secretary.
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.

Club News

The long weekend saw many players at social tennis practicing for the Club Championships.
Entries close on October 15 so get your entries in. Anybody needing a doubles partner just let me know and I will try to find one for you.
There will be 4 seeds in all events and after placing the seeds, the rest of the draw is done randomly. If you don’t get a seeded player or pair in round one you could play several matches against weaker opponents.
If you did not play Badge you can still enter and the committee will grade you.
All matches are knockout and will be mainly on Saturday afternoons with fewer matches on Sunday.
Finals day is November 3 for all events.
Long time member Paul Wigney has been unwell and was admitted to Mona Vale hospital.  He has recovered now and all members wish him well. He would like his friends at the club to contact him.
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.

Saturday Social Court Captain Roster

Court Captains
September 29 – December 22, 2018

Sept. 29                   Denis Crowley                            Bob Duffin

Oct.     6                   Peter Roberts                             Narelle Kinsey

Oct.   13                   Milton Da Rocha                        Ian Bate

Oct.   20                                Club Championships

Oct.   27                                Club Championships

Nov.    3                                 Club Championships

Nov.  10                    Jon Corney                                 Scott Anderson

Nov.  17                    Dean Hodgson                           Sarah Bunting

Nov. 24                     Tim Coleman                              Carl Brazendale

Dec.    1                     Julia Gunn                                   Stuart Charlton

Dec.    8                     Ron Jeffs                                      Tony Hamilton

Dec.  15                     Michelle Stevens                        Lindy Meakins

Dec.  22                     Denis Crowley                             Mark Flogel


Court Captains operate 1pm-4pm. Members playing before 1pm and after 4pm

arrange their own sets.

REMINDER:  Should you be unavailable on your rostered date, please arrange your own replacement.

VISITORS:  $20 fee to be collected prior to playing.

MLTC Badge Finals

Badge Final Results

Manly Lawn Tennis Club had two winning Badge Teams last Saturday.  Our Men’s 1 and Ladies 2 were successful.  Our Men’s 4 were beaten in the final. Congratulations to the winning teams and commiserations to our losing team.

Of the 13 Men’s and Ladies grades, 4 Clubs each won 2 grades: Manly, Neutral Bay, Royal Sydney, and Strathfield.

Badge Results Finals

Ladies 2 Won 6-1.  The ladies finished off a great season by winning the final easily. Sarah and Emily won 4 sets and Kirsten and Danni won 2 sets with one unfinished. Fellow team members Virginia,Caroline ,Kristina and Ali contributed during a very successful  season. Well done ladies.

Winning Ladies 1.2 Team

Mens 1 Won 4-4 on games.  The men triumphed in a tight struggle and came from 1-3 down at the break.  Sean and Jono won 3 sets and Andrew and Harry won an exciting last set 6-4 to complete a tense victory. Fellow team members Todd, Sam, Bosko, Boyd, Peter and Joshua contributed to the winning season. Well done again guys.

Winning Men’s 1.1 Team

Men’s 4 Lost 1-7.  Royal Sydney had a young pair that played magnificent on the day to win 4 sets easily. Our players went well against the other pair to win 1 set and lose two other close sets. Tom and Alec managed to win a tiebreaker whilst Chris and Hugo lost two close sets. Graham Bob and Denis contributed to a very successful season.

Men’s 2.2 Finalists

Ladies 1.1 Won 6-1.  In the 2nd last round our ladies are back in 4th position.Julia and Marina and Yvonne and Sofie each won 3 sets. If they win next Saturday, they will play off for 3rd and 4th position as there is no semifinal.

Next Saturday our Ladies 1 play at 250pm.

Our End of Badge Barbecue will be on later in the afternoon.

Club Championships entries will open soon.

AGM will be held on Monday November 5.

Swanee Trivia

Last week’s answer:  Mark Edmondson was the last Australian to win The Australian Men’s Singles Title in 1976.  He defeated John Newcombe in the final who allegedly underestimated Edmondson and partied the night before.

This weeks trivia: What year did Swanee play his last Badge match? (Hint it was after the war–The Boer War.)

Denis Crowley Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.


AskThePro: Should I Invest in a New Racket?

Finally got a new Babolat racket from Scottie last week. Scottie, Tebbs and Knoxie help me choose a Babolat Aero Drive that pretty well matched my old faithful Head Pro racket.

Yep, the grip felt good in the hand when I first picked it up — always a key test in changing rackets. In fact, my new Babolat plays like the old Dunlop Maxply that Lew Hoad used to use.

I got the heavier pro model and Tommie strung it up with my hybrid string pattern which increases the ‘sweet spot’.

While I felt a little guilty in pensioning off my Djokovic Head, nevertheless after 4 years it was time.  During my last restring, Tommie gently reminded me that my Head racket shape was no longer ‘symmetrical’. I guess about a dozen plus restrings will do that to a racket.  Tennis rackets start to break down the moment you first string them. And while modern materials technology have made rackets more durable than ever, they are not indestructible, and their life is limited.

Both playing and stringing effect the life of the frame. Each time you hit a ball, the frame distorts backward to absorb the impact, then bends forward as it returns energy to the ball. Over time, this process damages the bond between the thousands of composite graphite fibers in the frame.

Eventually, the frame loses stiffness, becomes “soft” and you lose power and control. Phew — thought it was just me getting older. Restringing puts even more stress on the racket head. During stringing, the frame deforms before returning to its regular shape. This eventually breaks down its structural integrity.

Obviously, when you see visible cracking in the frame, you know it’s time for a replacement. But if your frame still looks OK, yet isn’t performing the way you remember, and you’ve got a GOOD STRING job, replacement is suggested.

Most club players who play two or more times a week are advised to update their rackets every two years or so.  Aggressive players who blast the ball with big western forehands may need to update more often.

And remember the frames/strings technology in the newer rackets are typically more forgiving, so your miss hits are more likely to go in!

As my mate Howard and fellow pro says, you’ve got to manage your limitations — and using better technology (whether frame and/or strings) is a great way to do this. Cunning and guile will only get you so far! Invest in the technology!

Time for a change? Suggestion for Father’s Day?? Go talk to Scottie or Tebbs when you want some equipment advice.


Manly Arts Festival

7 – 23 Sept

This year we’re coming together to celebrate 25 years of this amazing Festival and the magic of creativity on the Northern Beaches.

Once again, our region will be ignited with an eclectic mix of exciting events featuring prominent musicians and visual artists, hosted in
a number of venues including artist studios, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, the Creative Space and Glen Street Theatre.

Since 1994, this community-based arts festival celebrates the achievements, dedication and innovation of the Northern Beaches creative community in the fields of visual, musical, film, literary and the performing arts.

Click here for the flyer  Manly Arts Festival Program 2018 (1)

Court Usage Policy

The Manly Tennis Centre (Scott & Carmela) has renewed its facilities’ management contact with the club for another four (4) years effective July 1, 2018.

The Manly Tennis facility is a dual use facility with the courts shared between MLTC and MTC.  MTC controls the hiring of ALL courts for public play, private coaching, competitions and functions OUTSIDE of the designated Club Play Times.

Courts for play by club members are available as follows:

  • Club Play Times

Monday Nil
Tuesday 2 courts from 1.30 to 7.00 pm
Wednesday 2 courts from 7 am to 9 am
Thursday ALL YEAR
4 courts from 1 pm to 4 pm
3 courts from 4 pm to 6 pm
4 courts from 6 pm to 8 pm
2 courts from 8 pm to 10 pm
Friday 4 courts 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Saturday 6 courts from 11.30 am to 6 pm
(Social 12 to 4 pm)
Sunday 3 courts 8 am to 1 pm
2 courts 1 pm to 6 pm
Public Holidays 3 courts 7 am to 6 pm
  • Court Use Priorities for Club Members

Organised Play:  Courts are reserved for organised social and competitive play for club members on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Public Holiday afternoons and designated events such as the Club Championships.

Reservations:  At ALL other times, a reservation is required with the Manly Tennis Centre (MTC) to use the club courts. Reserved play is limited to 1-hour for hitting sessions or singles and to 90-minutes for doubles play.  To reserve a court, players must make a booking for court usage at least 1-day in advance, listing the names of the players on the reservation.  Members must vacate any reserved court if other members are waiting to play at the conclusion of play.

  • Non-Club Play

MTC controls the hiring of ALL courts for public play, private coaching, competitions and functions OUTSIDE of the designated Club Play times.

Personal Hire: Additional member play may be available outside of Club Play Times either on a paid hire or an occasional  goodwill  basis which is dependent on MTC’s management policy, court usage and court conditions.  While MTC has always been generous in accommodating such members’ requests, nevertheless to ensure there are NO misunderstandings and as a courtesy, before play please contact MTC to ascertain court availability and to make a personal reservation.

This information is available on our web site under FAQs.

Revised: August 2018

Alex Zverev @ French Open 2018

PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 27: in action at the French Open held at Stade Roland-Garros on May 27, 2018 in Paris, France (Photo by Peter Staples/ATP World Tour)

Badge Match Summary Manly 2/5

Coach Owen’s Summary of Match versus Marrickville 26/5/2018.

What a team of happy smiling faces. All primed to do their best against a very experienced Marrickville team. Manly 2/5 team have been upgraded two grades from 2/7. Manly 2/5 has many new players, who have never played Badge Tennis before till today.

Overall they did Manly proud and were very competitive. On court 2 Bob and Ray played two great sets and tied Marrickville’s number 1 team one set all. They had opportunities to win both sets, but failed to close out break and game points. On court 1 David and Peter played a great 1st set and had 3 set points at 4/5 and could have won the first set, but the experienced Marrickville team came through and won the tiebreaker. Similarly in the second set Dave and Peter played well and had opportunities to win another set. At the changeover Manly could have led 4/0 but instead, Manly was down 3/1.  The second 4 sets were won convincingly by Marrickville. On court 2 Peter/David were no match for Marrickville’s number one team. On court 1, Bob and Ray were outclassed by a team who kept the ball in play and made very few unforced errors compared to Manly who made heaps of them.

Left to right: Bob Amaral, David Grey, George Paul (2/5 Badge Captain), Peter Butcher, Ray Dalgaines.

How can I improve and win?   I do not think I can teach you old dogs new tricks. I have often tried and failed miserably. However I hope you can work on your mental game and there is no reason why you should not improve.

How?  Improve your concentration span.

  1. I must contrentrate on winning my serve every time. If I lose my serve it’s unforgivable. I will not serve into my opponent’s hitting zone. I will serve 95 % of my serves to the backhand and occasionally serve wide to the forehand, but I will tell my partner to cover the alley return or drop back to cover the lob.
  2. I will concentrate on keeping the ball in play and eliminate my unforced errors. I will not try to make impossible winners as I usually only make one out of ten.
  3. If I have Love 40 or 40 Love Then I will really concentrate harder and keep the ball in play and force my opponent to make the error and close out the game.

What I am trying to say guys is concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on every point, especially in the tiebreaker.

  1. Concentrate on mixing up your returns. Drive deep to the backcourt, Drop shot and bring your opponent into the net and lob. A good lob return over the net man is a good move, instead of returning across court all the time.
  2. Talk to your partner, communicate all the time. If you lead 30/15 then the eye formation can get you some free points. No team tried that today. We will practice that play.
  3. I must take every opportunity to cross, close the net and PUT the ball away.

So that is it from the coach. Please say to yourself. The next time I play I will use my brain a lot more to compliment my tennis skills. You will be surprised with your improvement.

A good effort today considering you have been upgraded two grades. Think positive and you will win more matches.

Captain George as usual catered very well for the after match snacks and drinks.

The usual after match bullshit followed.

Cheers and Beers,