Court Usage Policy

The Manly Tennis Centre (Scott & Carmela) has renewed its facilities’ management contact with the club for another four (4) years effective July 1, 2018.

The Manly Tennis facility is a dual use facility with the courts shared between MLTC and MTC.  MTC controls the hiring of ALL courts for public play, private coaching, competitions and functions OUTSIDE of the designated Club Play Times.

Courts for play by club members are available as follows:

  • Club Play Times

Monday Nil
Tuesday 2 courts from 1.30 to 7.00 pm
Wednesday 2 courts from 7 am to 9 am
Thursday ALL YEAR
4 courts from 1 pm to 4 pm
3 courts from 4 pm to 6 pm
4 courts from 6 pm to 8 pm
2 courts from 8 pm to 10 pm
Friday 4 courts 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Saturday 6 courts from 11.30 am to 6 pm
(Social 12 to 4 pm)
Sunday 3 courts 8 am to 1 pm
2 courts 1 pm to 6 pm
Public Holidays 3 courts 7 am to 6 pm
  • Court Use Priorities for Club Members

Organised Play:  Courts are reserved for organised social and competitive play for club members on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Public Holiday afternoons and designated events such as the Club Championships.

Reservations:  At ALL other times, a reservation is required with the Manly Tennis Centre (MTC) to use the club courts. Reserved play is limited to 1-hour for hitting sessions or singles and to 90-minutes for doubles play.  To reserve a court, players must make a booking for court usage at least 1-day in advance, listing the names of the players on the reservation.  Members must vacate any reserved court if other members are waiting to play at the conclusion of play.

  • Non-Club Play

MTC controls the hiring of ALL courts for public play, private coaching, competitions and functions OUTSIDE of the designated Club Play times.

Personal Hire: Additional member play may be available outside of Club Play Times either on a paid hire or an occasional  goodwill  basis which is dependent on MTC’s management policy, court usage and court conditions.  While MTC has always been generous in accommodating such members’ requests, nevertheless to ensure there are NO misunderstandings and as a courtesy, before play please contact MTC to ascertain court availability and to make a personal reservation.

This information is available on our web site under FAQs.

Revised: August 2018

Alex Zverev @ French Open 2018

PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 27: in action at the French Open held at Stade Roland-Garros on May 27, 2018 in Paris, France (Photo by Peter Staples/ATP World Tour)

Badge Match Summary Manly 2/5

Coach Owen’s Summary of Match versus Marrickville 26/5/2018.

What a team of happy smiling faces. All primed to do their best against a very experienced Marrickville team. Manly 2/5 team have been upgraded two grades from 2/7. Manly 2/5 has many new players, who have never played Badge Tennis before till today.

Overall they did Manly proud and were very competitive. On court 2 Bob and Ray played two great sets and tied Marrickville’s number 1 team one set all. They had opportunities to win both sets, but failed to close out break and game points. On court 1 David and Peter played a great 1st set and had 3 set points at 4/5 and could have won the first set, but the experienced Marrickville team came through and won the tiebreaker. Similarly in the second set Dave and Peter played well and had opportunities to win another set. At the changeover Manly could have led 4/0 but instead, Manly was down 3/1.  The second 4 sets were won convincingly by Marrickville. On court 2 Peter/David were no match for Marrickville’s number one team. On court 1, Bob and Ray were outclassed by a team who kept the ball in play and made very few unforced errors compared to Manly who made heaps of them.

Left to right: Bob Amaral, David Grey, George Paul (2/5 Badge Captain), Peter Butcher, Ray Dalgaines.

How can I improve and win?   I do not think I can teach you old dogs new tricks. I have often tried and failed miserably. However I hope you can work on your mental game and there is no reason why you should not improve.

How?  Improve your concentration span.

  1. I must contrentrate on winning my serve every time. If I lose my serve it’s unforgivable. I will not serve into my opponent’s hitting zone. I will serve 95 % of my serves to the backhand and occasionally serve wide to the forehand, but I will tell my partner to cover the alley return or drop back to cover the lob.
  2. I will concentrate on keeping the ball in play and eliminate my unforced errors. I will not try to make impossible winners as I usually only make one out of ten.
  3. If I have Love 40 or 40 Love Then I will really concentrate harder and keep the ball in play and force my opponent to make the error and close out the game.

What I am trying to say guys is concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on every point, especially in the tiebreaker.

  1. Concentrate on mixing up your returns. Drive deep to the backcourt, Drop shot and bring your opponent into the net and lob. A good lob return over the net man is a good move, instead of returning across court all the time.
  2. Talk to your partner, communicate all the time. If you lead 30/15 then the eye formation can get you some free points. No team tried that today. We will practice that play.
  3. I must take every opportunity to cross, close the net and PUT the ball away.

So that is it from the coach. Please say to yourself. The next time I play I will use my brain a lot more to compliment my tennis skills. You will be surprised with your improvement.

A good effort today considering you have been upgraded two grades. Think positive and you will win more matches.

Captain George as usual catered very well for the after match snacks and drinks.

The usual after match bullshit followed.

Cheers and Beers,



Interim Independent Review of Integrity of Tennis

In 2008, tennis was among the first sports to establish its own anti-corruption body. All ‘Covered Persons’ are bound by the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, which gives TIU the right to interview and obtain, with consent, suspects’ phones, tablets, lap tops and financial records. Investigations are opened at any time, into any covered person. Offenders are subject to lifetime bans and fines up to US$250,000. In helping to prevent corruption, TIU works with the sport to make it as difficult as possible for would-be corruptors to access players and tournaments. Player education is critical. All players complete an online Tennis Integrity Protection Program which explains grooming techniques and the process of reporting corrupt approaches.

Click here for the Interim Independent Review of Integrity of Tennis


Murray Moments

Andy Murray by Peter Staples ATP Photographer & MLTC Member

Badge Score Board: Round 1

Badge Results   1 May-05
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Drew 4-2 4
Manly 2 1.2 Won 5-3 3
Manly 3 1.3 Won 5-3 5
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 8-0 1
Manly 2 1.3 Won 5-3 N/A
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-4 4
Manly 4 2.2 Won 6-2 2
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 2-6 6
Manly 6 2.4 Lost 1-6 6
Manly 7 2.5 Won 7-1 3

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Anzac Day Cup 2018

Anzac Day, 2018….the “Anzac Day Cup”.  NO, not the Dragons versus the Roosters, the OTHER Anzac Day Cup!

Played on the hallowed grounds of Manly Lawn Tennis Club, under the stern photographic gaze of some of Australia’s greatest tennis players, a platoon of 12 mature (in more ways than one) tennis players gathered on this solemn day to celebrate for the second time this splendid competition at MLTC.  The prize: a small trophy capped by an original Diggers’ metal helmet. The battle: ferocious, with no quarter asked or given. The honour: priceless. The bragging rights: interminable!

Led by senior NCO Howard Smith, who calmly supervised the draw, the men gathered in teams of two to do battle for the Cup, and play was fast and furious. The goal was set; the “hill” was targeted, and every man present knew it was his duty to keep volleying until that hill was taken. The afternoon shadows were lengthening as the Round Robin battle came down to the wire with two pairs facing the ordeal of a super tie-breaker. A miss-hit; a few double faults under pressure –  a win could go either way. At last, as the sun slowly set amongst the gathering rain clouds, amidst the swirling dust of a rising wind, only two men were left standing tall: MLTC members ‘JC’ (John Curtis) and Manly’s own pro, ‘Blakka’ (Scott Blackburn). The hill had been taken. Casualties had been limited to hurt pride (and a few aching joints) and these brave men vowed to return next year to fight for the Anzac Day Cup another day.

Pamela Muir, “Goss” Editor



Congrats to Andrew Riminton, Big Easter Achievement!

From Liz Lim:

Our 2017 MLTC Open Men’s Singles Club Champion battled through four rounds of qualifying and three rounds of the main draw to reach the final of the Guardian Funerals North Shore Open Platinum AMT (Australian Money Tournament) at Love ‘n Deuce, Naremburn. Andrew was the first qualifier ever of the tournament to reach the final.

Having played seven singles and three doubles matches throughout the tournament, he then contested and lost the final 6-3, 6-1 against the defending champion, Dayne Kelly. Dayne is currently ranked 303 in the world (career high of 252 in 2017) and a seasoned pro playing the Futures tour.

Andrew and his partner, Jeremy Bourgeois, then went on to play their doubles semi-final against Blake and Cameron Smith, losing 6-2, 6-4 to the Smith brothers who were the eventual doubles winners.


Web Site Glitches Resolved.

Web site has had a few glitches with our posts. It has now had a late spring clean by our dedicated web site team (thank you Jono)!

Pleased to report we are back up!!