MLTC Newsletter – 6 May 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 6 May 2024


Round 2 of Sydney Badge was interrupted by rain but most of our teams played.
Manly Men’s 1 Div.1 Won 4-4 on games v Camden away.
Sven/Justin and Andrew/Oliver both won 2 sets to win by 1 game and are now 2nd on the table.
Manly Men’s 2 Div 2 Lost 5-3 to Roseville
Wilko/Jono 2 sets Bede/Harry 1 set. Now in 8th position.
Manly Men’s 3 Div 4 Washout 1st on ladder.
Manly Men’s 4 Division 6 Won 4-4 on games v Killara away
Shishir/Tim 3 sets Geoff/Stephan 1 set. Now in 2nd position
Manly Men’s 5 Div 7 Washout Now 7th on ladder
Manly Men’s 6 Division 9 Won 5-3 away at Tennis Valley
Chris/Denis 3 sets Graham/Richard B two sets. Now in 2nd position
Manly Men’s 7 Division 11 Lost 6-2 to Marrickville
Brett/Barnaby 1 set. Dave/Tony 1 set. Marrickville had one very strong pair for Div11
Now in 7th position
Manly Men’s 8 Division 12 Won 8-0 v Sydney University on forfeit
Now in 1st position
In PM news. Mr Albanese lost all his 4 sets and his team sits on the bottom of the table as do The Rabbitohs. Maybe Wayne Bennett can coach tennis also!

Round 2 Ladies Results

With Wet weather breaking on Saturday all our women’s teams managed their matches on Saturday.

Ladies 1 / Div 1
Another tough and tight match for the ladies losing 3- 5 away against SOPTC ladies 1.
Our young girls Arabella and Ruby winning two sets and Nicola and Lisa winning 1 – losing a tight tie breaker in another.
Currently 6th on the ladder, having faced 2 tough teams in the first 2 rounds.

Ladies 2/ Div 2
Another fantastic match to the team winning 6-2 in a home game against Sydney Uni ladies 2.
Both pairs of Krista and Kirsten and Emily and Carolina winning 3 sets each on the day.
Currently 1st in the ladder. Looking forward to another great season ahead girls.

Ladies 3 / Div 3
Faced Koorora the strongest team in the division in an away match this weekend / who proved too good on the day losing 8/0.
Currently 5th on the ladder as other teams didn’t play last weekend.

Ladies 4&5 Div 4
A tough match either both our Manly  teams who faced each other in the second round.
Manly 4 ladies winning 6-1 with Kate and Ruth winning all 4 sets and Rachel and Susie winning 2.
Jada and Rose teamed up together to win one set in tbe match. Congratulations to our youngest players.
Manly 4 now coming second and Manly 5 coming 3rd.

Wet weather is predicted  for the upcoming week – all teams are keen to play so hopefully we see a break in the weather Thursday and Saturday.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary