MLTC COVID-19 Update – Courts Available for Play; Clubhouse Closed.

Courts are available for play.

The MLTC Clubhouse is closed but players can access the club’s washrooms.

Member, Player and Staff Basics:

  • If you are unwell or have reason to believe you may be infected with COVID 19 virus, please do NOT attend MLTC before seeking and following medical advice.
  • If you have been travelling recently, especially overseas you must follow Government self-isolation guidelines.
  • Please – no shaking hands or contact with others while at MLTC while this crisis continues
  • Please use our washrooms, soap dispensers and the hand sanitiser on the reception counter to ensure safe hand hygiene.
  • Please do not loiter inside the clubhouse.  There are loads of outside open spaces so please use them.

Coaching and Midweek Competitions

  • All Coaching is ON.  Please check with the Manly Tennis Centre if you have any questions.

Members Social Tennis

  • Members’ social tennis will continue, keeping in mind the above Basics guidance.

The management of MLTC is currently, and will continue, to follow all directives from Federal, State and Local Governments in relation to COVID-19. We will update immediately when/if there is any change.

As at 12.30 pm March 23, current government restrictions mean MLTC can stay open with the measures we have in place.

Craig Withell
23March 2020

COVID-19 Update – Coaching, Court Hire & Competitions


BEIJING (AP July 9) — China says it will not stage any international sports for the rest of the year, apart from trials for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and the neighboring city of Zhangjiakou.

The order from the General Administration of Sports affects at least six WTA tennis events, including the WTA Finals in Shenzhen in November. China also has four ATP tournaments lined up.

Shanghai was also due to host two big golf events, the men’s HSBC Champions, a World Golf Championship event two weeks after the LPGA Shanghai.

Xiamen was to host the Asian sport climbing championships in October, and Guangzhou the badminton World Tour Finals in December.

The decision puts paid to any chance of reviving Formula One’s Shanghai Grand Prix postponed in April, and affects two cycling stage races in October, the men’s Tour of Guangxi, and the women’s Tour of Chongming Island.

China has largely contained local transmission of the coronavirus but remains on guard for imported cases.

The General Administration of Sports cited “science and order” in issuing its plan to proceed on Thursday.


Tennis This Saturday

Four Courts Social on Saturday from 11.30am to 2.30pm
Courts 1and 2 at 2.45pm another Manly Derby
Manly 2 v Manly 4 in Division 4 Men’s.
Our Ladies 2 Team are striving for another victory on Courts 5 and 6 at 2.45pm

The bar is well stocked so come on down.

Court Bookings

Please be aware of Club Times for members to play. Outside of those times you need to book a court with the Manly Tennis Centre and pay at the Pro Shop prior to play. Club Times are displayed on the notice board, pro shop and on our website

Virginia Longfellow
MLTC Secretary

Social Distancing Reminder

Badge Captains if you are playing at home your visitors MUST sign our visitor’s book with contact numbers this is a government requirement.

Court 1 stand : 14 people, 5 people on top row, and zero on the row below, and then 5 on the middle row, and then zero on the one below and then 3 on the last row plus 1 person on the chair. (I have placed marks on the stand where people need to be seated)

If there are two people from the same family sitting together, this is not a problem, however the person next to them needs to be at 1.5m physical distance.

With the latest restrictions follow all suggested guidelines from Tennis NSW.

We have restrictions on numbers in the Clubhouse
Table area: 18 people
Bar area: 8 people
Outdoor/BBQ area: 5 people

COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play
We all must take responsibility to minimise the effects and potential spread of COVID-19. Before you play Stay at home if you:
  Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days 
 Have been overseas or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days  Have flu-like symptoms 
 If you are in a high risk health category, then you should not be administering or playing tennis at any time during this period. 
 Clubhouses or adjoining facilities can be re-opened allowing for at least 4 square metres per person, to a maximum of 100 people – users should also continue to adhere to social distancing protocols 
 Social spaces including outdoor seating and shaded areas can be re-opened – users should continue to adhere to social distancing measures 

Virginia Longfellow
MLTC Secretary

Badge Score Board: Round 5

Badge Results Rd 5 Jul-04
Ladies Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1 Lost 0-8 8
Manly 2 3 Lost 4-4 4
Mens Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1 Washout 6
Manly 2 4 Lost 4-4 5
Manly 3 4 Won 4-4 1
Manly 4 4 Won 7-1 2
Manly 5 7 Lost 2-6 6
Manly 6 8 Lost 2-6 3
Manly 7 11 Won 7-1 2
Manly 8 11 Lost 1-7 7
Ladies Thursday Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 2 Lost 2-6 2

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Badge Score Board: Round 4

Badge Results

Rd 4


Ladies Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1 Lost 1-7 8
Manly 2 3 Won 6-2 1
Mens Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1 Lost 3-5 6
Manly 2 4 BYE 6
Manly 3 4 Won 6-2 1
Manly 4 4 Won 4-4 3
Manly 5 7 Won 4-3 5
Manly 6 8 Won 7-1 2
Manly 7 11 Washout 2
Manly 8 11 Lost 4-4 7
Ladies Thursday Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 2 Won 4-4 2

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

MTC School Holiday Camps

Tennis Holiday Camps

During the holidays, Manly Tennis Centre will be running a tennis-focused multi-sport camp.

In order to guarantee that the children get the most out of the camps we keep our coach to student ratio low and make sure that everyone gets as much attention as possible.  

The mornings of the camps will focus mostly on tennis skills and drills with a few games mixed in.  The afternoon will include match play along with other sports for variety.  So please join us for a great time over the holiday break!


Richard Gauntlett
[email protected]

Badge Report: Round 4

Round 4

Some good results for our Badge Teams on the weekend. Many of our teams are now in the top 4 at this early stage of the season.  

Badge Matches Saturday July 4:  Two Manly Derbies this Saturday. In Mens Division 4 at 250pm, the youngish Manly 2 plays the experienced (ie older) Manly 3.  In Mens Division 11 at noon,  it’s “The Bold v The Beautiful, Manly 7 v Manly 8 i

Saturday Badge Results

Ladies Badge

Ladies 1 Lost 1-7 away at Longueville. Carolina and Emily won 1 set against strong opposition. 

Ladies 2 Won 6-2 at home v Chatswood.  A great win to take top position away from Chatswood. Olivia and Krista kept up their good partnership to win 3 sets; Julie and Kristina won 3 sets.

Mens Badge

Mens 1. Lost 3-5 at home to Voyager.  Some great tennis played here as usual with Bosko and Andrew Riminton winning 3 sets. Sean and his young partner Oliver played some good tennis against tough opponents .It is pleasing to see Oliver getting a chance to improve his game at this high level.

Mens 2 Bye

Mens 3 Won 6-2 away at Killara.  The two Steves,Netto and Wilko led the way winning 4 sets. Howard Smith and Andrew Robertson won 2 sets and lost the last two as Robbo suffered an injury.This team is flying high in first position. 

Mens 4 Won 4-4  on games v Neutral Bay.  Another good win as captain Sean was rested this week and his usual partner Vincent won 3 sets with Harald. Jarryd and Justin won 1 set to ensure victory.

Mens 5  Won 4-3 v Strathfield at home.  Gavin and Tom won 3 sets including 6-1 6-0 in the last two sets to ensure a win as Carl and Joao won 1 set and had an unfinished set. The points are so close in this grade that every set counts.

Mens 6 Won 7-1 away at Killara.  Alec and Hugo won 4 sets .Graham and Chriswon 3 sets. After three easy wins the next three opponents are a lot stronger so we need to be ready for the challenge.

Mens 7 Washout at Mosman.  After two washouts and a bye soon this team is playing very little tennis.

Mens 8 Lost 4-4 on games v Strathfield at home.  A close result that went down to the wire.  Ray Dalgairns and Bob Amaral won 3 sets and Rob Hill and Dessie won 1 set. This sets up an intriguing match next Saturday between the two Manly Teams at noon.  Who will play for each team?

Ladies Thursday Badge 

Won 4-4 by 1 game at home v Roseville.  Michelle and Lindy won 2 sets as did Jane and Pam. Jane and Pam won a last set tiebreaker (7-5) to win the match. The ladies are in 2nd place. This Thursday they play the top team away so good luck ladies.  Narelle is taking it easy after her operation and is supporting from the sidelines.

Court Bookings

Please be aware of Club Times for members to play. Outside of those times you need to book a court and pay the Manly Tennis Centre at the Pro Shop prior to play.  The Club Times are displayed on the notice board, pro shop and on our website


Good luck to all teams this weekend 
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.

MTC Term 3 Night Competitions

Entries are now open for Term 3 Night Competitions. Tuesday night starts July 21, Wednesday Night July 22

Entry Link

MTC Term 3 Ladies Competitions

Entries for Term 3 Ladies Competitions are now open. Tuesday Ladies Competition starts July 21. Friday Ladies Competition starts July 24.

Entry Link

Badge Report: Round 3

Mixed results for our Badge Teams last round. Our Thursday Ladies, Saturday Ladies 2 Team and our Mens 6 Team all had big wins. Mens 2 and Mens 7 Teams had close wins. 

Saturday Badge this week sees our Mens 1 team playing at 250pm v Voyager.  This should be a grudge match against the North Manly Team.

Saturday Badge Results

Ladies Badge

Ladies 1 Lost 3-5 at home to ESTC. A close result with one very good lady winning 4 sets for Easts.
Janelle/Nicola 2 sets.  Julia/ Emily 1 set

Ladies 2 Won 6-2 away at Sydney Uni.  Krista/Olivia certainly love the grass to win 4 sets again as per round 1. This Included a 6-0 6-0 result against former colleague Morganne Grange and partner.  Sharna/Elaine won 2 sets to complete an easy victory. 

Mens Badge

Mens 1  Lost 4-4 on games away at Kooroora.  Cameron / Boyd won 3 sets.  Todd /Harry 1 set.  A close result with Cameron Greens Dad starring for Kooroora to take 3 sets and complete a win on games. Warren Greens team beat our men in last seasons final.

Mens 2  Won 5-3 at home v Killara.  After 2 close losses the men turned it around this time to have a good win. Dan/Mike won 3 sets.  Murillo/Adam 2 sets.

Mens 3 Bye

Mens 4 Lost 3-5 away at Marrickville . Father and son Craig and Jarryd Stevens ( no relation to Cat) won 3 sets to lead the way. They played smart tennis and returned the serve on the full as the grass is so bad at Marrickville. Unfortunately that is not the case but should be allowed at Marrickville!

Mens 5  Lost 3-5 away at Cammeray.  Another close result for this team. Joao/ Carl teamed up for the first time to win 2 sets.  Scott/Ben 1 set.

Mens 6 Won 7-1 at home v Sydney University.  Tennis brains defeated university brains easily.  Chris/Denis 4 sets.  Hugo/Guy played together for the first time to win 3 sets.

Mens 7 Won 4-4 on games v Wests at home.  Roger/Stu 3 sets. David/ Hamish 1 set.  This team is performing well each week.

Mens 8 Lost 1-7 away at Marrickville. It was a tough struggle on the grass.  Ray Dalgairns/ Bob Amaral took one set.

Thursday Ladies Badge 

Won 7-1 at home.  Lindy/Michelle won 4 sets Narelle/Jane won 3 sets and lost a tiebreaker. The ladies are now on top of the ladder!  Best wishes to Narelle who is having a small operation this week.

Court Bookings

Please be aware of Club Times for members to play. Outside of those times you need to book a court and pay the Manly Tennis Centre at the Pro Shop prior to play.  The Club Times are displayed on the notice board, pro shop and on our website


Good luck to all teams this weekend 
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.