MLTC Hygiene Marshall

As of Saturday 1 August, new rules have been in place for small bars to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in NSW.

A Hygiene Marshall (Leone Bray) will be on duty at the club from 2pm to 630pm. The Marshall will be responsible for ensuring all aspects of our COVID-19 safety plan are adhered to including:

  • overseeing social distancing
  • cleaning equipment
  • providing hand sanitiser
  • ensuring accuracy of record keeping.

Thanks in advance for respecting our Hygiene Marshall and for following the rules, which includes signing-in, practicing good hygiene and maintaining social distancing. We’ve got some helpful signage up to remind everyone.   

Please support our committee members who are implementing the state government requirements.

The club  has registered it’s COVID-19 safety plan with the NSW Government and is committed to ensuring the safety of its members and visitors.

Secretary MLTC

COVID-19 Registration

Government regulations require that we must register ALL members, players and visitors using the Manly Tennis Centre.

Please scan our QR code at the centre with your phone’s camera app to complete registration each day you visit us.

Only your name and mobile are required. Thank you.

MLTC COVID-19 Update – Courts Available for Play; Clubhouse Closed.

Courts are available for play.

The MLTC Clubhouse is closed but players can access the club’s washrooms.

Member, Player and Staff Basics:

  • If you are unwell or have reason to believe you may be infected with COVID 19 virus, please do NOT attend MLTC before seeking and following medical advice.
  • If you have been travelling recently, especially overseas you must follow Government self-isolation guidelines.
  • Please – no shaking hands or contact with others while at MLTC while this crisis continues
  • Please use our washrooms, soap dispensers and the hand sanitiser on the reception counter to ensure safe hand hygiene.
  • Please do not loiter inside the clubhouse.  There are loads of outside open spaces so please use them.

Coaching and Midweek Competitions

  • All Coaching is ON.  Please check with the Manly Tennis Centre if you have any questions.

Members Social Tennis

  • Members’ social tennis will continue, keeping in mind the above Basics guidance.

The management of MLTC is currently, and will continue, to follow all directives from Federal, State and Local Governments in relation to COVID-19. We will update immediately when/if there is any change.

As at 12.30 pm March 23, current government restrictions mean MLTC can stay open with the measures we have in place.

Craig Withell
23March 2020

COVID-19 Update – Coaching, Court Hire & Competitions

MLTC Newsletter 12 April 2021

Bar renovations – Renovations have started that should take around 6 weeks. Our bar is still operating at a limited capacity from the kitchen. When operating as a bar no children are permitted into the kitchen area. Eftpos is preferred.
Club Captain’s Report
As this is the last Sat before badge starts, we are changing the social schedule slightly to accommodate many additional requests for teams to train together. There are 12 time slots available and team captains may book a court for 1.5hrs through Denis as follows:
  • 11.30am to 1pm – 4 courts for team training – FULLY BOOKED (2 courts for social)
  • 1pm to 2.30pm – 2 courts for team training (4 courts for social)
  • 2.30pm to 4pm – 2 courts for team training – FULLY BOOKED (4 courts for social)
  • 4pm to 5.30pm – 4 courts for team training (2 courts for social if required)
Once Badge starts on Sat 24th April, there will be 2 social courts available each week from 11.30am to 2.30pm. Priority will be given to members who are not playing badge.
Manly Lawn Logos – The Club has purchased logos for Badge players, they are available from Denis for you to sew onto your tennis shirt or hat at no cost to you.
Badge Captains  and players are encouraged to read Badge rules as there have been several changes made.

Badge Rule Changes

Dear Delegates,

Thanks again for your team entry into the 2021 Sydney Badge Competition and the work you have done to assist us to return to Sydney badge for 2021. We hope you are looking forward to a great competition. Please read through some important notes below and attached.

All captains information has been sent today to all divisions. If your captain has not heard anything please let me know and we can try and work out why. I have attached the captains form to this email for your reference.

We have a few minor rule changes for the 2021 season that are highlighted below.

Rule  11.5  All Clubs using Grass Court surfaces must provide an alternative venue which can be used to minimise ‘Wash Outs’. Alternative venues to be submitted at time of nomination.

Rationale: This rule has been amended to minimise washouts. This was our single biggest complaint from clubs and captains in 2020. Our aim is to minimise washouts caused by rain during the week. If a lawn club suspects their courts will not be available for Saturdays play, in weather where matches are still played on other surfaces, They should be making arrangements to find an alternate venue to play matches.

Rule 12.5 For semi-finals and finals matches, a minimum of two rubbers (four sets) must be completed for a match to be deemed “complete”. If two rubbers of a match are not complete for any reason (i.e. Washout), the match will be deemed incomplete and the points will be split between both teams.

Rationale: This rule is only applicable to semi-finals and finals matches.

Rule  13.4 An injured player may be replaced for their second rubber of the match only during a semi final or finals match. The replacement player must be a base or reserve player in that team and eligible to play finals in accordance to rule 21.1. An injured player can only be replaced for the second rubber where the first rubber is forfeited due to injury. A player cannot be replaced after completing their first rubber.

Rationale: This injury replacement rule is only applicable to semi-finals and finals matches. The injury must occur during the players first rubber. The player cannot be replaced after completing their first rubber. This will prevent teams taking advantage of the rule and trying to replace a player who is not performing.

Rule 15.1 Where a team or a doubles pair is not ready to play 15 minutes after the start time of the match, the first set of the rubber (or rubbers) will be forfeited by that team.

Rationale: This has just been extended from 5 to 15 minutes.

Rule 20.7 Semi-Finals and Finals must be played out to ensure there is a winner. Should the Semi Final or Final end in a draw on both sets won and games won, both teams will select any two (2) players to play one (1) tie-break (First to seven, win by two points) to decide the winner.

Rationale: Applicable to Semi-Final and Finals matches.

There will be no more draw requests accepted the final draw for the Sydney Badge Competition has now been published on Match Centre. You will need to search “Sydney Badge Tennis” If you are experiencing issues logging in please contact Tennis Australia customer support on 1800 752 983.

As always, should you have any further questions, please contact TNSW.

Good Luck for the 2021 season.

Kind Regards
TNSW Competitions Team

Picton Seniors Tournament May 14-16

TSNSW is helping Picton run their tournament this year so please find attached the entry form for Picton.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions

Hope to see you there!

0414 973 751


Badge Draws 2021

Direct links to the various Badge draws for Men and Women on the Sydney Badge site are available.

Click here to link to draws.


MTC Term 2 Night Competitions

Entries are now open for Term 2 Night Competitions.

Entry Link

30+ Seniors Social Round Robin 23-25 April

Please see the entry form for the Pennant Hills Seniors Round Robin to be held 23rd-25th April.  It is a fantastic event.  
The details can also be found on our website;  We look forward to seeing you there.
Tennis Seniors NSW

The Tennis Parent’s Bible

Most parents spend the majority of their time, money and energy in developing their children’s fundamental strokes — focussing on ‘how to hit the ball’.

However, in today’s competitive game, a lack of success is most often the result of a lack of understanding on ‘how to play’ — to build a game based on each child’s unique set of skills: size, strength, speed.  To complete the picture, most kids come with under developed mental and emotional components — to deal with adversity, disappointments, injuries and losing.  Championship tennis is very much a microcosm of life  writ large.

The Tennis Parent’s Bible (Frank Giampaolo) is designed to assist parents (and coaches) better understand the mental and emotional complexities of raising a tennis athlete. While it was published a little while ago, even so, its advice to parents remains evergreen.

It is a comprehensive guide to becoming a world class tennis parent!  Yep, parents have to learn as well!!

Click on the link below and enjoy the read!
Tennis Whisperer





Roger Federer’s Workout Routine – Sporting Ferret

We’re going to look at some of Roger Federer’s favorite exercises that have helped him retain elite levels of fitness in a professional career spanning over 23 years, covering warm-ups, exercises for mobility, agility, and strength training.


How Roger Federer Warms Up

Whether you’re a professional athlete or weekend warrior, warming up before undertaking intense exercise is essential in helping to improve your performance and avoiding injuries.

Though Roger Federer has an army of nutritionists, personal trainers, and coaches, his warm-up exercises are basic moves that are easy to do but have multiple benefits.

Jump Rope: Jump rope is an excellent exercise for your cardiovascular system and agility. Federer likes to start off slowly and work his way up to ‘double-unders’.

Butt Kicks: A simple yet effective warm-up exercise perfect for elevating your heart rate and getting some heat into your quads.

Stretches: Dynamic stretching is best performed once your muscles are warmed up a little. Avoid static stretching as it can negatively impact your workout and fatigue your muscles.

Side-Line Sprints: This exercise not only builds a bulletproof cardiovascular system, but it’s also known to pack on muscle and get the body used to sudden changes of direction, which is essential on the tennis court. This intense exercise is best done as the last part of your warm-up.


Roger Federer’s Favorite Exercises

Medicine ball Shuffle: Roger Federer uses the medicine ball shuffle (passing a medicine back and forth while shuffling sideways) with his coach as a way to build core stability, arm strength, and coordination.

Lateral Band Walks: With resistance bands, like the Victorembands, wrapped around his legs and feet set at shoulder-width apart, Roger Federer performs lateral band walks to increase his hip stability and knee-joint strength.

Cone Drills: Federer’s workout routine includes cone drills to sharpen his agility by using cones as markers for fast-paced direction changing, while simultaneously practicing his forehand and backhand.

Side lunges & Twists: Using a medicine ball to tax his muscles further, Roger performs side lunges with a twist for balance, coordination, and isolating his hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

Trampoline Volleys: Standing on one leg on a trampoline, Federer practices volleying the tennis ball to a partner. He believes it helps his balance and hand-eye coordination.

Racket Drills: Practice makes perfect, and Roger Federer’s fitness coach, Pierre Paganini, runs racket drills with the 20 grand slam winner to make sure his forehand, backhand, groundstroke, and volleys are as sharp as possible.

HIIT: Or ‘High-Intensity Interval Training is a series of cardiovascular exercises performed at maximum intensity for periods of 10-to-15 seconds followed by a rest period of around 45 seconds. Federer does HIIT to build explosive power for short but taxing points within a tennis match.

Jogging: While jogging is not high on Roger’s list of popular exercises, building cardiovascular endurance is essential for top tennis players. Though much of the game is played over short, intense time periods, tennis matches can last for hours.


Rest & Recovery

Roger Federer didn’t become a top athlete by exercising alone; he achieved elite status by recovering properly from consistently intense workouts and letting his body adapt to the stimulation.

If you want to recover sufficiently, you need a balanced and nutritious diet and proper sleep. Federer eats whole foods healthily, lean protein for muscle growth, and complex carbs for energy and endurance while getting a minimum of ten hours of sleep per night.

Following Roger Federer’s training routine might not lead you to win Wimbledon, but it will help improve your overall health and fitness, which will lead to gains on the tennis court.

What you can do in NSW | NSW Government

From 12.01am, 29 March

Number of visitors in a home

You may have up to 100 visitors at a time. The total number of visitors includes adults and children.

If you have a gathering of more than 100 visitors in your home, you must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and make it available for inspection if requested.

The limit of 100 people also applies to holiday homes and short-term rentals.

If you have a gathering of more than 100 people at your holiday home or short-term rental, you must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and make it available for inspection if requested.

Learn about having more than 100 visitors at a home.

Dancing and singing

There are no restrictions on dancing and singing at venues and events including nightclubs, weddings, funerals and memorial services.

Organisers of venues and event must continue to be COVID safe.


Nightclubs may open, but they must be COVID Safe.

Outdoor public gatherings

Up to 200 people can gather in an outdoor public place such as a park, reserve, beach, garden or public space.

Learn more about gatherings of more than 200 people.

Holidays and travel

Check for any restrictions that apply to your destination before you travel to other Australian states and territories.

If you are travelling to Lord Howe Island, check the rules for hotels and accommodation on Lord Howe Island.

Weddings, funerals and memorial services

If you are the organiser of a significant event you will need to have and comply with a relevant COVID-19 Safety Plan for a wedding, funeral or memorial service.

Religious services

When a religious service is held in a place of public worship, the person responsible for the premises must have and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your church, meeting house, mosque, synagogue, temple or other place of worship.

For businesses and venue operators

Find out about the COVID-19 rules and requirements for your industry, premises or event.

COVID-19 restrictions to ease but compliance must increase

A number of COVID-19 restrictions across NSW will be eased as the state continues to move forward in a COVID-Safe way.

From 12:01am Monday 29 March, the following will apply:

  • no caps on weddings and funerals
  • no restrictions on singing including in places of worship
  • no restriction on dancing including at weddings and in pubs and nightclubs
  • no cap on visitors in the home (if there are more than 100 people there must be a COVID-19 Safety plan and electronic recording of visitor details)
  • 200 people allowed for personal outdoor public gatherings
  • all venues to move to the one person per 2sqm rule (venues will be allowed at least 25 people before the 2sqm rule applies)
  • 100% seated capacity at entertainment venues including stadiums and theatres
  • mask use including on public transport will move from ‘mandatory’ to ‘strongly recommended’.

Businesses and other organisations must continue to ensure they keep accurate records of all attendances, including through QR Codes, to enable fast contact tracing in the event of any community transmission.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the easing of restrictions is a significant step forward as NSW continues its COVID-19 recovery.

“With no community transmission and our quarantine and frontline workers now receiving their second vaccinations, the timing is right to further ease restrictions across the state,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“As we do this, it is important we don’t let our guard down and continue to check in at venues, keep our social distance and get tested if we have even the mildest of symptoms.”

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said the further lifting of restrictions would help support businesses and jobs across the state.

“Today we take a another big stride in the right direction, easing restrictions is important in helping businesses return to normal, it’s like a jab of confidence for the economy,” Mr Perrottet said.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the further easing of restrictions was possible due to the support and sacrifices of the people of NSW.

“The initial focus of our vaccination program on frontline quarantine, border and healthcare workers has also given us greater confidence as it reduces the risk of COVID being introduced into the community from an overseas source,” Mr Hazzard said.

Dr Chant said it is critical everyone continues to practise COVID-safe behaviours, including using QR codes, staying home if unwell and getting tested.

“I also urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible and able to do so. It will not only protect you, your family and loved ones, but will keep the whole community safe,” Dr Chant said.

Learn more information on COVID-19.