Badge Results Round-3

With the Royal Wedding on Saturday evening a lot of players must have been distracted as Saturday’s Badge Results were not encouraging.
Only one men’s team was victorious but the ladies saved the day by all three teams winning.

Highlight of the round:

  • 8-0 victory for Ladies 1 team.
  • 7-1 victory for Ladies 2 team.
  • 7- 1 victory for Men’s 4 team.
  • Ladies 3 close win.

Men’s 1.1 team suffered their first loss of the season! They were clearly distracted by The Royal Wedding! Harry is a huge fan of daytime TV and was anxious to see what Oprah was wearing!  She was pretty in pink. Harry would have been disappointed that Ellen was not there as he never misses her show.  Sean is a massive Elton John fan and was keen to get home early to see if Elton and his husband were wearing similar outfits.

Milton and Harald won 3 sets in 1.3 in a losing effort.  Milton has been the star of his team so far this season as has Sean in his 1.5 team. Whoever plays with them seems to win. Keep up the good work guys.

Alec and Hugo won all 4 sets again in 2.2.  Sean and Tim won 3 sets in 1.5. Bob and Denis won 3 sets in 2.2.

Yvonne and Jane, and Janelle and Julia, won 4 sets in 1.1. Emily and Danni won 4 sets, Sarah and Virginia won 3 sets in 1.2.

Jono and Scott in 1.5, both keen Royalists, must have been distracted on Saturday as they lost all their sets. Jono named his son George after considering Mango as an alternative name.  Scott has a new corgi puppy.

Some of the men in the lower teams always have excuses when they lose every week and need to toughen up a bit. In fact we might call them Hillarys which leads me to a new weekly segment called FAKE NEWS.

Each week there will be 3 statements: two will be Fake and one will be true. The answers will be published next week.

A. Tim Coleman served and volleyed for one service game last Saturday.

B. Ron Jeffs did not foot fault for one service game last Saturday.

C. There was a Royal Wedding in England last Saturday.

Badge Matches May 26

Home matches this Saturday.

  • 1200 Men’s 2.4
  • 1200 Men’s 2.5
  • 1450 Ladies 1.1
  • 1450 Men’s 1.3
  • 1450 Men’s 2.3
Please check your times and point scores for Badge each week as mistakes are often made!


Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club.

Badge Score Board: Round 3

Badge Results   Rd 3 May-19
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 8-0 3
Manly 2 1.2 Won 7-1 2
Manly 3 1.3 Won 4-3 6
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Lost 3-5 2
Manly 2 1.3 Lost 3-5 5
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-5 7
Manly 4 2.2 Won 7-1 1
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 3-5 7
Manly 6 2.4 Lost 1-7 8
Manly 7 2.5 Lost 0-8 6

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Badge Score Board: Round 2

Badge Results Rd 2 May-12
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 BYE 4
Manly 2 1.2 Wet 3
Manly 3 1.3 Lost 0-8 6
Men’s Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 5-3 1
Manly 2 1.3 Lost 1-6 5
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-5 7
Manly 4 2.2 Draw 4-4 2
Manly 5 2.3 Wet 6
Manly 6 2.4 Lost 1-7 8
Manly 7 2.5 Draw 2-4 4

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Badge Results Round-2

Last Saturday was one of the worst days ever to try and play tennis! Rain and wind!! And our results showed we did not handle the conditions well with only our Men’s 1.1 team being victorious.  Two teams had washouts and our Ladies 1.1 team had a bye.
The good news was The Sea Eagles, Swans and Bulldogs all had wins.😁😁

Badge Results

Mens 1.1 Won 5-3 at home.  Bosko and Sean won 4 sets to set up the win and Jono and Todd did their part by winning 1 set.

Mens 1.3 Lost 1-6 at Killara.  Playing at Killara is always a tough task and by playing ex Manly members made it even tougher.  Milton was absent so the team was weakened.  New member Craig Stevens played with DJ Mike to win 1 set and Treasurer Jon and President Craig managed to get an unfinished set.

Mens 1.5 Lost 5-3 at home.  Jono and Tim got the team off to a strong start by claiming the first set on forfeit but that was all
folks! Sean and Scott combined well to win 2 sets and lose a tiebreaker which would have forced a draw. This team is playing two grades higher and in Scotts case three grades higher than last year so are playing very competitively.

Mens 2.2 Draw 4sets all and also on games.  Playing on grass at Beecroft was a nightmare as the grass is terrible and to come away with a draw was a good result.  Graham and Tom Donald won 2 sets and Chris and your Club Captain also won 2 sets.  We were outlobbed by professional lobbers on their homecourts by one pairwho won 4 sets. We needed to be 20 years younger and a lot taller to beat them!

Mens 2.3 Washout at Hunters Hill.

Mens 2.4 Lost 7-1 at Royal Sydney.  The grass was too wet so the match was played on synthetic but we still suffered a big defeat.  New member David Bowan combined with Phuket Ray to win 1 set but Tommy and Ian were not successful. Better times are ahead as Aidan and Daniel have yet to make an appearance for their debut in Badge.Pairings will take time to combine together.

Mens 2.5 Drew 2-4 at home.  Although behind on sets Georges team scored 4 points and maybe could have won as two sets were unfinished and only one game behind.  George and Thomas MacDonald won 1 set and Peter Butcher and Ray Dalgairns 1 set.  Owen has coached this team and pairs have trained together so their results for the first two matches have been very encouraging.With plenty of players to choose from, George has done a great job organising and arranging the pairings.

Ladies 1.1 Bye

Ladies 1.2 washout at Sydney University.

Ladies 1.3 lost 8-0 at home.  After a good win last week the ladies played the leading team and had a loss.  Pam and Johanna and Lindy and Jane will get more chances against other teams to show their capabilities.

Badge Matches May 19

12.00 Ladies 1.3
1200 Mens 2.2
1450pm Mens1.1
1450pm Mens1.3
1450pm Ladies 1.2

Also please check your times and point scores for Badge each week as mistakes are often made e.g. George’s team was not given the proper points when they were unfinished until I protested.


Tennis Shirts

Anyone still wishing to have a Club Logo on their shirt or top can leave at the Pro -Shop and I will arrange to have it embossed.  George has arranged for the club logo to be left at permanently at Julies Embroidery  1/121 Old Pittwater Rd North Manly Phone 99054540. You can take tops or shirts there yourself if you wish.

Hopefully better results will be achieved this Saturday.
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club.

Interim Independent Review of Integrity of Tennis

In 2008, tennis was among the first sports to establish its own anti-corruption body. All ‘Covered Persons’ are bound by the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, which gives TIU the right to interview and obtain, with consent, suspects’ phones, tablets, lap tops and financial records. Investigations are opened at any time, into any covered person. Offenders are subject to lifetime bans and fines up to US$250,000. In helping to prevent corruption, TIU works with the sport to make it as difficult as possible for would-be corruptors to access players and tournaments. Player education is critical. All players complete an online Tennis Integrity Protection Program which explains grooming techniques and the process of reporting corrupt approaches.

Click here for the Interim Independent Review of Integrity of Tennis


This is what exercise/tennis does for your brain

I’m not shy in my advocacy for exercise as a therapy for mental health. It’s something I talk about often, something I’ve experienced first-hand, a topic I’m passionate about, and over the past few years, something I’ve continued to research and strived to understand better.

This is what I’ve learnt – the human brain is fascinating and we’re continuing to discover more about its capabilities every day. We certainly don’t know all there is to understand about the connection between physical exercise and mental health, but I hope you’ll agree, moving our body is something our brain wants and something our mind can hugely benefit from.

Here’s just some of the reasons why.

It releases feel good chemicals in your brain

Most of us will have heard of endorphins – the ultimate “feel good” chemicals that our body releases when we exercise. Endorphins are what we can thank for that blissful ‘post-exercise high’ that often follows a good sweat session. These chemicals interact with the receptors in our brain that reduce our perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in the body. Endorphins help to reduce stress and anxiety, but when we exercise, there are other mood boosting chemicals at play as well.

Exercise also increases the production of serotonin in the brain, which works as a natural antidepressant. Lastly but certainly not least important, exercise increases the production of dopamine – the “motivation” and “reward” brain chemical.

With a knock-on production of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine, it’s no surprise regular exercise is linked with enhanced mental health and emotional wellbeing!   

It can improve your concentration

Research supports the idea that exercise improves focus, attention, and the ability to concentrate. But how?

When we exercise, especially at a high-intensity where our heart rate is elevated, our adrenal glands and our brain ramp up production of a chemical called norepinephrine. As more norepinephrine flows into our bloodstream, it increases our alertness and focus. An important reason to prioritise exercise during busy working periods, to improve productivity!

It can boost your memory

A number of studies show that aerobic exercise (aka cardio) promotes brain growth, especially in the hippocampus area, the part of our brain that is associated with memory1,2,3.

And if that‘s not enough to convince you – a new study from McMaster University in Canada found that young adults who participated in 6 weeks of high intensity interval training (HIIT) experienced significant improvements in their memory and recall4.  

It can slow cognitive decline

Keeping physically fit can also help to keep our brain healthy as we age. Exercise stimulates the release of growth factors, chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells, the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, and even the survival of new brain cells. These growth factors help to protect our brain against injury and preserve our cognitive function5,6.



Wellness Director, Collective Wellness Group – Dan Conn


Murray Moments

Andy Murray by Peter Staples ATP Photographer & MLTC Member

Badge Results Round-1

The Badge Season began last Saturday with some strong wins by many of our new members.

Ladies 1.1 Drew 4 sets to 2
The Ladies needed another 5 minutes and a win would have ensued but the hooter beat them. Julia and Janelle and Yvonne and Sofie each won 2 sets with a set each unfinished whilst 9 games in front.

Ladies 1.2 Won 5 sets to 3
A good start to the season with Emily and Kirsten winning 3 sets and Kristina and Carolina 2 sets. Kirsten showing off the skills she learned in Rob’ coaching clinics.

Ladies 1.3 Won 5 sets to 3 away.
This is a new team and they performed well in their first match on grass at Sydney Uni. Jane and Erryn winning 3 sets and Johanna and Michelle 2 sets. Jane has been coming to Rob’s clinics also.

Mens 1.1 Won 8 sets to nil away.
The guys continued on from their dominance of last year with an easy win. Staying focussed will be a hard task during the season as this team will have a lot of easy matches. Both pairs won 4 sets easily, Todd and Jono and Harry and Andrew.

Mens 1.3 Won 5 sets to 3
Milton and Treasurer Jon showed why they are a formidable pairing by winning 4 sets. They performed well together last year and will be one of the top pairs again this year. President Craig and Mike won 1 set to complete the victory.

Mens 1.5 Lost 4 sets to 3 on games away.
With four players absent The Club Captain was called up to play with Roberto jnr at Royal Sydney but sadly was not good enough to win a set.  Scott Anderson and Sean won 3 sets in their first match together in 1.5 and played well as a combination. When their players return next week they will be much stronger.

Mens 2.2 Won 6 sets to 2
The new members Alec and Hugo played together for the first time and won 4 sets. Showing off their volleying skills from Robs clinics they were the one of the few pairings to win 4 sets apart from the 1.1 Team.Well done and welcome to Manly Club. Everyone is impressed by your attitude and dedication to want to improve. The old foxes of Graham and Bob won 2 sets and lost 2 close sets to complete an easy win.

Mens 2.3 Lost 6 sets to 2 at Wakehurst.
This team lost the toss so were switched to Wakehurst late in the week as Badge scheduled too many matches at our courts. Carl and Trevor and Stu and Mark each won 1 set. They will improve next match as they have a strong team.

Mens 2.4 Lost 6 sets to 1
Not a good start but there are plenty of matches ahead and new combinations at work here. Emerson and Tommy won 1 set and were leading in the last set when the hooter sounded. Ian and Mark did not win a set but have been practicing each day to make amends next time ( I hope ).

Mens 2.5 Won 7 sets to 1 away.
Georges team had a great start to the season thanks to his organising skills and skillful pairings. Gordon and Andrew won 3 sets and new pairing of Raymond and David won all 4 sets in an impressive start to their Badge career at Manly. Playing away at Ashfield is not easy so this is an impressive debut by this team. David has been attending the clinics. Owens coaching has paid dividends.Well done guys.

Matches this Saturday

1200 noon Manly Mens 7 v Strathfield 6
1200 noon Manly Ladies 3 v Wests 1
1450pm Manly Mens 1 v Hunters Hill 1
1450pm Manly Mens 3 v Neutral Bay 4.

Good luck to all teams this weekend.
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.

Badge Score Board: Round 1

Badge Results   1 May-05
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Drew 4-2 4
Manly 2 1.2 Won 5-3 3
Manly 3 1.3 Won 5-3 5
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 8-0 1
Manly 2 1.3 Won 5-3 N/A
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-4 4
Manly 4 2.2 Won 6-2 2
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 2-6 6
Manly 6 2.4 Lost 1-6 6
Manly 7 2.5 Won 7-1 3

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Badge Draws & Results Posted

Sydney Badge has posted divisions, teams and draws online.  Click here to link.

Note you will need a valid login to access.