Badge Dubs Clinic 15Mar- Quick Recap

Last week, Denis started our doubles clinics for our Badge members.

A couple of folks asked me for a quick summary recap:

  1. Doubles 101 is about ‘managing the real estate’.  Attached sketch shows the ‘80% rule’ — the key to playing good doubles. 80% of shots fall in a 2 metre circle around the centre T — irrespective of grade played.  Simply, standing that means you’ll at least get a shot at the ball.  Of course the outcome will depend on your respective ability.
  2. Size matters!  We learned about ‘zones’: when to attack, approach and defend! Taller players have a significant advantage with a much larger green zone. In summary, you have to keep the ball deeper in the court, or at their feet, and preferably out of the 80% zone or they can hurt you!  See below for the little exercise we did.


  1. Good doubles means being aware of who/where the ‘threat is’ and positioning yourself accordingly. This is how you build pressure in doubles!  This generally translates into not playing the net person into the game particularly if you’re the receiver– if at all possible.  Conversely, the server is trying to play their net person into the game — their net person gets to stand in their green zone without hitting a ball!


Everybody had a chance to practice all this with some fierce points played out! We then adjourned to the bar for a post mortem drink and snacks. Good time had by all.

The clinics continue each Thursday, weather permitting. Space is limited and signups are required.



Badge Rules 2018

TNSW has published the following rules guide — a ‘must read’ for captains!


Badge Dates/Details 2018

Badge starts Saturday May 5 and runs for 14 weeks with several breaks for school holidays.  Please click on attached for details


Badge Dubs Coaching

Starts: Thurs March 15 6:30p

Rob Muir (USPTA) has kindly agreed to take coaching drills each Thursday evening from 630pm till 8pm for members.

The cost will be $10 and will include a drink at the bar.

Please email me on [email protected] each week to come along as we need to know numbers.

Also Badge dates have been changed and now will run from May 5 till September  22.  There will be only one Saturday  in July for Badge tennis!

Denis Crowley
Club Captain

Any questions re Badge, email Captain.

Web Site Glitches Resolved.

Web site has had a few glitches with our posts. It has now had a late spring clean by our dedicated web site team (thank you Jono)!

Pleased to report we are back up!!

Saturday Court Captains’ Roster

Saturday Social Court Captain Roster
March 3 – April 21   2018

Mar.  3           Tim Coleman                       Annette Debenham
Mar.  10          Virginia Longfellow            Scott Anderson
Mar.  17          Milton Da Rocha                 Bob Duffin
Mar.  24          Dean Hodgson                    Carl Brazendale
Mar. 31           Denis Crowley                     Tony Hamilton
Apr.   7            Julia Gunn                           Stuart Charlton
Apr.  14           Jon Corney                          Mark Flogel
Apr.  21           Peter Roberts                      Narelle Kinsey
Apr.  28                              Badge

Court Captains operate 1pm-4pm.  Members playing before 1pm and after 4pm arrange their own sets.

REMINDER: Should you be unavailable on your rostered date, please arrange your own replacement.

VISITORS: $20 fee to be collected prior to playing.

Badge Teams 2018

Badge Teams 2018 with suggested gradings.

Ladies 1  1.1                           Ladies 2  1.1                 Ladies3   1.4
Y. Davis (captain)                 D.Govers (captain)          M. Stevens(captain)
J.Lofthus                                 K.Bruce                              J .Isherwood
J.Gunn                                     K Curtis                             J. Bailes
J.Hawkins                               V Longfellow                    E. Patterson
L.Townsend                            C Pena y Lillo                   L.Meakins
A.Dudley                                  E. Peake                            K.Stevens(res)
S. Sullivan                                S Bunting (res)                S.Franks(res)
M.Quigley(res)  ………………………………………………..   P Muir(res)

Mens 1 1.1                             Mens 2 1.3                            Mens 3  2.2
S.White (captain)                      M. Da Rocha (captain)         J Allara (captain)
H.Faeste                                     J. Corney                               S. Jobe
T.Maloney                                  C.Stevens                              T.Coleman
J.Walker                                     M. O’Connor                         P. Rathborne
A. Rimington                              H. Grabner                            S.Anderson
P. Thorne                                     C. Withell(res)                     M.Sladen
S. Withell(res)                             R. Muir(res)                         R.Gallardo Jr
…………………………………………..R. Gallardo(res)

Mens 4 2.3                                  Mens 5  2.4                           Mens 6 2.5
D.Crowley (captain)                   C.Brazendale (captain)          R.Dummett (captain)
G.Burman                                     T.Easterbrook                         I.Bate
C.Diaz                                            P.Roberts                                 T.Tyrell
T.Donald                                        S. Charlton                              M. Flogel
R.Duffin                                         A. Hamilton                            D.Bowman
H.Stegmann                                 H Cullwick                                P. Quigley
……………………………………………J. Hancock

Mens 7 3.1
G.Paul (captain)

We had a lot of late entries for Badge so we now have ten teams.

Scott and I have tried to keep everyone happy with our selections by keeping combinations similar to last year except where teams had vacancies. We have a few new members playing this year so we have done the best we can in placing them in teams.

Please ring me on 0407021624 if you want to discuss anything, I am only too happy to talk about any selections.

Starting March 8 from 6pm to 8pm I am encouraging players to come along on Thursday evenings to have training drills and set play to practice for Badge.I will be there to organise.

Let’s make this a successful  season for Badge.

Cub Captain

Badge Selections

After this weekend Scott Blackburn and myself will have the task of selecting the Badge Teams.
We will be speaking to last years’ Captains and getting advice and feedback. It is very difficult as most players think they should play a higher grade and have various reasons why.

The bottom line is we only won Division 1 Mens last year so they all have a case to play higher but not many others have genuine reasons.

We will have two less Mens Teams this year and hopefully a third Ladies Team.  Johanna and Michelle are keen to play every weekend so we need a few more ladies who entered as reserves to confirm to play each week or fortnight and then we can enter a third team.

Please ring me on 0407021624 if you can commit please.
Denis Crowley
Club Captain.

Combined Championships

The Club Championships were fiercely contested last weekend with Howard and John proving too experienced for Matt and Carl in the final. Both pairs did well to win their pools easily in Mens A Doubles.

The Ladies was won by Kristina and Virginia who defeated Johanna and Jane and Julia and Liz.
Last Sunday The Combined Age and A Mixed was played and Kirsten and Hugo were successful over Stu and Julia in the final.

This weekend will be Mens Combined 100 Doubles at 1pm on Saturday.
Pairings are Bob and Murillo
George and Andrew Rimm.
Scott and Chris
Peter and Tony
Ray and Jeff
Andrew and Gordon
Raymond and Hugo
Carl and Ian.

Thanks to all players who participated last weekend and good luck to all players this weekend.
The Committee will organise prizes to be presented in early March.


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