NSTA Night Comp 2019

NSTA Night Competition Term 1

  • Monday 11 February – Wednesday 10 April

  • Entries Close Sunday 3 February

Monday Pairs (Mixed Venues)
Teams of 2
3 sets of doubles, each set is best of 8 games
Max time 1.5 hours

Tuesday Singles (Mixed Venues)
Teams of 1
3 sets of singles, each set is a tie-break at 5-5
Max time 2 hours

Tuesday Mixed (Tennis Valley)
Teams of 2 men and 2 women
Each player plays 1 set of unisex doubles and 2 sets of mixed doubles with the same partner, each set is a tie-break at 5/5
The home team supplies a light supper for the away team

Wednesday Triples (Mixed Venues)
Teams of 3
Each team is ranked 1, 2, 3
Each player plays 1 set of singles versus same-ranked opponent in singles (e.g. 1 v 1)
Each player plays 2 sets doubles (1 with each team mate, e.g. 1 plays with 2, 1 plays with 3, 2 plays with 3), each set is a tie-break at 5/5

NSTA Night Comp Details

Club News

Annual Club Championships

The Men’s and Ladies Singles Finals were played last Saturday before a big crowd and after two close matches, our champions from last year were victorious again.

In the Ladies singles Sofie Sullivan came from behind to defeat Emily Peake in three long sets.  This was a very close final and both ladies deserved to win but Sofie prevailed with her never say die attitude.Emily was very brave and gracious in defeat .Congratulations to both ladies.

Andrew Riminton then played Sean White in the Men’s Final and although Andrew won in straight sets there were some great rallies and close games. Both players gave their all and the crowd saw some great tennis. Andrew is warming up for The Seaside Classic so we all wish him the best there.  Whereas Sean will be cooling off skiing in Japan over Christmas.

The Ladies Doubles Final was played later in the day and Sofie Sullivan combined with Julia Gunn to again defeat Emily Peake and Carolina Pena y Lillo 7-5 7-6  in another close match.

The Mens Doubles final was played a few weeks ago and Todd Maloney and Harry Faeste defeated Craig Withell and Richard Steeds.

We still have the A Men’s Singles and Doubles finals to be played this Saturday.

Badge 2019

Begins 23 March 2019

The Autumn Mens and Ladies Badge will begin on March 23 2019.  Please see fact sheet below for details.

A nomination form for Badge will be on Manly Lawn website so we need players to send in their nomination forms by January 31.The teams will be selected on February 1 so no late entries will be accepted. If you don’t nominate on time then you will go on the reserves list.

Our new selectors for Mens and Ladies teams will be out over the break speaking to all players re your availability.

Manly Seaside Tournament

Starts Boxing Day

This will be held as usual from December 26 to December 31 so we hope to see many club members there watching the high standard of tennis.

Any member with a RSA certificate and can help out at the bar over the tournament please let Milton know as he is making up a roster for members to help Kevin.

Social Tennis

There will be NO social tennis from December 26 to December 31.

Any outside social tennis will be at the members own court hire expense.

January 1 will be next social day after December 22.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our members
Denis Crowley
Club Captain.

Being Fit May Be as Good for You as Not Smoking

A new study found a strong correlation between endurance and living a long life.

Being in shape may be as important to a long life as not smoking, according to an interesting new study of the links between fitness and mortality.

The study also explores whether there is any ceiling to the benefits of fitness — whether, in essence, you can exercise too much. The answer, it found, is a reassuring no.

At this point, we should not be surprised to hear that people who exercise and have high aerobic endurance tend to live longer than those who are sedentary and out of shape. A large body of past research has linked exercise with longevity and indicated that people who work out tend also to be people with lengthy, healthy lives.

But much of this research relied on asking people about their exercise routines, a practice that is known to elicit unreliable answers.

So for the new study, which was published this month in JAMA Network Open, a group of researchers and physicians at the Cleveland Clinic decided to look for more objective ways to measure the relationship between endurance and longevity.

Annual Club Championship Draws

Please click on the links below to open each draw in a new tab:

Result from this past weekend’s play are included.

Thank you to Dean Hodgson for compiling the draws.

Should You Have Knee Replacement Surgery?

Some experts question whether the surgery is being done too often or too soon on patients who have not adequately explored less invasive approaches.

For the vast majority of patients with debilitating knee pain, joint replacement surgery is considered an “elective” procedure.

While it’s true that one’s life doesn’t depend on it, what about quality of life? Many people hobbling about on painful knees would hardly regard the surgery as optional. Consider, for example, two people I know: a 56-year-old man passionate about tennis who can no longer run for a bus, let alone on the court, and a 67-year-old otherwise healthy woman with bone-on-bone arthritis who can’t walk without a cane or stand for more than a few minutes.

They have reason to think it may be time to replace their worn-out knees with artificial ones, an operation that is now among the most frequently performed costly medical procedures in the United States. But some leading medical economists are asking whether this surgery is being done too often or too soon on patients who have not adequately explored less invasive approaches to relieve their pain and improve their mobility.

I certainly had done due diligence before opting to have both knees replaced 14 years ago at age 63. I had wanted to wait longer, given that the life expectancy of artificial knees was then 10 to 15 years, and I would have liked Medicare to help foot the bill. I had no weight to lose and had done months of physical therapy that made me stronger but not better. I tried gel injections to no effect, and was living on anti-inflammatory drugs just to get through the day.

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Club News

Entries are low for the Club Championships and entries close next Monday October 15.  None of our Men’s 1 team have entered as yet.

The Ladies Open Singles and Doubles will now be played at the end of November as many of our top ladies are unavailable.  The Open Mixed and A event Ladies Singles and Doubles will be played if sufficient entries are received.  We have sufficient entries already to hold the A Mixed Doubles but need more.

Social tennis will be limited during the club championships so players are encouraged to enter and challenge yourself.
Enter by sending an email to the Club Captain.
Note that membership fees for 2018-19 must be paid before October 15 to be eligible to play in the Championships.
The AGM will be held on Monday November 5 and nominations are open for two more weeks for anyone who wishes to become a committee member. Nomination forms are at the club or email the secretary.
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.

Club News

The long weekend saw many players at social tennis practicing for the Club Championships.
Entries close on October 15 so get your entries in. Anybody needing a doubles partner just let me know and I will try to find one for you.
There will be 4 seeds in all events and after placing the seeds, the rest of the draw is done randomly. If you don’t get a seeded player or pair in round one you could play several matches against weaker opponents.
If you did not play Badge you can still enter and the committee will grade you.
All matches are knockout and will be mainly on Saturday afternoons with fewer matches on Sunday.
Finals day is November 3 for all events.
Long time member Paul Wigney has been unwell and was admitted to Mona Vale hospital.  He has recovered now and all members wish him well. He would like his friends at the club to contact him.
Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club Captain.

Saturday Social Court Captain Roster

Court Captains
September 29 – December 22, 2018

Sept. 29                   Denis Crowley                            Bob Duffin

Oct.     6                   Peter Roberts                             Narelle Kinsey

Oct.   13                   Milton Da Rocha                        Ian Bate

Oct.   20                                Club Championships

Oct.   27                                Club Championships

Nov.    3                                 Club Championships

Nov.  10                    Jon Corney                                 Scott Anderson

Nov.  17                    Dean Hodgson                           Sarah Bunting

Nov. 24                     Tim Coleman                              Carl Brazendale

Dec.    1                     Julia Gunn                                   Stuart Charlton

Dec.    8                     Ron Jeffs                                      Tony Hamilton

Dec.  15                     Michelle Stevens                        Lindy Meakins

Dec.  22                     Denis Crowley                             Mark Flogel


Court Captains operate 1pm-4pm. Members playing before 1pm and after 4pm

arrange their own sets.

REMINDER:  Should you be unavailable on your rostered date, please arrange your own replacement.

VISITORS:  $20 fee to be collected prior to playing.

Annual Club Championships Entries Close Oct 14

Entries for the club championships are now open.  Events are:

  • Open Men’s singles and doubles
  • Open Ladies singles and doubles
  • Open Mixed Doubles
  • A grade Men’s singles and doubles
  • A grade Ladies singles and doubles
  • A grade Mixed doubles.

Open grades are for anyone.

A grade is for men 2.1 Badge grade or lower and ladies A grade is 1.3 Badge or lower. A grade mixed is thus a 1.3 lady with a man 2.1 or lower.

Combined and Age Club Championships will be held in February.

Matches will be played on Saturdays October 20 and 27 and Sundays October 21 and October 28

All finals will be held on Saturday November 3 with a barbecue and presentation ceremony.

All events will be a knockout tournament and the open events might include a plate event also if we have lots of entries.

Sunday October 14 is the closing date for entries.

Maximum 3 entries per person.

Please send entries to Denis Crowley
MLTC Club Captain 

School Holiday Tennis Camps

During the October school holidays, Manly Tennis Centre is running tennis-focused multi-sport camps.
We keep our coach to student ratio low to make sure that everyone gets as much attention as possible and the children get the most out of the camps.
The camps run daily from 8:30 AM to 3 PM.
The mornings of the camps focus mostly on tennis skills and drills with a few games mixed in.  The afternoon include match play along with other sports to give the children some variety.
So please join us for a great time over the holiday break!
Richard Gauntlett
Manly Tennis Centre
CNR Belgrave St & Raglan St, Manly, NSW 2095