Badge Score Board: Round 2

Badge Results Rd 2 May-12
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 BYE 4
Manly 2 1.2 Wet 3
Manly 3 1.3 Lost 0-8 6
Men’s Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 5-3 1
Manly 2 1.3 Lost 1-6 5
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-5 7
Manly 4 2.2 Draw 4-4 2
Manly 5 2.3 Wet 6
Manly 6 2.4 Lost 1-7 8
Manly 7 2.5 Draw 2-4 4

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Badge Score Board: Round 3

Badge Results   Rd 3 May-19
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 8-0 3
Manly 2 1.2 Won 7-1 2
Manly 3 1.3 Won 4-3 6
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Lost 3-5 2
Manly 2 1.3 Lost 3-5 5
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 3-5 7
Manly 4 2.2 Won 7-1 1
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 3-5 7
Manly 6 2.4 Lost 1-7 8
Manly 7 2.5 Lost 0-8 6

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Badge Results Round-3

With the Royal Wedding on Saturday evening a lot of players must have been distracted as Saturday’s Badge Results were not encouraging.
Only one men’s team was victorious but the ladies saved the day by all three teams winning.

Highlight of the round:

  • 8-0 victory for Ladies 1 team.
  • 7-1 victory for Ladies 2 team.
  • 7- 1 victory for Men’s 4 team.
  • Ladies 3 close win.

Men’s 1.1 team suffered their first loss of the season! They were clearly distracted by The Royal Wedding! Harry is a huge fan of daytime TV and was anxious to see what Oprah was wearing!  She was pretty in pink. Harry would have been disappointed that Ellen was not there as he never misses her show.  Sean is a massive Elton John fan and was keen to get home early to see if Elton and his husband were wearing similar outfits.

Milton and Harald won 3 sets in 1.3 in a losing effort.  Milton has been the star of his team so far this season as has Sean in his 1.5 team. Whoever plays with them seems to win. Keep up the good work guys.

Alec and Hugo won all 4 sets again in 2.2.  Sean and Tim won 3 sets in 1.5. Bob and Denis won 3 sets in 2.2.

Yvonne and Jane, and Janelle and Julia, won 4 sets in 1.1. Emily and Danni won 4 sets, Sarah and Virginia won 3 sets in 1.2.

Jono and Scott in 1.5, both keen Royalists, must have been distracted on Saturday as they lost all their sets. Jono named his son George after considering Mango as an alternative name.  Scott has a new corgi puppy.

Some of the men in the lower teams always have excuses when they lose every week and need to toughen up a bit. In fact we might call them Hillarys which leads me to a new weekly segment called FAKE NEWS.

Each week there will be 3 statements: two will be Fake and one will be true. The answers will be published next week.

A. Tim Coleman served and volleyed for one service game last Saturday.

B. Ron Jeffs did not foot fault for one service game last Saturday.

C. There was a Royal Wedding in England last Saturday.

Badge Matches May 26

Home matches this Saturday.

  • 1200 Men’s 2.4
  • 1200 Men’s 2.5
  • 1450 Ladies 1.1
  • 1450 Men’s 1.3
  • 1450 Men’s 2.3
Please check your times and point scores for Badge each week as mistakes are often made!


Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club.

Badge Score Board: Round 4

Badge Results Rd 4 May-26
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Drew 3-3 4
Manly 2 1.2 Lost 4-4 2
Manly 3 1.3 Won 6-2 5
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 7-1 2
Manly 2 1.3 Won 8-0 4
Manly 3 1.5 Won 5-2 7
Manly 4 2.2 Lost 2-6 3
Manly 5 2.3 Lost 0-8 8
Manly 6 2.4 Won 6-2 6
Manly 7 2.5 Lost 1-7 7


Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!

Badge Results Round-4

With The Royal Wedding over,our Badge Teams were more focused this week and our Badge results improved. All the results are listed in this newsletter.

Highlights were Mens 1.1 Team winning 7-1. Sean and Harry won 4 sets, Todd and Jono won 3 sets.

Mens 1.3 Team won 8-0.  Milton continued his great form by combining with DJ Mike to win 4 sets and Harald and Craig Stevens won 4 sets.

Mens 1.5 won 5-2 for their first win.  Jono and Tim won 3 sets with 1 unfinished and Sean combined with Roberto jnr this week to win 2 sets.

Mens 2.4 won 6-2 to have their first win of the season. New members Daniel and Emerson winning 4 sets and Tommy and David winning 2 sets.

Ladies 1.1 played a draw at 3 sets all. New member Marina Quigley won 2 sets with Janelle.

Ladies 1.2 lost on games with Emily and Carolina winning 3 sets.

Ladies 1.3 won 6-2 to keep up their excellent first season in Badge. Michelle and Johanna won 4 sets and Cheryl playing her first match for the club combined with Suzy to win 2 sets.

We welcome Boyd Blackburn back from college in USA after a successful tennis season.  He has a new short haircut that he picked up in San Francisco on his stopover to visit friends before flying on to Sydney. Boyd is back for 10 weeks on his summer break.  He is available to hit balls with anyone that wants some strong tennis at an hourly rate.

Scott also will coach small groups that want to improve their tennis at anytime.  The only way to improve is to learn from the coaches so please find the time to take some lessons.

To welcome Boyd back to Manly I have included him and his lovely mother in this weeks’..


Remember two items are fake and one is real.

A Boyd is to change his hairstyle again and get a Nick Kyrgios cut.

B Carmela is getting a tattoo on her left biceps muscle saying Vamos Rafa.

C The French Open is played in Paris.

Last weeks real news was C. This week’s answer will be published next week.

Badge Matches June 2

Home matches this Saturday.

  • Noon Mens 2.2
  • Noon Ladies 1.3
  • Noon Ladies 1.2 at Keirle Park.
  • 1450 pm Mens 1.3
  • 1450 pm Mens 2.3
  • 1450 pm Ladies 1.1.
Please check your times and point scores for Badge each week as mistakes are often made!
Good luck to all teams.


Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club.

Badge Match Summary Manly 2/5

Coach Owen’s Summary of Match versus Marrickville 26/5/2018.

What a team of happy smiling faces. All primed to do their best against a very experienced Marrickville team. Manly 2/5 team have been upgraded two grades from 2/7. Manly 2/5 has many new players, who have never played Badge Tennis before till today.

Overall they did Manly proud and were very competitive. On court 2 Bob and Ray played two great sets and tied Marrickville’s number 1 team one set all. They had opportunities to win both sets, but failed to close out break and game points. On court 1 David and Peter played a great 1st set and had 3 set points at 4/5 and could have won the first set, but the experienced Marrickville team came through and won the tiebreaker. Similarly in the second set Dave and Peter played well and had opportunities to win another set. At the changeover Manly could have led 4/0 but instead, Manly was down 3/1.  The second 4 sets were won convincingly by Marrickville. On court 2 Peter/David were no match for Marrickville’s number one team. On court 1, Bob and Ray were outclassed by a team who kept the ball in play and made very few unforced errors compared to Manly who made heaps of them.

Left to right: Bob Amaral, David Grey, George Paul (2/5 Badge Captain), Peter Butcher, Ray Dalgaines.

How can I improve and win?   I do not think I can teach you old dogs new tricks. I have often tried and failed miserably. However I hope you can work on your mental game and there is no reason why you should not improve.

How?  Improve your concentration span.

  1. I must contrentrate on winning my serve every time. If I lose my serve it’s unforgivable. I will not serve into my opponent’s hitting zone. I will serve 95 % of my serves to the backhand and occasionally serve wide to the forehand, but I will tell my partner to cover the alley return or drop back to cover the lob.
  2. I will concentrate on keeping the ball in play and eliminate my unforced errors. I will not try to make impossible winners as I usually only make one out of ten.
  3. If I have Love 40 or 40 Love Then I will really concentrate harder and keep the ball in play and force my opponent to make the error and close out the game.

What I am trying to say guys is concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on every point, especially in the tiebreaker.

  1. Concentrate on mixing up your returns. Drive deep to the backcourt, Drop shot and bring your opponent into the net and lob. A good lob return over the net man is a good move, instead of returning across court all the time.
  2. Talk to your partner, communicate all the time. If you lead 30/15 then the eye formation can get you some free points. No team tried that today. We will practice that play.
  3. I must take every opportunity to cross, close the net and PUT the ball away.

So that is it from the coach. Please say to yourself. The next time I play I will use my brain a lot more to compliment my tennis skills. You will be surprised with your improvement.

A good effort today considering you have been upgraded two grades. Think positive and you will win more matches.

Captain George as usual catered very well for the after match snacks and drinks.

The usual after match bullshit followed.

Cheers and Beers,



The Psychology of Turning Points in Tennis

Now that we are hot and heavy into Badge, thought the attached IT coaching article might be helpful in managing/understanding the competitive pressures!  Cheers, Rob

The psychological strategies used by players to deal with these turning points will determine how effective players are in using these situations to their advantage.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the concept of turning points and understand more clearly the strategies applied by elite players to deal with turning points during a tennis match. A series of semi-structured interviews was conducted with nine elite professional players from five different countries, followed by a thematic content analysis of the interviews.

The analysis revealed four key themes: positive turning points situations, negative turning points situations, strategies to capitalise on positive turning points and strategies to cope with negative turning points.

On a practical level, strategies are suggested that coaches and psychologists can use to help players managing turning points.

Here’s the link: ITF-PsychologyTurningPoints

Badge Score Board: Round 5

Badge Results Rd 5 Jun-02
Ladies Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Lost 4-4 3
Manly 2 1.2 Won 6-2 1
Manly 3 1.3 Won 7-1 5
Mens Grade Result Score Position
Manly 1 1.1 Won 4-2 2
Manly 2 1.3 Lost 2-6 5
Manly 3 1.5 Lost 2-6 7
Manly 4 2.2 Won 6-2 2
Manly 5 2.3 Draw 4-4 8
Manly 6 2.4 Won 4-3 6
Manly 7 2.5 Lost 1-7 7

Thanks to Ron and Denis for compiling the results!

Badge Results Round-5

Last Saturday was another tough day for tennis with some close results. Our Ladies Teams continue to perform well as they do every year.

Ladies 1 Lost 4 sets all on games.  Julia and Sofie and Yvonne and Marina each won 2 sets.

Ladies 2 Won 6-2 at Keirle Park. Both pairs won 3 sets, Kirsten and Kristina and Sarah and Danni. They are now on top of the table so keep up the good tennis,Ladies.

Ladies 3 Won 7-1. Michelle and Johanna won all 4 sets again and Erryn and Suzanne won 3 sets. Despite only losing 1 match this team is still 5th on the table but closing quickly on the top 4. They are doing a mighty job as this is their first badge season together.

Mens 1 won 4 sets all on games. Playing away at Mortdale was a tough task but Andrew and Harry ensured victory by taking the last 2 sets 6-0 6-0. Bosko and Boyd managed to win 1 set to contribute to the victory although both of them had a late night on Friday. Bosko was binge watching Love Island Australia. His former sweetheart from Cromer High is on the show, Millie the dogwalker. Boyd was seen nightclubbing in Oxford St.

Mens 2 Lost 6-2.  Milton only managed to win 1 set last Saturday so the team lost. They will struggle whilst Milton is off at The World Cup of Football in Russia.

Mens 3 lost 6-2. Playing away at Marrickville is a tough match.Sean and Scott played well together again to win 2 sets.  Paul and Matt played their first match this year and will improve.

Mens 4 Won 6-2.  We are more comfortable at home rather than grass and we all played well against a strong Royal Sydney team. Tom and Hugo and Chris and Denis won 3 sets each.

Mens 5 Drew 4 sets all and games equal also. Carl and Trevor won 3 sets against a strong Marrickville Team. Stu and Hamish won 1 set.

Mens 6 Drew 4- 3 with one set unfinished.  Tom and David won 2 sets as did Emerson and Daniel. After a slow start the team is improving each week.

Mens 7 Lost 7-1. They played the top team away at Strathfield so was always going to be a hard game. They are missing George who is still out injured.

It was good to see Roger back at the club on Saturday looking well. He is working in Djakarta for another few months but flew home for a week as it is Ramadan and needed a libation.


Last weeks real news was C although Carmela may be getting a Rafa tattoo soon as I gave her a good idea. Here is this week’s
A Swanee has bought a new tennis racquet and will return to Badge soon as a reserve.
B Tommy is giving up smoking next week.
C Donald Trump is the President of USA.
The real news answer will be published next newsletter.

Badge Matches June 9

No Badge due to holiday weekend.

Please check your times and point scores for Badge each week as mistakes are often made!
Good luck to all teams.


This is a good opportunity to practise sets together as pairs. We will try to give pairs sets against slightly harder opponents where possible.  Social play will also  be available on Monday afternoon.

Denis Crowley
Manly Lawn Tennis Club.

Alex Zverev @ French Open 2018

PARIS, FRANCE – MAY 27: in action at the French Open held at Stade Roland-Garros on May 27, 2018 in Paris, France (Photo by Peter Staples/ATP World Tour)