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MTC Whisperer-Cross Dominance

Helping you to play better with the skills that you already have is the primary goal of our Tennis Whisperer program. In this missive, we focus on overcoming your natural dominance, and in particular your feet. We’re hard-wired neurologically from birth to being right- or left-handed. We prefer using one dominant hand, and for most […]

Annual Senior Club Championships Entries Close Feb 10

Entries for the Senior Club Championships are now open.  Events are: Mens Over 40 Singles (Played Feb 15) Ladies Over 40 Singles (Played Feb 15) Mens Over 60 Singles (Played Feb 15) Mens Over 40 Doubles (Played Feb 22) Ladies Over 40 Doubles (Played Feb 22) Mens Over 60 Doubles (Played Feb 22) Combined 100 Mixed […]


MTC is proud to announce its new Tennis Whisperer program. My game is reasonably developed. So …. Why is it so difficult to make my serve more reliable? Why can’t I improve my backhand? Why do I miss easy volleys? I just don’t know when to pull the trigger on a ground stroke! Just ask […]

Sweet spot: how a racquet can make or break a player

How do the stars set up their racquets to enhance their game? And how has the evolution of racquets changed tennis itself?  By Anthony Colangelo JANUARY 20, 2020 is perfect hair held by a perfect headband against a pressed polo shirt, Roger Federer walked on to centre court at the Queensland Tennis Centre for his first […]

How did Nadal solve DeMinaur’s ATP Cup challenge?

Nadal found an extra gear to cruise to a comfortable 6-1 win in the deciding set. And De Minaur had the chance to see first hand what it takes to make a top-10 player, with Nadal explaining how he had turned the match around. “Well, you need to have the mind open and clear to […]

Australian Open 2020

The 2020 Australian Open is a Grand Slam tennis tournament that takes place at Melbourne Park, from 20 January to 2 February 2020. It is the 108th edition of the Australian Open, the 52nd in the Open Era, and the first Grand Slam of the year. The tournament consists of events for professional players in singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Junior and wheelchair players […]

MTC Open Court Sessions Start Friday 31st January

All the gear but no idea? You’re at the right place. Open Court Sessions are a new and great way to get out and meet new people, have a laugh, and play tennis at your skill level – with a killer soundtrack, naturally. Click here for information & sign up

The Crazy Thing That Can Happen to Your Feet (plantar fasciitis)

Recent studies show that foot fitness—and these 5 exercises—can help prevent bunions and plantar fasciitis, ward off shin splints, and, quite possibly, save your life. If you’re like most people, you probably do not spend a ton of time, if any, thinking about the muscles in your feet. In fact, you likely can’t even name […]

MTC Stringing Special

MTC’s Proshop just took delivery of a new stringing machine. This is a perfect time for anyone looking to get ready for the upcoming competition season to have their racquets restrung. MTC is offering a $5.00 discount to all Club Members who have their racquets strung between now and 31st Jan. This includes any of […]