MLTC Newsletter – 30 May 2024

Manly Lawn Tennis Club Newsletter – 30 May 2024

BBQ Sat 8th June

Wet weather postponed our last BBQ so come down on Saturday 8th June, King’s Birthday long weekend for some social and a BBQ.

Badge Results

It was a great Saturday with all our Men’s Badge Teams winning except one.
Our Men’s 1 Team had a 8-0 win to be a close 2nd now on the table.

Round 5 Men’s Badge Results
Division 1 Won 8-0 at home v Zone Tennis. Now 2nd
Andre/Lachlan played again and won 4 sets to keep up their perfect record.
Andrew/Sean won 4 sets also to complete a big win.
Division 2 Won 5-3 away at Voyager Now 5th
Todd/Sam won all 4 sets to set up the win.
Jono/Bede won 1 set to complete the win
Division 4 Won 5-3 at home v Kooroora Now in 3rd position
Fernando/Jon won 3 sets Sean/Mike 2 sets
Division 6 Won 5-2 at home v Hunters Hill Now 2nd
Shishir/Gavin won 3 sets and were well ahead in the 4th set when time was up.
Geoff/Tim won 2 sets.
Division 7 Won 4-3 v Strathfield Now 6th
James/Peter won 2 sets with one unfinished
Mike/Tom won 2 sets on forfeit
Division 9 Won 6-1 at home v Strathfield  Now 2nd
Denis/Graham won 4 sets The two Richards won 2 sets with one unfinished
Division 11 Lost away at Collaroy 4 sets all
The team is now 7th.
Division 12 Won 6-2 at home v Strathfield Now 1st on table
Glen/Bilal won 4 sets Isaac/Mark 2 sets.

Next Saturday our Men’s 2 will play the late match at home.

Finally, after a few weeks, the weather allowed all teams to play last weekend and on Thursday.
It’s great to see so many teams at the top of their respective ladders.
Another great week of women’s badge tennis, with strong wins across most teams for both Thursday and Saturday competition.
Thursday Div 1 
Manly ladies 1, another strong win 6/2 against Longueville.
Cara and Krista winning 3 sets and Julie and Sarah winning 3 sets.
Currently coming 1st on the ladder.
Thursday Div 2
Manly ladies 2 – strong win 7-1 against Hunters Hill.
Lisa and Lindy winning all 4 sets, and Narelle and Jane winning 3 sets.
Currently 1st on the ladder.
Saturday Women’s Badge
Div 1 
Manly women’s 1 losing 6/2 against Roseville,
Janelle and Carli winning one set and Marina and Carolina winning one set.
Currently 6th on the ladder.
Div 2
Manly women’s 2
Losing 5/3 against NWST Ladies with Sarah and Krista winning 3 sets and Kirsten and Shelley winning 1 set.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div 3
Manly ladies 3 a strong win against Chatswood 2 winning 6/2
Larissa and Cara winning 3 sets and Penny and Christine winning 3 sets.
Currently 3rd on the ladder.
Div 4 
Manly women’s 4 having a strong win against Chatswood 4, 6/1
Kate and Rosi winning 2 sets with one unfinished, and Narelle and Ruth winning 4 sets.
Currently 2nd on the ladder.
Manly ladies 5 had a bye this week and are currently sitting 3rd on the ladder.
Looking forward to another great week of tennis.

Best wishes,
MLTC Secretary