2021 Sydney Badge Competition FINAL Grading

Dear Delegates 

Thank you all for submitting your teams into the Sydney Badge Competition in 2021.

Please find attached the Final Grading for the 2021 season.

We have already heard from a lot of you in regards to draw requests. This is a reminder for those who we have not heard from to please send through requests ASAP as the draw process will begin next week.

Kind Regards,
Tennis NSW Competitions

2021 Sydney Badge Competition Gradings Confirmed

No changes to any of our gradings have been made.  A few challenges were upheld.

The grades look very strong this year.  A few men’s teams have dropped 2 grades and lots of men’s teams have been dropped a grade in Division 2 and 3.  Several teams that won their grade were also not promoted because of the depth of men’s teams this year. In summary it will be very hard to win any division this year.

Serving of food and drinks is no longer required so it is up to each team to decide.  As long as COVID rules are followed I think most teams will supply food and drinks.

All clubs now MUST have alternate courts available in case of rain.  Grass court clubs including Hunters Hill and Marrickville can be forfeited if they don’t arrange alternative courts.  Please keep any text messages between Captains in case you need them for evidence of not finding alternative courts.

Remember if you wish to book a court for practice on Saturdays before 1pm or after 4pm let me know.

Good luck to all teams and any questions anytime I am here to help
Denis Crowley

Sydney Badge 2021 Team Lists

 Please find attached team lists for the 2021 Badge Season.
Kind Regards,
TNSW Competitions Team.

Ladies 2021 Badge Teams (Thursday)

Thursday Badge Ladies teams announced.

Please click link for teams.


Ladies 2021 Badge Teams

Draft Saturday Badge Teams announced.

Please click link for teams.


Men’s 2021 Badge Teams

Draft Men’s 2021 Badge Teams announced.

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Badge Entries Close Feb 7

Entries for Thursday Ladies and Saturday 2021 Badge competitions are now open to members.

Entries close February 7.

Badge Entries Open

Entries for Thursday Ladies and Saturday 2021 Badge competitions are now open to members.

Entries close February 7.

Sydney Badge 2021 – Fact Sheets

Click on the links below for the various entry and playing dates.

Saturday Badge starts 24th April, Thursday Ladies Badge starts 22nd April.




Thursday Ladies Badge Celebrate 3rd Place

Our Thursday Ladies Badge Team finished off a successful season by winning the playoff 5-3 on Thursday for 3rd position in Division 2.

Narelle and Jane won all 4 sets and Lindy and Michelle won 1 set to complete the victory.

Thanks also to Pam Muir and Erin who were also part of the team.

Congrats on a good season ladies.

Jane, Narelle, Lindy, Michelle. Not shown Pam, Erin.

Girls from Manly 2 Celebrate

Manly Ladies 2 won the third place playoff. Congrats Ladies on a great Badge season.

Saturday Ladies Badge Manly 2

Badge Finals

Our Men’s 3 Team in Division 4 finished the Badge Season in grand style by winning easily 6 sets to 2 in the Final on Saturday at Manly. Steve Nettleton/Steve Wilkins won their 4 sets to complete a fantastic season for them. Milton/Howard won the first 2 sets that mattered and lost the last two when the match was already decided. Steve Nettleton also won the trophy for Best Men’s Average in Badge with 88%. Steve Wilkins was a close 2nd with Cameron Green at 86%. This team has been a standout all year and will certainly go up to Division 3 next year and perform well there also.

Our Ladies 2 Team in Division 3 also had a big 6-2 win on Saturday to take 3rd place. Krista/Olivia kept up their good form to win 3 sets as did Kristina/Sharna. Krista also won Ladies Badge Average with 70% just ahead of Olivia and Kristina. The ladies were unlucky to not make the final as they defeated both teams in the final during the rounds. They have had a fantastic season.

A big crowd was in attendance on Saturday to watch both matches. It was great to see Owen Kennedy there to watch the finals. He has not been in great health lately but was happy to see Manly win both matches. Paul Wigney was there in spirit also and will be happy with the results.

Thursday Ladies will playoff for third position this week in their final match.Good luck to them. Narelle Kinsey has done a great job organising the Thursday Ladies this year and was awarded The Club Captain Award for her hard work and topping the averages on Thursday.

Club Championships

THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE OPEN ON LINE NOW SO SIGN UP EARLY. Scheduled dates are October 17, 18, 24 and 25 with Finals day on October 31 — COVID permitting.

Denis Crowley
Club Captain