Badge Entries Close Feb 7

Entries for Thursday Ladies and Saturday 2021 Badge competitions are now open to members.

Entries close February 7.

Badge Entries Open

Entries for Thursday Ladies and Saturday 2021 Badge competitions are now open to members.

Entries close February 7.

Sydney Badge 2021 – Fact Sheets

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Saturday Badge starts 24th April, Thursday Ladies Badge starts 22nd April.




Thursday Ladies Badge Celebrate 3rd Place

Our Thursday Ladies Badge Team finished off a successful season by winning the playoff 5-3 on Thursday for 3rd position in Division 2.

Narelle and Jane won all 4 sets and Lindy and Michelle won 1 set to complete the victory.

Thanks also to Pam Muir and Erin who were also part of the team.

Congrats on a good season ladies.

Jane, Narelle, Lindy, Michelle. Not shown Pam, Erin.

Girls from Manly 2 Celebrate

Manly Ladies 2 won the third place playoff. Congrats Ladies on a great Badge season.

Saturday Ladies Badge Manly 2

Badge Finals

Our Men’s 3 Team in Division 4 finished the Badge Season in grand style by winning easily 6 sets to 2 in the Final on Saturday at Manly. Steve Nettleton/Steve Wilkins won their 4 sets to complete a fantastic season for them. Milton/Howard won the first 2 sets that mattered and lost the last two when the match was already decided. Steve Nettleton also won the trophy for Best Men’s Average in Badge with 88%. Steve Wilkins was a close 2nd with Cameron Green at 86%. This team has been a standout all year and will certainly go up to Division 3 next year and perform well there also.

Our Ladies 2 Team in Division 3 also had a big 6-2 win on Saturday to take 3rd place. Krista/Olivia kept up their good form to win 3 sets as did Kristina/Sharna. Krista also won Ladies Badge Average with 70% just ahead of Olivia and Kristina. The ladies were unlucky to not make the final as they defeated both teams in the final during the rounds. They have had a fantastic season.

A big crowd was in attendance on Saturday to watch both matches. It was great to see Owen Kennedy there to watch the finals. He has not been in great health lately but was happy to see Manly win both matches. Paul Wigney was there in spirit also and will be happy with the results.

Thursday Ladies will playoff for third position this week in their final match.Good luck to them. Narelle Kinsey has done a great job organising the Thursday Ladies this year and was awarded The Club Captain Award for her hard work and topping the averages on Thursday.

Club Championships

THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS ARE OPEN ON LINE NOW SO SIGN UP EARLY. Scheduled dates are October 17, 18, 24 and 25 with Finals day on October 31 — COVID permitting.

Denis Crowley
Club Captain

Legends in Their Own Lunchtimes: Manly “Silverbacks” Win Sydney Badge Grade 1.4

Headed by the two Steves (Netto/Wilko), winners of the grade’s best pair averages,  the team led from start to finish for the entire competition.

In front of an enthusiastic, partisan home crowd, the team won last Saturday’s Final, 6 sets to 2 against Neutral Bay 4, with Netto/Wilko taking 4 sets and Howard/Milton 2 sets.

Success has many fathers, as they say. And this was very true of this team of legends, with ALL of the seven team members (Netto (c), Craig, Howard, Milton, Robbo, Rob and Wilko) making contributions throughout the 14-match competition.

Thanks must go to the many supporters including legendary friends Ken Grey, Curtis, JC, Foxy and “Magic Fingers” (aka David Stroud of Trident) cheering energetically from the sideline not only on Saturday but throughout the majority of matches — thanks guys!

Perhaps the greatest off-court contribution came from personal trainer “Magic Fingers”, who kept the Legends on court by managing various injuries, some not due to tennis, suffered during the competition –- thanks Dave!

And let’s not forget Jon Corney who not only filled in for the team when we had 4 sidelined with injury; but also produced the end of badge buffet on Saturday, whilst Milton was otherwise engaged – thanks Jon!

Pictured below are the Legends sans Magic Fingers and Jon Corney.

Manly Silverbacks 2020

Congratulations to Manly 4 Men’s Team winning Sydney Badge Grade 1.4.

MLTC Badge Best & Fairest

Congrats are in order for:

Men: Steve Netto & Steve Wilko (Manly Team 4)
Ladies: Krista Oates (Ladies Team 2)

Well done on your success and a great 2020 Badge season.

Badge Semi Finals

After Saturday’s semi finals, Manly Men’s 3 are the only remaining team. They will play a home final this Saturday against Neutral Bay at 2pm.

Badge Results September 12

Manly 1 Lost 4-4 on games. Cameron Green/Andrew Riminton played great tennis to win 4 sets against very strong opposition. Sean/Bosko lost 4 sets. The team should be proud of such a great year in a very strong competition.

Manly 3 Won 5-2. This team has been top all year and had another good win despite losing Steve Wilkins on Friday with a back injury. The Tennis Whisperer (aka Rob Muir) stepped in and won 2 sets with Steve Middleton to ensure victory. Milton/Howard Smith played well to win 3 sets. The final next week against Neutral Bay will be a very tight match. Neutral Bay have been undefeated since they recruited a new player late in the season.

Manly 4 Lost 1-7 to Neutral Bay. On their home courts Neutral Bay were too strong. Sean/Vincent took one set and Geoff/Jarryd lost their sets. A good year for this team to make the semis once again as per last year.

Manly 6 Lost 1-7 away to Kooroora. Kooroora have not lost all year and won easily. Graham/Chris took a set and Denis/Hugo played also.

Manly 7 Lost 3-4 at home. Western Suburbs proved too strong on the day to win a close match. Stu/Peter won 1 set and David/Roger 1set plus a forfeit set. A good year for this team also.

Ladies 2 Lost 4 sets all on games at Kooroora. Unfortunately this loss means the Ladies miss a place in the final. They now play at home this Saturday in a 3rd v 4th playoff. Krista/Kristina won 3 sets again and Olivia/Elaine won 1 set.

Thursday Ladies Lost 2-6 away. A loss to the top team with some close sets. Lindy/Michelle and Narelle/Jane each won a set. The Ladies have one more away match this week and then should play a 3rd v 4th playoff at home on Thursday week.

Please come along on Saturday and support our two remaining teams.
Good luck to both. Manly to win!

Next Saturday Matches:

2:00pm Final
Mens 3 v Neutral Bay 4

2:50 pm Final’s Playoff 3 v 4
Manly Ladies2 v Kooroora 3

Social Tennis will be available from 11.30am to 5.30pm. 

Club Championships

Scheduled dates are October 17, 18, 24 and 25 with Finals day on October 31 — COVID permitting.

Denis Crowley
Club Captain

Badge Score Board: Semi Finals

Badge Results Semi-Finals Sept. 12
Ladies Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1
Manly 2 3 Lost 4-4 3
Men’s Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1 Lost 4-4 4
Manly 2 4
Manly 3 4 Won 5-2 1
Manly 4 4 Lost 1-7 4
Manly 5 7
Manly 6 8 Lost 1-7 4
Manly 7 11 Lost 3-4 2
Manly 8 11
Ladies Thursday Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 2 Lost 2-6 3

Men’s Manly 3 plays home final next Saturday 19th September.

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results during the season!

Badge Round 14

The last round of Badge was completed on Saturday for most of our teams. The Ladies 2 Team has one match to play, Thursday Ladies 2 matches.

We have 5 Mens Teams in the semi finals. Manly 3 amd Manly 7 Mens Teams will play home semis this Saturday whilst Manly 1 Manly 4 and Manly 6 Mens Teams will play away semis.

Congratulations to those teams and hopefully all 5 can win on Saturday.

Badge Results Round 14

Mens 1 Won 8-0 at home. A great win to finish in 4th position in a very strong competition this season. Cameron/Andrew continued their good form to win 4 sets again as did Bosko/Sean. They have a tough semi final match away at Grand Slam Wheatleigh Street which includes the Smith brothers who always get to the finals of The Manly Seaside championships. Good luck guys.

Mens 2 Lost 3-5 away. Oliver/Dan won 2 sets Fernando/Murillo won 1 set. They finished in 5th position a few points out of the semis.

Mens 3 Bye. This team has been first all year and will play at 2pm this Saturday at home v Marrickville.

Mens 4 Won 5-3 at home v Marrickville. Sean/Vincent won their 4 sets again Geoff/Craig won 1 set. They play away at Neutral Bay on Saturday.

Mens 5 Lost 2-6 at home to Cammeray. Carl/Tom won 2 sets, Gavin/Scott lost 3 tiebreakers. This team finished 8th. All their matches were close on games but they were unlucky to lose the tight sets.

Mens 6 Washout . Finished in 4th position and have a tough semi against the unbeaten Kooroora at their courts.

Mens 7 Lost 2-6 at Western Suburbs. Mark/Roger won 2 sets then Mark was injured and had to forfeit the last 2 sets. Peter/Hamish lost 4 close sets. This team has a home semi against Western Suburbs on Saturday. Mark will probably be unavailable an, since Stu is injured as well, the other guys have to step in and play well. Good luck you can do it!

Mens 8 Lost 2-6 at home. Ray Dalgairns/Rob Hill won 1 set as did Des/ Ray Dummett. This team finished 7th. Most of the Division 11 Teams have younger players now so it is a lot stronger than a few years ago.

Ladies1 Lost 3-5 away. Julia/Emily won 2 sets, Kirsten/Carolina 1 set. The ladies finished 8th in a very strong competition.

Ladies 2 Won 5-3 at home v Chatswood. A great win against the top team to remain in 2nd position. If the ladies can win their last match they will finish 2nd and play Chatswood away in the final. Kristina/Krista won 3 sets and Julie/Olivia 2 sets. Good luck on Saturday ladies.

Thursday Ladies Badge. Won 5-3 at home. Lindy/Michelle won 3 sets, Jane/Narelle won 2 sets. With two matches remaining it will be tough to take 2nd position and play in the final. Third plays fourth also to decide 3rd position so a home playoff in 2 weeks looks likely.

All team results are shown in the score board.

Next Saturday Matches:

Mens 7 v Western Suburbs

2:50 pm
Mens 3 v Marrickville 2

Social Tennis will be on four (4) courts from 11.30am to 5.30pm.  Please allow the semi final players to warm up before their matches begins.

Get Well greetings to Paul Wigney who had a minor operation this week and is now back at Collaroy recovering. Also to Owen Kennedy who is resting at home.

Club Championships

Scheduled dates are October 17, 18, 24 and 25 with Finals day on October 31 — COVID permitting.

Good luck to all teams this weekend.

Denis Crowley
Club Captain

Badge Score Board: Round 14

Badge Results Rd 14 Sep-05
Ladies Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1 Lost 3-5 8
Manly 2 3 Won 5-3 2
Mens Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 1 Won 8-0 4
Manly 2 4 Lost 3-5 5
Manly 3 4 BYE 1
Manly 4 4 Won 5-3 3
Manly 5 7 Lost 2-6 8
Manly 6 8 Washout 4
Manly 7 11 Lost 2-6 2
Manly 8 11 Lost 2-6 7
Ladies Thursday Division Result Score Position
Manly 1 2 Won 5-3 3

Thanks to Ron for compiling the results!