Badge Results Round-2

Our Badge Teams performed well in round 2 with 7 wins and 4 losses and a win for our Thursday Ladies White Team.

It is only early days but our two new Mens Teams in Division 7 And Division 9 are both undefeated and are playing great tennis. They both play at home this Saturday in early matches.

In  the late matches our Ladies 1 Team and Mens 1 Team both play at home again as well as our Manly 3 team. All teams have great chances to win this weekend and complete a clean sweep. Chelsea is behind the bar so come along and support.

Round 2 Results

Thursday Ladies White Won 5-3 at home

Lindy/ Narelle won 4 sets Michelle /Barbara 1 set

Ladies Manly Blue had a bye

Saturday Ladies 1 Lost 1-7 at home v Tennis World

Claudia/Caroline 1 set Nicola/Lisa Townsend 0 sets

Ladies 2 Division 2 Won 7-1 away at Chatswood.

A great win to take 9 points away from home.

Kirsten/Krista 4 sets Carolina/Kristina 3 sets

Ladies3 Division 4 had a bye

Mens 1 Division 1 Won 6-2 at home v Voyager

Cameron/Andrew 4 sets easily Sean/Jono 2 sets

Mens 2 Division 3 Won 5-3 away at Tennis Valley

Steve Wilko/Steve Netto 3 sets Howard/Andrew 2 sets

Mens 3 Division 4 Lost 2-6 away at Neutral Bay


2 sets Craig and Jarryd Stevens 0 sets.

Mens 4 Division 4 Won 7-1 home v Mortdale 2

Jon/Richard 4 sets Fernando/Dan 3 sets

Mens 5 Division7 Won 5-3 away at Killara

Henry/Bhanu 4 sets Gavin/Alec 1 set.

Henry has now won all 8 sets in his two matches for Manly.

Mens 6 Division 8 Won 6-1 at home v Killara

Graham/Chris 3 sets Hugo/Denis 3 sets and 1 unfinished(5-2)

Mens 7 Division 9 Won 4-4 on games away at Neutral Bay

Shane/Daniel 2 sets Mark/Peter 2 sets

Another good win with Shane playing well in his first Badge match.

Mens 8 Division 10 Lost 1-6 v Chatswood at home

Lachlan/Christo 1 set David/Hamish 0 sets and 1 unfinished.

Mens 9 Division 12 Lost 1-7 at Wakehurst

Bob/Ian 1 set Ray/Ray 0 sets

Owen was on hand to watch and has given some expert coaching tips to the team for their next game.

So a win is on the horizon.

Denis Crowley

Badge ScoreBoard: Round 2

Badge Results – Round 2
Ladies Division Opponents Result Score
Manly 1 1 H Tennis World Lost 1-7
Manly 2 2 A Chatswood 1 Won 7-1
Manly 3 3 BYE
Mens Division Opponents Result Score
Manly 1 1 H Zone Tennis Won 6-2
Manly 2 3 A Tennis Valley 1 Won 5-3
Manly 3 4 A Neutral Bay 2 Lost 6-2
Manly 4 4 H Mortdale 2 Won 7-1
Manly 5 7 A Killara 6 Won 5-3
Manly 6 8 H Killara 7 Won 6-1
Manly 7 9 A Neutral Bay 7 Won by 5 games 4-4
Manly 8 10 A Chatswood 2 Lost 1-6
Manly 9 12 H Strathfield 8 Lost 1-7
Ladies Thu Division Opponents Result Score
Manly White 2 H Longueville 2 Won (TBC) 5-3
Manly Blue 2 BYE

Badge 2021 Season Match Reference

Denis and Sarah kindly put together a quick reference sheet showing which Manly teams are playing each week.

Save the link!

Badge Results Round-1

Round 1 of Sydney Badge was played last weekend with a win for 4 Mens Teams and our new Thursday Ladies Team.

Thursday Ladies Badge saw a terrible injury to Erryn Patterson who broke her ankle in two places in a nasty fall at Cooper Park.  Everyone wishes her a speedy recovery.

Results of Round 1

Thursday Badge

Manly Blue won 7-0 v Cooper Park 2

This newly formed team began with an easy victory.Liz/Pam won 4 sets and Johanna/Sue won 3 with an unfinished

Manly White Lost 8-0 to Cooper Park 1

Last years premiers did not go into Division 1 and will prove hard to beat again.

Saturday Ladies

Team 1 Lost 8-0 to Sydney University

A very strong team were too good on their newly surfaced grass courts.

Team 2 Lost 6-2 at home to Sydney University

A close match with only a few games in the result. Krista/Sarah won 2 sets

Team 3 Lost 8-0 to Sydney University

This team has lost several ladies to dropouts and injury.

Saturday Mens

Team 1 Lost 6-2 to Hills

A tough match first up against last years champions.

Sean /Bosko Todd/Harry each won 1 set

Team 2 Won 5-3 v Eastwood

The two Steves continued their good combination to win 3 sets.Milton/Howard won 2 sets.

Team 3 Won 5-3 v Strathfield 3

Sean/Justin won 4 sets Craig/Harald one set

Team 4 Lost 5-3 at Neutral Bay

Richard/Jon won 2 sets Geoff/Fernando 1 set

Team 5 Won 6-2 v Cammeray at Wakehurst

Alan/Henry won 4 sets in their first Badge match for Manly. Gavin/Murray 2 sets. A great first up result

Team 6 Lost 4-4 on games v Sydney University

Denis/Hugo 2 sets Richard/Graham 2 sets

Team 7 Won 5-3 v Killara

Ben/Tom won 4 sets Mark/Daniel 1 set

Team 8 Lost 8-0 v Beecroft away

A very tough match to begin as Beecroft grass is very difficult to play on.

Team 9 Lost 5-3 away at Cheltenham

A close match at a tough venue to win.

Bob/Ian won 2 sets Mark/Des one set

On the brighter side it was good to see Ken Gray back at the club after his operation and supporting his mates in Division 3 Mens Team. He cheered them home to a good win. Jordan is still taking it easy after his operation and was at the club as is his usual this time with his brother.

Next Saturday our Mens and Ladies Division 1 Teams play at home at 250pm so plenty of good tennis to watch.
Come on down and support our teams.

Denis Crowley

Badge ScoreBoard: Round 1

Badge Results

Round 1
Ladies Division Opponents Result Score
Manly 1 1 A Sydney Uni 1 Lost 0-8
Manly 2 2 H Sydney Uni 2 Lost 2-6
Manly 3 3 H Sydney Uni 4 Lost 0-8
Mens Division Opponents Result Score
Manly 1 1 A Hills Lost 2-6
Manly 2 3 H Eastwood Won 5-3
Manly 3 4 H Strathfield 3 Won 5-3
Manly 4 4 A Neutral Bay 3 Lost 3-5
Manly 5 7 H Cammeray Won 6-2
Manly 6 8 A Sydney Uni Draw (loss by 3 games) 4-4
Manly 7 9 H Killara 8 Won 5-3
Manly 8 10 A Beecroft 1 Lost 0-8
Manly 9 12 A Cheltenham 4 Lost 5-3
Ladies Thursday Division Opponents Result Score
Manly White 2 A Cooper Park 1 Lost 0-8
Manly Blue 2 H Cooper Park 2 Won 7-0

Thanks to Sarah for compiling the results!

No Parking Permits for Badge

Please be aware that we cannot offer parking permits to visiting teams as we haven’t been issued any permits.

This has come about as there has been a change in Northern Beaches Council’s parking arrangements.

Tony Hamilton

2021 Sydney Badge Competition FINAL Grading

Dear Delegates 

Thank you all for submitting your teams into the Sydney Badge Competition in 2021.

Please find attached the Final Grading for the 2021 season.

We have already heard from a lot of you in regards to draw requests. This is a reminder for those who we have not heard from to please send through requests ASAP as the draw process will begin next week.

Kind Regards,
Tennis NSW Competitions

2021 Sydney Badge Competition Gradings Confirmed

No changes to any of our gradings have been made.  A few challenges were upheld.

The grades look very strong this year.  A few men’s teams have dropped 2 grades and lots of men’s teams have been dropped a grade in Division 2 and 3.  Several teams that won their grade were also not promoted because of the depth of men’s teams this year. In summary it will be very hard to win any division this year.

Serving of food and drinks is no longer required so it is up to each team to decide.  As long as COVID rules are followed I think most teams will supply food and drinks.

All clubs now MUST have alternate courts available in case of rain.  Grass court clubs including Hunters Hill and Marrickville can be forfeited if they don’t arrange alternative courts.  Please keep any text messages between Captains in case you need them for evidence of not finding alternative courts.

Remember if you wish to book a court for practice on Saturdays before 1pm or after 4pm let me know.

Good luck to all teams and any questions anytime I am here to help
Denis Crowley

Sydney Badge 2021 Team Lists

 Please find attached team lists for the 2021 Badge Season.
Kind Regards,
TNSW Competitions Team.

Ladies 2021 Badge Teams (Thursday)

Thursday Badge Ladies teams announced.

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Ladies 2021 Badge Teams

Draft Saturday Badge Teams announced.

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Men’s 2021 Badge Teams

Draft Men’s 2021 Badge Teams announced.

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