Tendon health & antibiotic impacts | Tennis4Life

There’s steadily accumulating evidence that one particular group of commonly prescribed antibiotics called ‘fluoroquinolones’ might be implicated in rapid-onset tendon degeneration, exposing sportsmen and women to an increased risk of tendonitis or even tendon rupture.

A recent article in Sports Performance Bulletin looks at the risk of tendon rupture that fluoroquinolone antibiotics pose and explains why sportsmen and women are at particular risk – a risk can last many months after the antibiotic course.

The article explains why any athlete taking common asthma medications should be very careful indeed about fluoroquinolone antibiotic use.

The positive news is that when athletes have to use the antibiotics, there are a number of protocols that can reduce the risk to themselves, and there also evidence that a particular nutrient may also exert a protective effect.

Read more in the attached article and how to protect yourself if required.

Source: Sports Performance Bulletin