Tennis Seniors Swan Hill Cancellation

National Teams Carnival and Individual Championships Cancelled

Sadly we have to publish today’s press release from Tennis Seniors Australia;

Discussions were held following receipt of a recommendation from TSV to cancel the carnival week scheduled for Swan Hill in January 2022. Upon consideration of the circumstances TSA has decided both weeks of the Australian Seniors Championships be cancelled for 2022 and that TSV reprogram the two weeks for 2023.

Cancellation of the teams week was due to the low number of teams received resulting from the ongoing border restrictions and concern of potential hot spots emerging which would effect returning travel arrangements. This low number of teams made the teams’ week unviable.

The Covid problems and border restrictions also applies to the Individual Championships in the second week and limits the number of players that could participate. However it was agreed players should have the opportunity to earn ranking points and, as such, TSA has decided, similarly to 2021, to call for Expressions of Interest from Divisions to hold the Individual Championships later in 2022 at a time which hopefully should be relatively free from Covid and border restrictions and so provide for a maximum number of players.

TSA Executive 24-Nov-2021