MLTC Newsletter – 11th May

Club Captain’s Report

After wins on the weekend we have Our Ladies 3 Team and our Mens 6 Team on top of the points tables.

Our Ladies 1 Team had a big win also to sit 2nd on the ladder.


Mens 1 Team washout v Sydney Uni

Mens 2 Lost 7-1 v Kooroora

Unfortunately Steve Nettleton injured his leg in the first set when looking good to win and had to forfeit all his sets. Howard and Geoff won 1 set. Hopefully Netto is back and playing soon.

Mens 3 Lost 6-2 v Killara. Justin and Vincent 2 sets.

Mens 4 Won 5-3 v Killara. Matthew and Shirsir won 3 sets Bede and Gavin 2 sets. A good win as Killara away is always a hard match.

Mens 5 Lost 5-3 v Marrickville. Hugo and Tom 2 sets Richard and Denis 1 set.

Mens 6 Won 4-4 on games at Marrickville. Dave and Stu 3 sets Ben and Mark 1 set. A good win on the grass.

Albo did not play for Marrickville but turned up at 4.30pm with 6 minders for a social hit.

Looking at his form it is a pity he did not play against Manly as we would have had a bigger win.

Ladies 1 Won 7-1 v Kooroora White

A big win with Janelle and Caroline winning 4 sets easily. Nicola and Julia 3 sets.

Ladies 2 Lost 5-3 v Beecroft. Shelley and Kirsten 2 sets Christine and Kristina 1 set.

Ladies 3 v Sydney Uni Won 7-1. Pam and Catherine won 4 sets easily and Erryn and Kate 3 sets. The Ladies are now coming 1st.

Thursday Ladies  Lost 4-4 on games. Sally Johanna 3 sets  Michelle Lindy 1 set

This  Saturday Our Mens 1 Team plays at home at 2.50pm as well as Our Mens 6 and Ladies 2

The noon matches are our Mens 4 and 5 Teams.


Bar Prices – With the price of everything going up, our bar prices will increase from July 1, 2022.

Visitors – A reminder to pay the visitor’s fee when you bring a visitor. A visitor can come up to six times, after that they should think about becoming a member.

Best wishes,


MLTC Secretary